1. J

    Beefy white guys

    This thread is pretty self explanatory, looking for white guys with a somewhat beefy, muscular, slightly chubby, hunky, dad bod like body of all ages and types of body hair. If anyone has any pics or vids they’d like to share feel free to do so (dick size dose not matter)
  2. M

    Fitness model Ignacio Blanco

    Found this hunk today on Twitter, and my crush for him just can’t go away. His name is Ignacio Blanco. Check him out: Twitter :: IG :: OF ::
  3. F

    Photos & Videos Abs and v-lines

    Just wanted to make a sub dedicated to pics and videos of guys showing off their abs and v-lines. (Feel free to include credits to the pics in case you have any)
  4. stealthmens

    Photos & Videos @fluffisbuff on onlyfans/haveyoumetmatt on twitter his normal twitter ^^^ his of twitter ^^^ OnlyFans his of ^^^
  5. A

    Video Help ID these Guys please!

  6. S


    Anybody have new vids of this hunky latino23bom?