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  1. bigboaster

    Puer_virilis, Hairy muscled hottie

    Recently discovered this young god from the Twitter Gays thread and thought he deserved his own thread. His twitter page is a de facto solo Onlyfans page and he gives really hot content. https://twitter.com/puer_virilis/
  2. D

    Cumming On Hole

    Anyone else love videos where they cum on the guys hole and play with it? https://twitter.com/gaysexmanual/status/1446149403744538626?s=21
  3. P

    Dumptruckbb On Twitter And Onlyfans

    https://twitter.com/dumptruckbb onlyfans.com/dumptruckbb Anyone got anything from this guy? From his onlyfans? Such an amazing hairy ass!
  4. B

    Top's Asshole In Porn

    I realized that I really like top's ass while watching porn, even me being a bottom. I like those shots from behind when the top has his legs spread and shows his hole. I like tops who look like "only top" but show a loose hole which contracts strongly when cumming...
  5. P

    Creaming Holes

    post hot videos of bottoms creaming or hot creamy holes
  6. P

    Cruising Videos

    I haven't seen a thread of hot cruising videos so post your videos of hot cruising or any experiences you've had.
  7. J

    Video Favorite Fingering Videos /guys Getting Fingered?

    whats your favorite vidoes or links of guys getting ass fingered or doing assplay. im an ass guy.
  8. P

    @sadistictwinkk On Twitter

    Anyone got stuff on @sadistictwinkk on twitter Twitter: https://twitter.com/sadistictwinkk Onlyfans: OnlyFans
  9. S

    Id This (cam?) Guy?

    does anyone know who this is?
  10. trev bouvier

    Id Incredible Hairy Ass

    I’ve been obsessed with this picture, handsome face, the juicy nips, hairy hole, teasing thong, and that position! Can anyone ID this sexy guy for me? I’d love to know if he has more out there.
  11. S

    The Naked Men From The World Game

    The game will work like this, below is an alphabetical list of all countries in the world. If you have photos or videos of naked men from that country, you post them saying which country they are from, copy the list and paste it by marking the name of the country in question in red. The next...
  12. N


    He's hot but his OF is boring, needs work
  13. HairyAussieBloke

    Gloryhole Vid Hd

    Need help finding the best quality for this video. I’ve found it once but it’s lost. All gloryhole vids are welcome
  14. B

    Nick Williams Onlyfans

  15. K

    Photos & Videos Tony Lovelocks

    Might as well start a thread on him I feel like hes gonna be huge in porn at some point and hes super hot
  16. 0

    Photo Who Is This Lad?

    He seems to be British, but I otherwise have no idea about who he is.
  17. J

    Noisy/wet Hole Thread

    Hey all, wondering if anyone else is also turned on by a nice wet/noisy hole. Here’s three videos that I really love. Can we get a thread going? video 1: active duty Mike Johnson and Justin Weston. Watch how he gets a little nervous as his hole gets wet and tries to stop it but can’t video 2...
  18. L

    Logan Tohmas (tiktok)

    Anything on him?? Tiktok & Onlyfans links below. Logan Thomas on TikTok OnlyFans
  19. geofinn

    Send The Guy Above You A Pic Of Your Ass

    Inspired by the popular "Send The Guy Above You A Pic of Your Dick" Thread **** Take the pic of you in DOGGY position, with your ass facing the camera... and send the pic to the guy above you. Comment "done" so we can keep it going. As a gift, I'll also send mine to the first 5 people.
  20. A

    Punched93 Face

    I’ve seen a bunch of videos of Punched93 and his fisting videos are so hot. I’m just curious to see what he looks like because I’ve caught glimpses of his face in some videos but I’ve never seen the full thing. Does anyone have a picture/video with his face in it?
  21. H

    My Asshole

    Please extend my humiliation by extended this exposure of my 21 year old Irish hole: eblue - Timed Images
  22. gentilgarcon

    Photo What Do You Think About My Bubblebutt

    Hello I'm pretty new here, and I'm pretty new in posting pics of me lol One day a guy told me I have a pretty nice ass and I should upload it here, so here I am, wanted to share it with y'all big dicks so you can tell me if you like it ^^ I'm pretty virgin so that's why I have a little hole...
  23. H

    Hairy Holes

    4202851 Anyone else have an untamable hairy ass? I used to try to keep it groomed but have come to love it. Drop your holes below! ;)
  24. P

    Show Off Your Balls And Asshole

    let’s see those ballsacks and assholes!
  25. A

    Farting While Getting Fucked In Gay Porn?

    I find farting while getting fucked and gaping holes to be really hot in gay porn videos, and I wanted to know if there were any more clips that people wanted to share of this. It happens a lot in TimTales videos, but not really much anywhere else. Here are some that I like: Logan Rogue and...
  26. aussiebeachdude

    Photos & Videos Hot Short Muscly Gymnast

    just found this hot vid of a short muscly gymnast playing with his hole! Short college gymnast fingers his tight hole - ThisVid.com anyone else got pics or vids or short muscly guys?
  27. C

    Napfapeatrepeat Aka Will Rex

    Bubble Butt cutieeee. Share your appreciation!
  28. L

    Smooth Boy Holes!

    Post Videos or pictures of holes that make you instantly hard
  29. ARatIsARat

    Hot Asses

    Anybody have anymore of this hunk? Or know who he perhaps?
  30. M

    Any Celebs Shown Actual Asshole Or Cumshots?

    Whether through leaked videos or whatever, have Any celebs shown their hole or a cumshot before? Most celebs only have Dick pics leak