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  1. D

    How to shave

    How do you guys shave your penis and balls? I looked it up online and apparently a razor is the way but what type of razor and how. I’ve been using clippers very carefully but sometimes I nick myself and it hurts. Any help will be great.
  2. R

    Feet: Do You Notice Your Partner's Feet While Hooking Up?

    Quick Backstory: I suffer from eczema so my hands & feet naturally tend to be on the dryer side even when I use moisturizer and petrolatum based products. I do my own pedicures since I don't want to add foot fungus to the problem either. No matter how much I care for feet, they are never...
  3. spaj8987

    Best Shampoo And Deodorant?

    I'm currently using head and shoulders dry scalp care 2 in 1 and mitchum triple odor defense because i'm a very sweaty and sometimes funky smelly guy. That in the past has had serious problems with dandruff. I know right. So attractive. :) Anyway, kind of curious if there are better brands or...