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huge dick

  1. V


    Does anyone have any other pics of the guy? His dick is huge
  2. M

    Photos & Videos ominotauro1, Brazilian hottie with a huge cock

    Here's a bit of ominotauro1 - so fucking sexy. Anyone got anything more?
  3. 4

    New here because i like to show my cock

    Hi, I'm 4lwayshigh and I post pics of my dick on the internet when I'm bored. I have a long time Reddit account where I post pictures too and also make custom content for those who are interested Hope you enjoy my pics
  4. M

    New Member with BBC

    Here is my measured 8-8.5 inch dick. I know the proper way is to measure from top bone pressed but I also measured bone pressed along the side since my dick is really curved. Joined this support group to answer any questions about having a big dick.
  5. Bigdickman20

    Tell me your thoughts on my dick.

  6. X

    Video New Star doing wonders with his THICK meat

    Found him on one of the cam sites, his dick seems to me perfect size,structure,big head,I adore nice cocks like this.
  7. soopersuckr

    Biggest Ever 11" BBC @ NYC Gloryhole

    Gloryhole in NYC for Hung 8"+ kik: soopersuckr email: soopersuckr@outlook.com Soopersuckr - Profile page - XVIDEOS.COM
  8. greatbazooka

    ID this huge cock twink

    Not sure who this is but I need to know
  9. 1

    Big Dick Problems

    So here are some things you will run into when you have a big dick: -For Oral, I experience a lot of teeth and if I don’t it’s because she is trying hard to keep her mouth open wide which leads to the other problem of her jaws getting tired fast. I also have never ever been deepthroated all the...
  10. 1

    My Big Dick

    So here is a video of me wrapping 3 of my hands around my dick. It drives every girl crazy and turns them on because they never seen it before unless it was in porn so when they see me do it they immediately fantasize porn movies they’ve seen where even those vids aren’t as common
  11. J

    Danner Mendez (danner1.0)

  12. Shlevy10

    Introducing myself

    Hii guys, I’m 22 years old Israeli gay guy. Got 21 cm dick A singer Looking for fun and some nudes . Would love to chat about any subject.
  13. H

    Looking for the biggest dick in Tirol!

    I‘m from Tirol and looking for a real massive prick, with nice girth and incredible length! I’m curious who’s the biggest guy in Tirol/Tyrol. I’m willing to travel, even to munich, bavaria! Post a pic, or your size- both would be best :)
  14. T

    Looking for Braquemard from Citebeur videos

    This guy has like 6 videos but all i can find are trailers or dvds for sale. Any links or does anyone own any videos? Thanks!
  15. L

    Col jacking off his big dick

    A video of me jacking off my big dick: https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/no-title.9509601/
  16. X

    Jerk Of Tips For Huge Dick

    Hello everyone! I’m looking for some new tips for new ways to jerk my huge dick or a from someone else the dick . How do you jerk ? Do you jerk with a condom ? Are you fully naked ? where do you come on ? Please tell me a bit about your routine! thanks
  17. D

    Need A Stud For My Wife

    So we are still new to this site but so far it is amazing. My incredible sexy loving yet horny size queen wife seems to be really turned on by all the reactions and hot hung guys giving her compliments. So we have a fantasy of her getting fucked or at least sucking a hot guy with a huge dick...
  18. A

    Photos & Videos Hungbodybuilder27 A.k.a Jacob Gray

    Seriously one of the hottest guys I've ever seen.
  19. cucurara

    Who's This Huge Top On The Video?

    Been look for anything on him, did anyone see him before? any OF, twitter acc, lpsg thread? he shot those videos fucking guys on cars...
  20. J

    Hot & Hung Guys Online

    Dennis Barkley
  21. 1

    Post Your Favourite Hung Onlyfans Model

    Mine is Craig Kennedy onlyfans.com/craigkennedy let’s show yours !
  22. M

    Video Who Is This Sexy Top With Big Dick

    Pls tell me who is this sexy top in this video or full video link....thanks in advance https://twitter.com/maardangi/status/1400384822770470912?s=19
  23. A

    Photos & Videos Ulisses Williams Jr.

    Got any pics or videos of this muscle god and his HUGE dick? He seems to like showing off a lot.
  24. I

    Hung Teen Sleaze Don

    Has anyone Subscribed to his onlyfans? Onlyfans.com/sleazedadon Videos?
  25. Badunkbadonk

    Panama Heat (mm/mmm, Size Difference, Size Extremes)

    This is a book for which the blurb is not working. Few copies sold. Free gift to all you great LPSGers. Thank you for reading my work. Whether you’re a Quentin or a Dale, or somewhere between, i hope you enjoy this early 20th century tale. I will try to post one or two chapters a day. Replies...
  26. J

    Photos & Videos King_zeus From Chaturbate - Huge Cock!

    I’ve been watching him for a few weeks now on chaturbate (www.chaturbate.com/king_zeus) and his cock is insanely huge. I would love to watch him in action fucking someone. He also has a pornhub account under the name kingzeus87. Does anybody know/have anything of him?
  27. H

    Anyone Who Recognize Him?

    I've seen him on gwip several times, someone who know if he has twitter/onlyfans?
  28. DiomedesXVI

    Photos & Videos So Thick Her Fingers Don’t Meet

    Hoping you guys can upload some hot photos or vids, or link to some where the guy has such girth that the girl’s thumb and other fingers don’t meet when she wraps her hand around his enormous meat.
  29. J

    Big Dick Only Fans

    Anybody got any good big dick only fans to share
  30. F

    Help Me Find This Guy

    Hi everyone! I need to find these hot piece of meat. HELP MEEEE