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  1. S

    Irish Lads

    Hey there. I wanted to see if anyone else was from Ireland, specifically the Cork area that would be down for chatting and becoming friends or a bit more. Also if anyone has any nudes or wants to share nudes that are from Cork that is more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send me a message!
  2. whyme75

    Looking To Chat And Meet If Possible Ireland

    Hi all, Irish guy, based in Dublin. Filthy mind. Looking to chat with friendly guys from Ireland and around the world. Send me a message and let's take it from there...
  3. Dubhorn

    Photo Muscle Worship Ireland

    Anyone who has aby experience with MW in Ireland? Seems to be almost impossible to find any muscle lads in to it. Any ideas, suggestions, experience on how to go about it specifically in Ireland ? Any fellow worshippers around Waterford, or Munster area, or Ireland generally? Cheers lads
  4. V

    Conor Ryan

  5. Lookinginconshy


    Will be in Derry/Londonderry between 1/12 and 1/14. Very short time but would like to meet a nice ddf Irish guy for some fun.
  6. 1

    Anal Bleaching

    Hi guys, Anyone used a successful anal bleaching home product? I’ve done a few google searches but there are so many products & mixed reviews. I’d love some recommendations from people that have used them. Before and after pics would be awesome too I’m based Dublin Ireland so if here are...
  7. N

    Ridick_7 Hot Man!

    Does anybody have anything on him? He so hot!
  8. B

    Monster cock in ireland

    hey Interested in finding monster cocks in Ireland north or south that can get to no a bit! Seems to be rest of uk that find monster cocks , very few accross Ireland , I’m talking 9” or over
  9. M

    Dublin ireland kik buds

    hey any hung Irish guys looking to chat on kik hung Irish jock here 8 inches uncut and curious
  10. A

    Cockfight in ireland?

    21/M Gonna be in Galway, Cork and Dublin over the next weeks or so. Any guys interested in some cockfight fun?
  11. J

    Sean price

    Anyone have anything on him?