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  1. GTOK

    Cabo - (celeste)

    I’m pretty sure by now you all have read my ex-husband Frank’s side of the story. About how we went down to Cabo on our anniversary and I ended up fucking some of the staff at the resort. About how I tried to lie about it and all of that. Well, I won’t lie, all of it’s true. I have no excuse and...
  2. GTOK

    Cabo (frank's Story)

    Hey there. My name’s Frank. I’ll get right down to it. What was supposed to be a glorious, fun filled, and romantic week in Cabo, a trip that I thought was going to save my marriage, turned into a nightmare that destroyed my marriage and nearly ruined my life. It’s been a few years now, so I...
  3. RoxyRoyce

    Availability signals for married women to available men.

    With anklets being unsuitable for many occasions [workouts & casual outfits] and overly obvious in many situations, it has been revealed to me recently about the use of thumb rings to send subtle messages to men and my availability as a discreet sex partner. Can someone with direct knowledge...