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huge dick

  1. J

    Help me find!!

    Please help me find this twitter video! I need the original.
  2. B

    Please help ID hung daddy with huge butt!

    This guy has got to have an onlyfans and i need to find it
  3. B

    Spammer Please report

    Does anyone else remember a cute onlyfans twink with a 24cm dick. His onlyfans account was all of the sudden taken down but I can’t tell if he’s out there under a different name now. Here are some photos of him. Please let me know if you know his name, I’m desperate to see more of him.
  4. MintyFresh69

    My Big Dick Twitter

    Hi, just looking for some advice on my Twitter. I’m looking to make it grow but I can’t seem to gain followers or get more than 6-9 likes on any post. I feel like my cock is nicer and bigger than many I see getting hundreds or thousands of likes… just looking to see if there’s anything you...
  5. AgreeJe_

    u/NsfwDrawingAccount big twink dick from reddit

    Hey all, just wanted to share this user I found on reddit. Unfortunately, their last post and comment was on November 2020, which is like almost 3 years ago now, but nonetheless they made good art and most importantly they have a massive dick.
  6. T

    Photo Please help me ID this hot guy

    Hi! Can someone help me ID this hot guy? Apparently he's cuban. Here are some pictures (guy on the right) and a link to a video where you can see him fuck. https://www.cambro.tv/414578/blaslimaxxx-full-scene-25mins-my-little-ass-destroyed-by-cuban-xl-in-my-building-a-ho-onlyfans-xxx-videos/
  7. P


    Anybody willing to share any content? He’s such a hot bear daddy His 0F is biengrosa
  8. AgreeJe_

    Photo u/Stormsurge__ unbelievably huge dick from reddit

    This reddit user's name was u/Stormsurge__ and they deleted their account a few hours ago. I managed to save a bunch of their pics before that and would like to know if anyone else could identify who this is or help with finding a new account they created. They also had a post in r/penissize...
  9. Q

    Raymond Ricks

    How come he has no thread. his dadbod is so hot and has a huge dick. Someone has something else?
  10. E

    Luccafoster / Luka_python / lekxxl23cm

    Does anybody have his O F content or his OnNowPlay content ? This dude's gorgeous, kinky, huge, an impressive cummer and I don't seem to find a thread about him. He's massively underrated. Some info : His 2 Twitter accounts : https://twitter.com/luccafoster - https://twitter.com/Luka_python His...
  11. L

    Help id this guy

    Can you help me ID this guy?
  12. Undisputed89

    Being accused of Arrogance or being on your high horse because of your blessing /popularity

    This is only for men who either have a big dick and have displayed it to the public and received huge attention from it or men and women whose experienced men close to them that have displayed this. An example would be a friend of yours or your partner. This is to get perspective that most...
  13. T

    Any Big Cocks in Arizona?

  14. I

    Anyone know who this hot tattoed british hunk?

    Anyone know this tattoed british hunk?
  15. H


    Hey everyone, I signed up a year ago but totally forgot I did until I tried to sign up again today and it said my email address was already being used so even though it may say somewhere that I’ve been here a year, today is actually my first day on. I joined because I’m genuinely curious how I...
  16. D

    ID him

  17. M

    Help ID: Monster cock vaping e-boy

    Anyone know who this is?
  18. Q

    Links Who is this hunk with huge dick?

    I find this guy's ID anywhere for almost 3 years but still couldn't find it lol. Do anyone knows this guy? Giant dick on cam
  19. 2

    Dating App Huge Cock Advice

    Hey beautiful members of LPSG, long time listener, first time caller here. I’m 32, dating in LA, and i’ve heard i’m normally one of the cutest (& biggest) in most rooms. I’m into all types physically, but prefer huge cocks. How do I make that clear on dating apps (except Grindr), and which...
  20. S

    Help with gif IDs

    https://myteenwebcam.com/thefapp/watch/96006 https://myteenwebcam.com/thefapp/watch/78730
  21. N

    Anyone have anything from @prettydickpromo onlyfans?

    This dude is really hot. Does anyone have any more of his content?
  22. T

    Links Help me find this guy's name pls

    So I came across this video on Twitter and I remember this guy's face, but I can't remember his name. I know he has a Twitter account. Can you help me, please?
  23. maksriver

    Photos & Videos Show me your dick ^^

    Show me your dick :)
  24. L


    alguém tem algo do @Escorpiao1997?
  25. D

    hot in the sauna

    It was a Sunday evening and I was feeling in need of company so I visited my favourite gay sauna. Once I'd paid my entrance fee, I went to the change room, stripped wrapped the towel around me. There were not many men around in the sauna on this late Sunday night; so, I proceeded straight to...
  26. V


    Does anyone have any other pics of the guy? His dick is huge
  27. M

    Photos & Videos ominotauro1, Brazilian hottie with a huge cock

    Here's a bit of ominotauro1 - so fucking sexy. Anyone got anything more?
  28. 4

    New here because i like to show my cock

    Hi, I'm 4lwayshigh and I post pics of my dick on the internet when I'm bored. I have a long time Reddit account where I post pictures too and also make custom content for those who are interested Hope you enjoy my pics
  29. D

    New Member with BBC

    Here is my measured 8-8.5 inch dick. I know the proper way is to measure from top bone pressed but I also measured bone pressed along the side since my dick is really curved. Joined this support group to answer any questions about having a big dick.
  30. M

    Tell me your thoughts on my dick.