1. C

    Country boy moves to the city

    First time writing a story like this. Inspired in part by personal experience. Hope someone likes it! Part 1 - Helping Hands Three weeks had passed since my girlfriend Katie and I graduated from the University of Alabama. We were finally ready to move out of our college town and start our...
  2. P

    Class Comics new comics/updated drives

    Anyone got the latest comics from Class Comics? or know of a google drive/collection that's being updated on the regular?
  3. I

    Photos & Videos Chr@wrliee (Twitter/Tiktok/OF)

    I've recently discovered this truly hot twink. He has a Twitter account where he posts pics and vids of him taking his boyfriend's BBC. Apparently, he also has a fairly popular TikTok account. He, like his bf (@/gh0stj0ck), has an OF: OnlyFans. Anything on him and his bf? Their vids are so hot...
  4. X


    anyone have anything on this sexy BBC who cucks asian men
  5. SashaF

    Ryan Bednar (Rynon.Couple)

    Anyone have anything on Ryan Bednar? Here is his couple instagram with Japanese gf Kanon: Login • Instagram And their adventures: Login • Instagram
  6. Rusguy_96

    Our new neighbor

    Chapter 1 Katherine waited for that moment several evenings, since she finally purchased her new lingerie. Steven was very busy last days and he looked always so tired that she thought it was wrong moments for such things. Finally now it was a restday and they spent it together, enjoying the...
  7. K

    South asian/middle eastern men with white/interracial partner videos

    My favourite kind of porn is when there's a south Asian or middle Eastern guy playing with a man of a different race, but it's usually so hard to find, would love to see more hot vids out there
  8. S

    Looking in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Looking for someone to please. Mixed Twunk, able to host, clean and disease free. Ideally looking for a young masculine man who can dominant me. Don’t really care about dick size. Not 100% fem but I do wear thongs if you want me to. Would a white male but others are welcomed, not in a rush.
  9. D

    Reversed Oreo - interracial Gay Porn

    This thread is about black bottoms getting fucked by 2 white dudes or more. Feel free to post some of your favorite photos and videos. Raceplay, humiliation and skinhead scenes are also welcome. It's about fantasy. If this is not your thing, move onto another thread that suits your taste...
  10. D

    Black Tops, White Bottom - Interracial Gay Porn

    This thread is about white bottoms getting fucked by 2 black dudes or more. Feel free to post some of your favorite photos and videos. Raceplay, humilation and "thug" scenes are also welcome. It's all about fiction and fantasy. If it's not your thing, move onto another thread that suits your...
  11. Dan9410

    Are Danny D and Chris diamond the only white guys who can hang/compete with bbc actors?

    So this has been messing with my head for awhile. I’m not sure if it’s just the color contrast or “porn angles”. But I’ve been watching porn for years. it always seems like the black male actors are way bigger than any white actors that I have seen. when a girl gives head her mouth gapes and...
  12. Z

    Jed Athens lucas Entertainment

    I’m looking for pictures of this handsome model who worker for Lucas Ent lucious hole fat ass bottom fist pig boy pornstar Jed Athens If you guys have any pics or vids from his now deleted Twitter Account or rare solo amateur videos photos from the internet please post it here Thanks.
  13. H

    Johnny Angel?

    He was one of my favorite pornstars from the 2000s, and still think he’s one of the sexiest men to do porn ever! Anyone know what ever happened to him? Would be cool to know an update and what he’s been up to these days?
  14. GingerBBottom

    Looking for TOPs for my gangbangs in London :)

    Hey guys, organizing gangbangs every now and then in LONDON and looking for hung tops who would be interested to join and use my ginger holes :imp: Usually there will be 3-6 tops and me as the bottom. Group will be organised before hand and you will know who will be there - Using my holes...
  15. C

    Tuesdays with Marcus - Part 1

    "Yo, Marcus!" I yelled down the corridor from my building's front entrance as my upstairs neighbour was waiting for the elevator. He waited till I got a little closer to reply. "Hey, Daniel! What's cooking?" "Not much." I made my way to his right and joined him in wait for our ride. "How's...
  16. croatia14

    Black Hawk's Videos

  17. S

    My Skinny Indian Co Worker

    My wife and I never intended to share her or enter any kind of hotwife lifestyle but we inadvertently stepped into it with a co worker of mine without either of us really knowing what we were doing or how it was happening! Our relationship was fairly normal, started dating right after...
  18. D

    Help me find this video please

    My boyfriend has accused me of being the female in this video, its not me, i have never made any porn nor allowed recording (knowingly). However he swears its me, its a girl giving a black guy a handjob in a car (amateur). He is in the driver's seat, pants all the way down, only one hand is...
  19. thebussyinvader

    I'm In a Happy Relationship Now, But...... I've Got A Secret (My True Story & My First Erotic Story)

    I'm in a happy relationship now, but only pre-pandemic, I had 2 affairs with straight celebrities. One, was a close friend from South Florida by way of Arizona (let's call friend #1 Chris Q.); the other, was another close friend who was originally from South Florida (let's call friend #2 Scott...
  20. fireice42

    My Wife's Lover

    We'd been married for almost two years when I caught her. I had been out of town on business and was scheduled to get home late. A canceled flight is normally a disaster, but in this case the airline was able to book me on a direct flight that actually got me home hours earlier than my initial...
  21. H

    Anyone know who these guys are?

    I’ve only seen one compilation vid and also the video I’m pasting below. I think they’re so hot and love the dynamic between them: the tall masc top with his eager sub btm. Anyone know who they are and if they have other vids/twitter/OF/etc?
  22. binj4le

    Who Are they, or where is this from?

    Does anyone know who either of these guys are, or where this video is from? Was the tall one in the white t-shirt from BelAmi? (Can't find anything)
  23. fireice42

    Deserted Island - Clark Kent and Jimmy Olson

    "CK, what are we going to do?" Jimmy Olson asked, the strain in his voice audibly pitching his voice an octave higher. Jimmy and Clark Kent hung by their wrists on a chain that was slowly lowering them to their death a few yards below where molten steel churned and bubbled. Clark was still...
  24. L

    Photo Need Identifying white guy in this africanprince video flip fucking hung white guy

    I think this was from an old OF vid and I dont know if the white guy also has a page they take turns flip fucking throughout the 20 minute video
  25. H

    Anyone know these cute guys? Help me ID this couple

    I always see the same 3-4 videos of this cute Asian & White guy on Xhamster/X-Videos/etc. They’re hot and I love that they enjoy giving each other mutual oral until they cum. Can any of you gay detectives give an ID on them and if they have other videos other than the usual 3-4? Would be hot to...
  26. NewtNewtNewt


    Wonder if he still makes videos Feel free to add any more if you have some .
  27. S

    Help ID this hot white and asian couple!

    Does anyone know who they are? The video looks like it was taken from an onlyfans, but the name was cut... Thanks!
  28. H

    Video ID - Huge Dick Gaping Bareback Video

    Anyone know who these guys are/have a link to the full video?
  29. B

    Video ID this hot Asian twunk being fucked

    Can somebody ID this hot tanned Asian twunk being fucked by a white daddy for me please? Thanks!
  30. H

    Video Skyler Nicole penetrated by her black pussy monster white cock

    Skyler Nicole, a beautiful and hot black girl, she likes monster white cock is on a big bed wearing grey leggings and a sexy red lingerie set. Being a hot slut, she shamelessly turns around and twerks her juicy black ass. Soon Skyler takes off her clothes and bounces her big oiled ass like a...