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  1. H

    Photos & Videos GerMusclebeast on Twitter and Onlyfans

  2. J

    rhesi8 (tiktok)

    Something about him?
  3. J

    Carlo Fiorentini (Tiktoker)

    I decided to open a thread for him, these tiktoks are reason enough. He's so cute :heart_eyes:
  4. B

    Volleyball Guys 2.0

    Hi guys, Previously, there was this amazing thread called 'Volleyball Guys' and now it seems like it's already disabled or something. To commemorate that legendary thread, I think we can move here to continue talking about it.
  5. J

    Boy Named Yakuza/myc2303

    Anyone have anything on him ? Onlyfans
  6. fireice42

    Vince Does It For Me

    ( NOT MY STORY ) Vince does it for me... It had come to the point that no sooner had I knocked on Vincent's door than he was unwrapping me like a birthday parcel. "It is just that I have been dreaming about you, I am so very horny for you Pete" I gladly relented which was not hard for me to...
  7. J

    Aaron Miller (a_a_ronfitness)

    . Tiktok a_a_ronfitness . Instagram Aaron Miller Anyone got anything of him? He's so fucking hot
  8. J

    Cem @cemveu

    Stud on instagram as @cemveu Should make an OF for sure
  9. A


    Tiktoker francés en Latinoamérica... ¿tendrá contenido +18?
  10. cucurara

    Brody Kayman: (Really) Hung ginger top - Thread and updates

    There's a guy called Brody Kayman (he might've worked under other names) and his dick is massive, so I'm just dropping some pictures and videos with him. Feel free to post new videos (including from his OF) and pics. Here are some of his socials by the time I'm making this thread...
  11. N

    Anybody know their @? Or who they are?

    Please tell me if you know who they are
  12. H

    Savage Johnson

    Recently discovered this delicious 19 year old guy but couldn't find a thread for him. His public and car videos on twitter are so hot. Enjoy and do share if anyone got content. https://twitter.com/THESAVAGEJOHNSO?t=cSksn4uuRHUFjrNcZgt4tQ&s=09
  13. fireice42

    John Cena And Brock Lesnar

    Down in Austin, Texas, Brock Lesner had just stepped out the elevator in his crispy black and white suit. Looking fresh and ready to go to the Arena when John approached him. John: Yo Brock man. You know about fixing cars? Brock: Maybe. Whats up? John: Yo, my limo broke down man. (walks him...
  14. T

    Add Me On Snap

    Hey. I'm starting a Snapchat group chat. Add my snap: lbrooks22738. Join if your under 30, uncut, fit, big ass or have a nice cock. You don't have to show your face.
  15. fireice42

    The Furnace Man

    The fall season was getting cooler and in preparation, Alan decided that he should be calling the furnace people and have them do their annual check-up. He really didn't like dealing with the owner of the firm because it always seemed that he just could remember anything and Alan thought that...
  16. fireice42

    African Beach, Red Speedos

    Tofo is in Mozambique, the country that runs down half of the east coast of Africa below the equator. Because of its long white beaches and coral, it attracts a hardy breed of tourists who are able to cope with its third world conditions. A web search will show you why so many South Africans...
  17. N

    ARMPITS Who are they?

    Please guys, I need your help. This is the hottest armpit licking I have ever seen. Does anyone know who these guys are or where to find the whole video? The other side - Go for the armpit, boy!
  18. K

    I love this guy!

    Anyone knows more about? IG user: @logyfoote He is a handsome man, muscle and so hot…
  19. J

    Kopan Duran OF

    Kopman Duran Hot fitness dude with OF On instagram as kopan.drn
  20. fireice42

    Massage With Release

    After I'd divorced my wife of 10 years, I moved into a condo while she and the kids lived in the house. We'd parted amicably, but I was still pretty hurt by the whole process and the things that we'd said in court. Luckily, she wasn't able to take me all the way to the cleaners, so I was fairly...
  21. fireice42

    Sex With My Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend

    For all her intelligence, my daughter is not very smart. The evidence for that is sitting on a chaise lounge next to me, Evan, her ex-boyfriend. Evan would have made the perfect son-in-law. He's dashingly handsome with thick chesnut-brown hair, warm brown eyes, a sly, movie-star grin, and a chin...
  22. fireice42

    Marine Bashing

    I stepped out of the Eagle that night, a popular gay bar where I spend my weekends, and my ears detected that familiar sound. "Listen Faggot, your gonna take all of us or we're gonna beat your sissy ass to a bloody pulp!!!," slipped around the corner like a faint whisper for my ears only. I...
  23. fireice42


    ( NOT MY STORY ) "Mr. Williams wants to meet with you at 1:30 in his office," the secretary said. "Alright, thank you for letting me know," Shaun said, as his heart raced. Shaun was an all-conference track star at his university in Houston, TX. He was also a star student with a perfect...
  24. fireice42

    The political intern

    There are many ways to get ahead in politics, but I bet you didn’t realise one of them was to take a few bare-bottom spankings. It happened to me one summer in the 1980s when I was an Intern for, well actually I don’t want to tell you his real name. If I did, you’d know who he was right away...
  25. fireice42

    Paying The Rent

    Rik hid behind the curtain and gazed into the garden below. His neighbour Ste lifted his shirt over his head; he was about to lay in the sun. Rik’s cock stiffened at the sight. What a body, a six-pack to die for. Not a spare gram of fat anywhere. Ste was now nearly naked; only a tiny pair of...
  26. K

    Middle estren bi join you

    Hey everyone I am ali 28 middle estren I like to try new things my asl 168 62 my cock is 6 Inches and this is my pic My snap: alishoon22
  27. A

    Photos & Videos Re0muscle / The0re0 - Bulgarian Bodybuilder from Chaturbate

  28. A

    Ruben Ronalds

    Does anyone have anything on him? I need to see his fat cock and ass!! He has an of. PLEASE HELP ME!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  29. S


    hello send me message I like trans or girls
  30. J

    Photo Bowen Jacks (mr.saiyan_)

    Anything on him?