Unhung Russian from Germany

    Hey guys. I live in Germany, Cologne. I'm not new here, but I've never said hello ;):D As a teenager, I was often humiliated because of my small penis. My Penis didnt grown for years. I was straight until I was 20, then bi. But i cannot satisfy anyone well. I was kept chaste for a long time...
  2. D

    The Naked Truth.

    Hi there, New to this site. Average 50 y/o gay man, Caucasian. Submissive/obedient. North London based. Seeking a dominant man (preferably around my age or older) who can accommodate. I have past experiences from when I was younger, where I find it a huge release to be able to speak openly...
  3. L

    Clothed Male With Nude Males Or Embarrassed Naked/in Underwear Men

    I think I found that I have a bit of a thing for guys in unfortunate, embarrassing situations...getting locked out naked, being the only guy naked (especially if they have a boner) you get the idea... I've searched and found some nice stuff - anyone have more like these?
  4. Alittlebit

    Video Premature/accident Cumshots

    So I've noticed that there is a thread that could be similar to his one, but the contents were from pornhub, so most of it are gone. So I've decided to create a new one for all the premature/accident cumshots lover like I am. (Or you could share your own content! ;) Hoping that those who are...
  5. T

    Pee Desperation, Cum Denial, Humiliation, Degradation Of Sub Hub

    Please control this sub on skype, you do not need to show or talk just type. I like being told how to stroke and tease but nit be allowed to cum, be told to drink but not be allowed to pee at the same time. I like to do this until I cant hold it at all, cock head rubbing and bladder pressing...
  6. dickbydick

    Hung Guys Humiliating Small Dicks

    Anybody have any videos similar to the below? Think it is so hot to see hung guys bragging and comparing their size to smaller dicks. First vid is Alpha Jay, second is Danny D.
  7. D

    I Want To Be Humiliated, I'm Tiny

    Hey, I'm 23 years old and my dick is only 4 inches hard, I love being seriously humiliated and laughed at by bigger guys who are younger than me or around my age. I love very rude and nasty comments that will make me feel like shit! Please message me and we can exchange photos