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    Eye-rolling fetish?

    Looking for videos of guys that get super into playing with their cocks. I’ve seen Popperbate and gooning videos but can’t find specific models that always roll their eyes back.
  2. Z

    Videos Of Men: Eyes Rolling In Pleasure/ecstacy

    Post links/images (preferably links) of gay/straight porn where the men in them roll their eyes up or in the back of their heads in pleasure of fucking, getting head, edging/jerking, fleshlight fucking, etc etc. No bottoms or females! Just the top men. And also, if the bottom is hot, sure go...
  3. 4

    What's The Most Challenging Exercise You've Every Tried To Do?

    I see there's a lot of folks into fitness, so I figured I'd ask what is the toughest exercise you attempted? Did you ever complete it? As far as me, obviously I take a lot of pride in sustaining my abs and building on them every way I can. I explore all kinds of different ab exercises that will...