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  1. M

    Anyone know where I can find the full video?

    My husband gets breed by a hot stripper from the bar I’ve been looking for the full video for a year now. The husband getting fucked asked if he wants to cum in him which he does (I remember the full video but don’t know where to find it) and then it shows him pushing it out and his husband...
  2. T

    Guy dancing to Beyonce's Dance For You

    Hey y'all So I'm not sure how many of you have come across this or if this will even be possible to retrieve but back in 2012 I had come across this video on Pornhub where a emo college guy around 23-25 years of age was dancing erotically and humping his table (where the webcam was placed) to...
  3. J

    Photos & Videos Porn from Poland. Polish naked man, loker room, amateurs…

    One place for polish porn. Guys form Poland, locker room, homemade, webcams. What do you have guys?
  4. O

    Homemade Dildo - Any Recommendations?

    Hi, I really wanted to try dildo with my partner, but we are not sure if it will work. There comes the question, do anyone of you can recommend if carrot or cucumber in condom with lube is better? We are looking for something beginner friendly ;)
  5. M

    Romantic / Real Boyfriends Gay Porn

    Hey guys, i'm kinda missing a thread about romantic gay porn, especially amateur or real boyfriends with lots of kisses and other expressions of love. Do you have any videos to share? I'm giving an example below. Thanks
  6. Humpderump

    Homemade Smut

    Its amateur so its crappy quality and wouldnt be fit for a tube site,so edited it and make gifs ,its what I did. Somewhere to put your gifs pics and short clips
  7. D

    Favourite Homemade/amateur Videos

    Full disclosure; I am a virgin and have never been intimate with a girl. I find professional studio grade porn off-putting since my body habitus is eons away from the ideal portrayed. 1) https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/videos/957800/ Starting off from LPSG itself, the user TomCamm posts a great...
  8. needtonut

    Homemade Glory Holes

    When I see posts on cruising sites about homemade glory holes, I'm always curious how successful they are. Has anyone here ever visited or created one? I know they can be popular in public restrooms or bookstores but I'm interested in the homemade type. How did you construct them? Pics would...
  9. P

    Anyone Know Who These Guys Are Or If There Are Longer Versions Of The Videos?

    Looking for the full or longer versions.
  10. T

    Photos & Videos Please Help Find This Gay Porn Video

    This video I would have to say isn't that old, I think it was on Pornhub prior to them deleting a majority of their content but I'm not 100% sure. It was a young guy probably 20s, he was pale skinny and tall with short hair that was wavy. He was bottoming to a guy that was much older (40s,50s)...
  11. troublecuple

    Photos & Videos Me And My Skinny Gf

    Hey Boyz n Girlz, Me and my gf decided to randomly upload one of our videos online, despite of the quality. Posting this here so I can have some feedback :) Feel free to ask us anything you want full vid : My best Friends Teen GF Asked me to take some Photos of her - Pornhub.com
  12. macicazzo

    Only Amateur Pics And Videos

    Hey dudes. Who wishes to see more amateur content here? I think it’s a great thread. There is so much hot stuff here, so you could share your pic and videos. Show us what you want to share :)
  13. Fit4You

    Drop Box

    Hello, I’m about to go on a 2 year deployment with no internet access. Please share any Dropbox links you have for porn so I can fully stock up! I’ll take OF, Celebrities, homemade, anything! It’s gonna be a long deployment!
  14. W

    Amateur Interracial Onlyfans

    OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans HOT>OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans HOT>OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans OnlyFans This girl is wild and hot>OnlyFans This girl is wilder but not as hot>OnlyFans OnlyFans I have more too...
  15. 18young

    Photo Mega Thread For Real Amateur Girls Photos!

    I already uploaded a few albums to my profile. I will share those in here too. I am trying to update this thread daily basic. You guys also can help me to keep this thread alive! Lets start with my albums :)
  16. salopesud

    Photos & Videos Only Homemade Gang-bang

    Seems no thread for this ? Only homemade NO pro, semi-pro or pro-am NO 3some, minimum 4some (3 boys and more) Multi-cocks blowjobs qualifies ! Just the reals things... This kind : or just me ...
  17. newcastlebrown

    Straight Of Sex

    Hi I'm into straight couples having sex with each other or random. Does anyone know of good OF pages with plenty of good straight fucking. I've subscribed previous to Marc Rose, Sensi, Eddie Jaye, luke hardy, Danny mountain. However the more amatuer the better
  18. L

    Photos & Videos Homemade London Gay Pictures / Videos

    Just starting a small thread of homemade videos and pictures from guys in London. anything else is a bonus! I’ll start off the first video of my ex fucking me bareback and a few photos :) If you want more then let me know Guys from London let’s carry on the thread
  19. A

    Amatuer Or Homemade Interracial Straight & Gay Porn Videos

    Describe, discuss your favorite amatuer, or homemade interracial straight, and gay porn videos. Post links if it is permissible to share with your fellow lpsg members.
  20. BSWORD8

    Only Self Amateur Homemade

    Don't get me wrong! Pics of beautiful pro porn stars, and super buff bods can be lovely ;-) Lots of threads of like Beautiful Pussy, or Biggest Cock include contributions from peoples porn faves, and nowt wrong with that... But this thread is solely for your self made 121 or other pics and...
  21. salopesud

    Video Female Pov (homemade Only)

    I propose a new thread Female POV Homemade only Please don't send pro/am ;) Welcome !
  22. G

    Pretty Damn Good Homemade Big Cock Anal

    Enjoy and contribute with homemade content
  23. Draheem

    Video Help Me Id Please

    Can anyone ID any of these couples or where these vids are from?
  24. U

    My First Ever Videos

    Hey everyone! Please check out my first two videos on PornHub and subscribe if you like them! Feel free to give me any suggestion or advice for new content !! Enjoy :yum
  25. G

    Photo Grabbing Another Guy's Junk (no Studio/homemade/boys Will Be Boys Version)

    Based on this thread: Photo - Grabbing another guy's junk Post any pictures of guys grabbing other people cocks. The only difference is that no studio pictures will be posted in here, only homemade/straight guys messing around and such shall only be posted here. Hope to have fun.
  26. B

    Your Homemade Videos

    Just curious if anyone would share their homemade sex videos with me. Sometimes they turn me on more than professional porn. I have yet to video tape myself riding a nice cock.
  27. Chachababy

    Video Meet Up Vids

    does anyone have any hot vids they have of fucking someone they met up with?
  28. E

    Looking For Video

    Hi, I am looking for an amateur video where a man and a woman share a hotel room (I think they were attending a wedding) and eventually having sex. But before, they have a conversation if they should cheat on their partners... Can you help me to find that video? thanks
  29. XabiTrancho

    Video Straight Teens Doin Gay Things On A Webcam

    I want here to share any tipe of video (NO PROFESSIONAL) of straight teens doing sexual gay things. You can share webcams, spycams, periscopes, home made videos, etc. Don´t be avaricious and share your favorite staff
  30. Draheem

    Video Casual Boners

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any videos or links to videos of guys walking around with a boner in what would seem like a casual setting or in like an amateur homemade vid where the camera is following the guy with the boner. Pamela Anderson Pam Tommy Lee Harcore Uncensored (1998) 03...