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hot guys

  1. R

    aaron clancy bachelorette

    He’s so hot, one of my favorites. Anyone have anything on him? Or even just cute more shirtless / boxer pics / literally anything haha
  2. J

    Photos & Videos Nudes are Welcome! :)

    Hey, I’m a 21 yo guy who is bicurious. Lately, I’ve been very much attracted to the male physique and find it so fucking hot . I don’t know if it’s just as a fellow guy or as a person who might be interested in more. Regardless, I love seeing hot naked guys with nice physique. Mad respect for...
  3. K


    Anyone got anything on this hottie from Instagram? He’s a model, runner, and fitness coach
  4. M

    Jasper Joro (Tiktoker j.joro95)

    Hey all, wanted to start a thread on Jasper Joro, a filipino muscular tik toker. I think he's 26 or 27 and also like 5'3. He's said multiple times he's not going to make an Onlyfans, but he loves hanging out with people that make Onlyfans content. Make it make sense. Anyway, let's get this...
  5. Scottysireishot

    Five dates a week

    Just started watching it his new dating show on Channel 4 called “Five dates a week” it’s actually really good and the Guys in it are SO SO SO hot it’s not even funny……….. would love to see more of them and the show ! Elliot is definitely the hottest
  6. AtticusHuynh

    Vietnamese Guys

    I want to make this thread to show the beautiful men from my country
  7. J

    Who is this hot guy?

    Who is this hot guy? He claims to be from Los Angeles, but I think it's a catfish.
  8. F

    Photos & Videos Brett Edwards Aka brettae2212.0

    I beleive he may have a couple nudes out there. Im wondering if anyone knows of them
  9. D

    Photo Hot Turkish Actor: Şükrü Özyıldız

    I just watched Love Tactics on Netflix and found this hot Turkish actor called Şükrü Özyıldız. He may not be the most handsome guy, but look at his body **drools** Let's start a thread on this guy then.
  10. H

    Small Penis Appreciation

    In the smallest bottles are the best perfumes.
  11. D

    Photos & Videos Hot French Guy on Instagram

    I’ve been following this hot Frenchie — Dan IG since forever. He posts amazing pics of Paris and thirst traps of himself. He totally looks like Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris), Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill!! Don’t you think? Call me a stalker, but I saved almost all of his selfies
  12. C

    Photos & Videos Hot "ID This Guy" Consolidated Thread

    Merry Christmas! As I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of the hot guys of the world and even harder trying to identify them, and I don't want to spam existing threads created for specific people, I want to start a consolidated thread where anyone can ask to identify a guy from...
  13. ArsenXXX

    Nikola Vujaković

  14. blahblah1030

    LuisGNunez IG

    Anyone have anything on this guy? He’s super hot.
  15. R

    Burp / Belch Fetish Performers Or Content

    “The only unnatural sexual activity is none at all” Sigmund Freud. Burping Fetish, while still a rarely indulged taboo is a perfectly valid fetish. Sadly there seems to be almost none existent online. I love seeing a hot guy assert his dominance with confidence. Does anyone know of any sites...
  16. W

    Ty Bridgewater

    Anyone have anything on this sexy guy? https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8FJtk4v/ His instagram is @tybridgewater
  17. J

    Newfound Fetish: Guys W/ Body Control/speed Is Sexy

    I put together a compilation of just what I mean, but boy, does anyone else find this attractive? Like, seriously, it's insanely hot to me whenever I see male dancers or guys in general with innate control over one part or multiple parts of their body. Whether it's flicking their tongue...
  18. liam.johnson11

    Snapchat Group

    starting a new snapchat group for big dicks and sharing nudes here's the invite link: Snapchat - Group Invite
  19. L

    Photos & Videos Braden Wellman (thebradeofhonor Tiktok)

    Anyone have anything on this hottie?
  20. D


    anyone have nudes of gunnergainz? he's a cashmaster on twitter https://twitter.com/GunnerGainz?s=09
  21. Iceguytv

    Ryan Nguyen (azngami)

    He’s my favorite of the Moy gang. Anyone have anything good on him?
  22. Candydandyboys

    Photos & Videos Yummyzine

    Yummy All things Yummyzine
  23. S

    Guyb8s Twitter

    Just discovered this twitter, they’re posting some pretty hot guys! Anyone have their stuff yet? Twitter: www.twitter.com/guyb8s
  24. J

    Hot & Hung Guys Online

    Dennis Barkley
  25. B

    Egyptian Hot Guys

    does anybody know the name of these guys specially the one in blue shirt he is egyptian he is called Ahmed but i want his fb or his instagram account please guys
  26. 1

    Video Who Is This Str8 Hottie He!?! I.d

    Hi someone tell me if he has a twitter accoubt ir an OF pleaaaase Thankyou
  27. T

    Jere Ambrose Nudes

    Anyone out there that has Jeré Ambrose nudes? I would really like to see some. Thank you
  28. Y

    @_patrick.callahan On Ig And @_pattycallahan On Tiktok

    Hey guys i wanted to share this hottie with yall Patrick Callahan’s Instagram profile post: “1409 days later..”
  29. BisexualPotato049

    Hot Guys You Know

    Chat about, sharing pictures videos and/or files, telling any stories, and overall a place to talk and converse about the hot guys you personally know. ... Avoid celebrities and moderately well known figures.
  30. C

    Jacob Sartorius

    Jacob is Officially 18!! Please DO NOT post any photos of him from before 10.02.20 Thank you