1. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Ethan Shirtless By Dan Collins

    Ethan a fitness mentor, online coach and athlete goes shirtless and show off his ripped abs wearing box brief snap by photographer Dan Collins.
  2. shirtlesshunk

    Photo Garret Birka Shirtless By Jade Young

    Sexy male model Garret Birka goes shirtless and show off his brief bulge snaps by photographer Jade Young. Oh fuck Garret! *Swoon* Those undies are about to have a massive jail break by the looks of it.
  3. salopesud

    Comp With Hubby

    i have new pics of hubby shrimp* if you have a big cock and what to compare, fotoshop or just comment, pm me will be pleasure o share and show him
  4. D

    Men in suits

    Does anyone have a fetish for gentlemen over 50s in a suit and tie?
  5. salopesud

    Hubby fun

    As sometimes... like people having fun with hubbys' one ! feel free to comment, caption, anythtng an repost in pm or in the forum... for the players ! (more pic on request an some in my albums as well) :)
  6. salopesud

    Comparison games

    Looking for good photoshoper to mix pics and compare with hubby cock )