huge pecs

  1. L

    Photo bitterswett707/snowcat7770: Big Breasted Man from Twitter and Instagram

    There is this big breasted man I keep seeing on Twitter named @bitterswett707. Just skimming through his Twitter, dude got some knockers. Massive man boobs. Apparently, he disables his Twitter account from time to time (almost like @spandexray on...
  2. U

    Who is this juicy muscle pecs man?

    I’ve seen this gif everywhere. Who is this man!?
  3. M

    can anyone ID this man with huge pecs ?

    tiktok of a guy with these gorgeous huge hairy pecs. the tiktok ID in the video is an acct that just posts hot guys so i’ve hit a dead end since no one knows his name but he’s def on tiktok.
  4. L

    Twitter hottie Connor Dealy @circusgayy

    Anyone know anything about this guy? Found him on Twitter and wow. He is sexy. Followed his Instagram and i think he's a gymnast and/or Dancer. But i love his body. He's from NYC so anyone know anything?
  5. muscle worshipper_94


    There have been some videos of this Chinese webcam guy with giant pecs floating around MyMuscleVideo and Twitter… so I wanted to create a thread for him here. His Instagram is @spandexray and he’s just started his own Twitter account @muscularcow. He broadcasts on a Chinese site called Daxiang...
  6. N

    Caleb Canales 18 yr old millionaire/muscle teen

    Anyone got anything on Caleb canales? He is a sexy, 6'2, 18 year old Millionaire (idk the validity of that statement) and has a sexy body. Apparently he used to scam people when he was 17, because he was sexualizing himself and then just taking the money but now he's 18 and we can post him and...
  7. muscle worshipper_94

    German Insta Hunk Mirko Nitsche

    Hey all, I know there are probably 0 nudes of this guy out there but since he didn't have his own thread and his physique is one of my favourites right now, I decided I'd share some of my fave pics of hunk Mirko Nitsche!
  8. F

    Links The thickest pecs I’ve ever seen

    Btw does anybody know who this is?
  9. N

    Eduardo Draven- 18 Year Old Mexican Fitness Model

    Anyone know anything about this sexy ass guy? He is so fucking sexy and i want his nudes. Once y'all see him I'm sure yall will want him too!
  10. B

    Photo Muscle Bottoms With Huge Pecs & Big Tits, Like Zandro Cruz

  11. S

    Tyler J

    HOW ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS FUCKING SEXY DADDY?! He's a fucking Dr. Based in Florida and He's a fucking Jock/Daddy! WE NEED PICS PEOPLE! his Instagram is Tylerjh! Need this Daddies pics!!!