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  1. H

    Irish Countryside Exhibitionist

  2. C

    Irish Twitter/ Social Media Personalities/ Celebrities/ Sportsmen

    Anyone have sexy pictures of Irish Twitter/ Social Media Personalities/ Celebrities/ Sportsmen?
  3. I

    Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis - The Chase

    The newest Chaser on ITV's The Chase. Posted this shirtless TikTok, I think he's handsome, nice body and lovely accent. Plus he's very intelligent.
  4. S

    Irish Lads

    Hey there. I wanted to see if anyone else was from Ireland, specifically the Cork area that would be down for chatting and becoming friends or a bit more. Also if anyone has any nudes or wants to share nudes that are from Cork that is more than welcome. Don't hesitate to send me a message!
  5. A

    Say.hi.brad (TikToker)

    irish tiktoker, apparently had a twitter but deleted it, someone said he was uncut tho
  6. B

    Cuan Durkin

    Anybody have anything on the Irish singer from YouTube?
  7. T

    Keith Walsh Irish Media Personality

    Anyone else got a massive thing for this Irish hunk? He's posted on TikTok a video with a very visible penis outline that is just so incredibly hot
  8. A

    Photos & Videos Irish guys comparison competition

    As a guy from Northern Ireland, I’ve always been curious about how we all compare from county to county so took a gamble and posted this to see if there is any response. Idea is, post a pic soft and if you want a pic hard. Say which county you’re in and age range and let’s see which county comes...
  9. J

    Daddy Conor Mcgregor

    This man is so fucking hot
  10. ichdeutscher

    @noah_irishxxx Onlyfans

    He’s a young Irish lad. He’s pretty hot. here’s his Twitter: https://twitter.com/noah_irishxxx/status/1434235362348576776?s=21 here’s his Snapchat: More pics:
  11. Krpt

    Oisín Stack

    Handsome Actor Oisín Stack Reminds me of Ryan Eggold ;) Naturally, for an actor, he does have the ability to emote different feelings so well through his (sexy) facial expressions. He also appears sexy both with just a stubble and a full blown beard.
  12. _nobeast

    Photos & Videos Paudge Behan Irish Actor

    Irish actor, Paudge Behan, his long blonde locks in the the1993 film Uncovered as gypsy chess prodigy, and Veronica Guerin 2003.
  13. Dublinlad7

    Muscle Worship? Skype

    Hey, and fit muscle chasers there into caming with average build guys. Looking for fit/muscle guys into wanking off with average guy. Chasers a plus. 38 Irish Uncut. Huge pre cummer and shooter. Looking for skype guys for cam fun. Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  14. Dublinlad7

    Uncut Irish, Skype

    Hey, 38 Irish here. Uncut. Huge pre/cummer. Power loads. Looking for skype fun with guys. Love wanking hard, edging, rings, ws. Skype - DAD77@outlook.ie
  15. James 333

    Cian Twomey (irish Youtuber)

    He’s kinda irrelevant now but I still find him incredibly sexy lol
  16. UnCutBlackBull925

    Big Dee - Professional Bodybuilder With A Big Dick

  17. C

    British Men And Circumcision

    Hey guys, Just wondering what other British guys' position is on circumcision. How old are you? Are you circumcised? If yes: When did you get circumcised? Why did you get circumcised? If you were given the chance, would you get circumcised?
  18. L

    Irish Guys For Skype Fun

    38 bi Irish guy Skype: liffeycam Looking for fun with other Irish guys on Skype
  19. Y

    Gavin Drea (cyberpunk2077)

  20. Belfastlad84

    Northern Irish Men

    Just found prob the sexist Northern Irish lad I’ve ever seen haha Hes on OF too OnlyFans total ass for days mummy! thoughts?
  21. P

    Tight Foreskin

    Hey all. I have kind of a tight foreskin when I'm hard. It pulls down over the Head half way and kind of hurts then. I recently visited my GP and he gave me 4 options. Options 3 and 4 require a trip to see a urologist. 1) Leave it alone if its bearable. 2) A minor cream which might help to...
  22. P

    South Irish Lads - Anyone About?

    I'm 30 from north cork area. Looking to meet other people from my area about my age. Give or take 10 years. Im a heavy set guy. Currently working out trying to lose weight. I'm good with chatting. Easy to get along with and like my movies, video games and music etc. Love the occasional pint but...
  23. N

    Irish Hung Teen Onlyfans

    Only started an onlyfans:) I’m Irish, 19 and I’m pretty hung. Posting a lot more content more to come but definitely worth it :) www.onlyfans.com/nayzer
  24. mad4it90

    James Power. 19yr Old Irish Boxer

    Hi all, Just think this twink deserves some appreciation. 19 from Cork Ireland.
  25. 8

    Stuart Mackey

    Anything on Stuart Mackey? He hints a having an OF. TikTok.
  26. C

    Thomas Arnold Irish Youtuber

    Anyone have anything on this guy? He's been getting real big lately and it's nice to see
  27. J

    Conor Price (x Factor)

    Anything on him?
  28. H

    My Asshole

    Please extend my humiliation by extended this exposure of my 21 year old Irish hole: eblue - Timed Images
  29. N


    Hi I’m just after making an onlyfans. After getting such good comments about my nude photos on this site haha. OnlyFans totally cool if you don’t wanna sub, thanks:) gonna be taking conversations over there. 9’
  30. L

    Adam Dalton - Irish Gymnast

    Anyone have anything on him ?