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  1. E

    Help ID

    Can anyone ID this man? I found him in the menfitworld yt page.
  2. Rei Hino

    Prxnce10 (Willard 'Willie' Prince Mata)

    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCg8xtZMErdwT6kDxV1-i3Ag/videos https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCflZPfQxFeADstQT7wXgpkQ/ Prince (@prxnce10). Ask me anything on ASKfm https://linktr.ee/prxnce10 Login • Instagram prxnce (@prxnce10) | TikTok https://mobile.twitter.com/prxnce10_/with_replies...
  3. Jarrah12

    @mcfeetfacefeety instagram

    I think it's been deleted. Does anyone know whether they have made a new one? I couldn't see one. It was the best!
  4. B

    Logan Gauthier

    He's a tik toker. Exactly my type. Canadian Hockey fuckboy, dark hair, light eyes, 6 pack, probably has a big uncut dick.
  5. P

    Photos & Videos Kade Neely

    The previous thread was locked. KÄDÊ NËÊŁŸ (@kade.neely) • Instagram photos and videos
  6. H

    arsenmais from tiktok and Insta

    @arsenmais who got his nudes? he’s so fine
  7. A

    Giu_hang aka Giovane Hang on Instagram

    Anyone have more of this guy, i saw some of his naked pictures on twitter from anonymous account, but that account was delete. I also find his Instagram Giovane Hang (@giu_hang) • Instagram photos and videos
  8. H

    Emiliano Rajzner aka Emirajzner on IG

    Check out this big hairy stud.. he said he's making an onlyfans soon!
  9. O

    Rafael D' Avila - Brazilian IG Personal Trainer/Actor and massive hottie

    OMG this man is everything! Beautiful on the outside and in ❤️ love when I see him with doggies and being gentle with elderly people. But ya know I’d love to see what’s under his sunga! He is soooo hot it takes my breath away! I understand that a few years ago he did massages and was a bit more...
  10. Hellobabygurl

    Photos & Videos Manuel Trujillo (@manueltrujillo29)

    It surprises me nobody's talking about this latin stud here. He knows how to thirst people, and it's probable he'll open an OF (not soon, but it's likely to happen).
  11. R

    Vaza fia

    Bora postar os queridos que a gente quer mais é que vaze algo.
  12. AlejandroMeGarcia

    New Petros_sp subscription

    Hi everyone, been following this guy and his husband for a while now and been wanting to see something from em so badly. Saw that there’s a few threads about em but no one has anything. Just saw on his instagram account that he has this new subscription service for kinda explicit content and...
  13. L

    Photos & Videos Henry Metzger, henrycmetzger, henrymetzger, skittles_tastetherainbow TikTok

    Instagram TikTok Linktree Since his last Thread got taken down: DO NOT SHARE HIS LE4K3D STUFF BECAUSE HE WAS A M1N*R when he got B4iTED he is really hot i just want to have a place to talk about him again
  14. Fiery Feetish

    João Pedro Lisboa

    Anything on him?
  15. C

    Matthew Skaar (@skaarperformance)

    Strength and mobility coach with hot bulge and thighs. Any more on this guy?
  16. C

    Alex Ruygrok

    I thought since he hasn’t got a thread yet, might as well.
  17. grubarafinada

    Goga Tupuriya (IG: @goga_tupuriya)

    I am surprised that there is no topic about him yet. So... here it is :-)
  18. L

    Tobias Klein (THTH Germany)

    Tobias Klein from Too Hot too Handel Germany. Anybody got any hot pics? Insta: Tobias Klein (@tobiasxklein) • Instagram photos and videos
  19. C


    Anyone got any dick pics / cum / fuck vids of this guy.
  20. bradenn

    Photos & Videos Vini Vecchi

  21. L

    Instagram and Onlyfans Models in LA

    Hello everyone, I'm a photographer from Europe and I'll be visiting LA soon. Do you have any recommendations of guys that I can photograph? My shoots are mostly underwear and nude. Onlyfans as well. Drop here their social media links and hopefully I'll be able to show you the work :) Thank you!
  22. C


    Валентин Рончинский (@val_champ23) • Instagram photos and videos @val_champ23
  23. C

    Scam Report

    Hello Community, I and many others have unfortunately already experienced scam. But since we are a large community, we can help each other. My idea is a thread where all scammers are collected (not only onlyfans). This has 2 advantages: 1. you can check here if the person you send money to...
  24. J

    Seth Pruitt / LiftingWithSeth

    A very hot ginger fitness tiktoker. Doesn't have an OF but someone has to have something.
  25. ThatOneThing

    Photos & Videos big_dan_can Instagram

    I'm pretty surprised to see that big_dan_can doesn't have a thread here, as the man is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. So I figured someone should remedy that. ;)
  26. Beau4412

    Patrick Davis (theillestpd)

    Since there’s no thread about him
  27. Were_wolf98

    INSTAGRAM : @TEMA_FIT Model Artem Dubovik

    Hi, I follow this guy on instagrama and he is super sexy. I was shocked to not find a tread of his own!! I have few stuff of him that I’ll share His instagram: @tema_fit
  28. H

    Jaeden Rodriguez aka j.a_beast02 on IG

    Jaeden Rodriguez aka j.a_beast02 on Instagram. So hot and has a big ass. Anyone have more of him?
  29. A

    XTRESZ @alexandroruixx

    Anyone got anything?
  30. P

    Who's this hottie?

    Pilot Hey guys who's this hot guy? He must be a pornstar.