id help

  1. Killerinstinct0

    Help ID this guy

    I’ve been obsessed with this dude ever since I saw this picture for the first time, but I have no idea who he is or how to find more of him.
  2. S


    Need help identifying the guys/original video source Straight Hunks Trying gay Sex For The First Time at Gay Male Tube
  3. J

    Photos & Videos Help ID this porn photo/scene w/ George Uhl

    I believe that these photos below of Czech pornstar George Uhl are from a porn scene/movie. It was likely a European porn film filmed sometime between 2002-2006. I have been looking for this porn film for over a year now but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Y

    he is so fine help me find him

    does anyone know his name?
  5. B

    Bubble butt ID help

    Any ideas??? This ass is so fat omggggg Bootycake8 on Instagram: "Follow @bootycake8 #malebooty#malebutt#malebutts#lgbt#bigbootyboy#bigbootyboys#gay#gayman#nakedman#gaybubblebutt#bubblebuttmen#datbubblebutt#bubblebutt" Bootycake8 on Instagram: "Follow @bootycake8...
  6. T

    id him??

    could someone id this guy please
  7. B

    Need help ID asian twinks

    I’ve only ever seen them in a very few posts in twitter and nowhere else. Top is cute and have been dying to know who he is, or whoever may have their vids. Any help is appreciated!
  8. B

    Need help ID asian twinks (thread?)

    I’ve only ever seen them in these two posts and nowhere else. Top is cute and have been dying to know who he is. Any help is appreciated!
  9. B

    Bubble butt ID help

    Bob Jones on Instagram Anybody know this booty?? It’s so beautiful, would love to see more Bob Jones on Instagram
  10. B

    Bubble Butt ID help

    Identidade Masculina on Instagram: " . #proud #modamasculina #modaparahomem #mensblog #HashtagsNao #identidademasculina #homensnamoda #instaboy #instahomem #instagood #freedom #mensoutfit #instaboy #chestlovers #maisvirais #belezamasculina #streetstyle #instavibes #concept #bears #instavibes...
  11. F

    Who’s this hunk?

    Found this photo on Tumblr and recognize him A LOT but I have no idea what his name is. Anyone able to help?
  12. Killerinstinct0

    Please help me ID this guy!

    I’ve been obsessed with this video for ages but it’s extremely short. I’ve never been able to figure out who he is.
  13. Y

    Who is this twink

    He is so hot I gotta see more of him
  14. B

    Big dick ID help

    Dads And Lads on Instagram: "#Bodybuilder #bodybuilding #fitness #gym #fitnessmotivation #muscle #workout #motivation #fit #gymlife #fitfam #fitnessmodel #gymmotivation #training #model #modeling #bodybuildingmotivation #shredded #nopainnogain #gains #lifestyle #instafit #body #personaltrainer...
  15. B

    Power Bottom ID Help Help me ID this guy Can anyone ID the bottom in this video? It's at least 10 years old. I've also seen a video of him doing a hotel cumdump in the pre-PREP days. He's so hot.... kills me
  16. S

    Video Public Restroom Bathroom Jerking Showing Off Outside Stall

    Anyone know who this is or where I can find more of this guy? Muscle asian jerking off almost caught by the police -
  17. G

    Photo ID Help

    I found this video on MyVidster but the file is broken so I'm trying to find the top and bottoms name.
  18. S

    Help me ID this bald muscle actor, please?

    I know he used to be pretty famous but can't remember his name. Here's this video, if anyone is interested foot domination fantasy with blowjob - tube
  19. N

    Photos & Videos ID this guy please

    Oh Almighty Lpsg members, please help me ID THIS GUY
  20. aperson200

    ID this top?

    The top in the clip starting @ 1:35 I remember when Xtube was live, this guy had a premium profile that I would often buy videos from. I noticed he primarily topped Asian guys if that helps ID him. I cannot remember his name and I would like to see if I can find his videos again or if he has...
  21. X

    Who are they ? Help me ID !

    Who are they ? I’ve been looking for them for days now and I can’t find anything . Apparently they are streamers of some sort , idk if that’s on chaturbate or what … It’s obviously just roleplay , but I would love to know who these “ step bros “ are ! Please help ! Who are they ?
  22. Y

    Help me Id him please bet he is famous

  23. Killerinstinct0

    Can anyone ID?

    Saw this guy on TikTok and I’ve been trying to ID him all morning. Anyone know who he is?
  24. NathBeloff

    Photo Who's this? Help

  25. NathBeloff

    Photo Who is this guy?

  26. B

    XL top ID help

    can anyone identify this beast of a pipe????? It’s insane…. I would love to see more This beauuuuuutiful dick
  27. D

    Cumshot vid of Filipino (?) hunk, can't find anymore

    These thumbnails are the only traces of the video that I can find online. If anyone has the video or knows who he is, it'd be greatly appreciated! :heart:
  28. O

    Help identify this cute guy

    Can you help identifying this stud?
  29. N

    Who is he?

    Sadly I dont have a picture but I can describe him! I recall his name Starting with a J either Jay or Jake. It could be neither, I’m really now sure. He has a twitter and an OF! He’s skinny but has abs with brown hair. I remeber his twitter name being like hung something. I remeber him having...
  30. M

    Help: ID this video?

    (or one of the actors)