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  1. D

    Malique Thompson-Dwyer 2022

    Malique Thompson-Dwyer is an English actor, known for portraying the role of Prince McQueen in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. The amount if times I have imahined him is untrue. A magnificent looking man!
  2. D

    Frank Kauer

    Frank Kauer is a British actor most known for his portrayal in British Soap Opera, "Hollyoaks" as Chen-Williams. The actor is currently 21 years old and is of English and Chinese descent. One of my major crushes at the moment! ❤
  3. donkey_2090

    Lee Otway- Ex Bombhead from Hollyoaks / Celeb Love Island

    Who remembers Bombhead in Hollyoaks, played by Lee Otway. Major transformation - he’s gorgeous! And showing some bulge these days! He also did Celebrity Love Island…
  4. natesols

    Rupert Hill (British Actor) - Coronation Street/Family Affairs/The Full Monty Play

  5. D

    Richard Blackwood

    Richard Blackwood is an English actor, presenter and rapper. Between 2015 and 2018, he played Vincent Hubbard in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. In 2020, he began portraying the role of Felix Westwood in the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks. What a beefy, big, hunk of a man. A DILF for sure!
  6. D

    Aaron Fontaine

    Aaron Fontaine is a British actor known for his role on soap opera, Hollyoaks as Sonny Valentine (recast version) and The Outpost as King Tobin Aegisford. He looks great in a suit or bare! A beefy, dark, handsome hunk!
  7. D

    Calvin Demba

    Calvin Demba is a British actor best known for his roles on Hollyoaks as Scott Sabeka, Youngers as Jay and his created short film Rue Boy as Rudie. Demba is certainly a hunky Londoner with a potentially big load!
  8. D

    Theo Graham

    Theo Graham is an English actor most known for his roles on Hollyoaks as Hunter McQueen and Fate The Winx Saga as Dane. A body to kill for and a face to get rock hard over!
  9. D

    Naveed Choudhry

    Naveed Choudhry Is an English actor from Salford known for his roles in Waterloo Road as Tariq Siddiqu and for his part in the gay short movie "Protect Me From What I Want. Sex Scene below... One of my major crushes growing up! Enjoy ;)
  10. C

    Rob Norbury Naked

    Just stumbled across this: Rob Norbury Leaked Nude Selfie Video - Gay-Male-Celebs.com. Does anyone know if any more pics or videos ever appeared online?
  11. 3

    James Redmond (the Full Monty / Hollyoaks / Casualty)

  12. 3

    Fabrizio 'fab' Santino (actor/model)

  13. Starboy83

    Does Anyone Remember Sonny Flood From Hollyoaks?

    Hey all. I’ve been a member for a year or so but this is my first post. Just wondering if anyone remembers Sonny Flood from Hollyoaks? He was pretty hot, and there was a leaked Skype vid that made its way online. I can’t find the video anywhere anymore. Does anyone still have it? thanks in...
  14. B

    Jude Monk Mcgowan

    Any more photos?
  15. Mark Carney

    Owen Warner (romeo) Hollyoaks

  16. T

    The Warners

    Has anybody got anything on these guys or willing to get some, if you know what I mean? Owen Warner (Actor) Insta: _owenwarner Jake Warner (Singer) Insta: jakewarnermusic Louie Warner (Model) Insta: warner_ I think we could all do with seeing all three of these on LPSG!!
  17. TPHR

    David tag- hollyoaks hunk

    david posted this to his insta, don't suppose anyone saved the first pic he posted?