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  1. M

    Alberto Pellegrini - Italian soccer/football player BULGING

    Recently stumbled on this guy - WOW. Anyone have anything more???
  2. Mandhchx

    Young Italian Cock - Cazzi giovani italiani

    Vediamo questi bei cazzi giovani!
  3. 7

    Horny Italian bottom with juicy ass in Rome

    Looking for hot men 18-45 to satisfy and serve. Can host. Pics in private.
  4. Y

    Photos & Videos Giampietro Diedhiou - OF Giampyxxx (giant bodybuilder)

    Italian/Senegal bodybuilder living in Italy! He's a muscle beast! OnlyFans Instagram
  5. L

    Fabio C. Haller

    Tiktoker molto simpatico, che lascia intravedere una grande dote sotto la tuta grigia... Qualcuno sa se su OF (OnlyFans) ci sono foto e video integrali oppure vende solo in chat privata?
  6. L

    Hello from Italy

    Hi everyone, my name is Ed and I am a 28 year old italian guy with a big fat cock and lot of cum in me :). I have a girlfriend and I also like to mess around with guys sometimes, mostly other straight guys with big dicks with whom I can jerk off. I am sure I will find many like minded people...
  7. M

    Buff & sexy Italian runner Lamont Marcell Jacobs

    This super sexy mixed stud deserves a page of his own! Nice bulge and sexy body! Anyone have anything more?
  8. M

    Sexy Italian Simone Poccia

    Recently discovered this guy, a former contestant on Grande Fratello Italia, a model and runner from Italy. Anyone got anything more on him?
  9. thebussyinvader

    What city should I move to? (Age: 26 | Current Residence: USA)

    I'm thinking of moving to Los Angeles, London, or to any smaller village in the English Countryside. At the very least, if I end up moving to LA instead, then I'd love to buy a summer house in England and spend every summer there, even after getting married and starting my family, so that my...
  10. X


    Since the last thread about him was closed. (From his Twitter. )
  11. M

    Photo Valerio Pino - Hot AF Italian model, dancer, actor

    Guy's been around for a while - how is there nothing on him yet? Who has more???
  12. M

    Photo Costantino Imperatore - gorgeous Italian dancer/model

    Just discovered him (and his gorgeous boyfriend Gianluca Daniello) - wondering if anyone has anything juicy on him.
  13. M

    Photo Gianluca D'Aniello?

    Anyone have anything on this gorgeous guy?
  14. B

    New to this, I hope to find someone to live in haha

    I wanna live free and to be with someone I love <3
  15. Danielv1234

    Visiting milano

    Hey guys ! I'm visiting milano next month and am really curious about Italian dick where can I find hung Italian men in Milano? And on a side note would love some advice on the gay night scene there and if anyone know of any drag shows ❤️
  16. J

    Giancarlo Commare

    Hey anything on Giancarlo Commare ??
  17. D

    I Need To Feed Your Mouth, Daddy

    I am an Italian young man (under 30) looking for a gentle, submissive daddy (including foreigner ones). It would be better if he has a little dick (<10cm) but not "active". I hope you understand what I mean... My dream is to dominate him in some ways-like a puppy for example- and make of his...
  18. BADway

    Sex In Venice !!

    Hello beautiful people, I am traveling to the gorgeous Venice next month with my best friend, and we would like to make it special and go wild a little bit, we want to make a chilly sex night there with some drinks, candles and good music Any recommendations on how to achieve that!? I have...
  19. BADway

    Sex Party In Venice?

    Hello beautiful people, i am not sure if this is the right place but i am gonna ask anyway I am traveling to the gorgeous Venice next month with one my bes friends, and we would like to make it special and go wild a little bit, we want to make a chilly sex night there with some vodka, light...
  20. C

    Elia Cometti, Italian Male Model

    Elia Cometti, Italian Male Model It's time for his own thread!
  21. BigBootyGlobalTrotter

    @gianmarco.costa92 - Hot Italian Pt

  22. H

    Open/communal Showers In Italy

    Do you know places where there are open/communal showers? Everything is cool: hostels, pools, gyms, whatever. I can start suggesting the "Acquaworld" water park in Concorezzo, near Milan. Open showers, you see the guys in front of you (not next to you tho). At the end on the day, many guys take...
  23. L

    New From Italy

    22 years old from Italy. Up for chat, trade , new friends. Message me ;)
  24. M

    Hi From Bi Italian!

    Hey everyone! I'm a 26yo bi from Italy, I've been here for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to say hello to all of you good people! :D
  25. Uno


    He is Frenzis61! On cam4.com he is the best! There are many pics on his twitter profile e something there is on cam4. But serching torrent file i founded new videos and new pics. I would be very happy if someone knows his instagram profile! I know only that he is italian, live in sicily and have...
  26. A

    Siffredi Late Night - Hard Academy: Season 1

    Hello everyone, anyone by any chance has seen or know how to download this series through torrent or something: Siffredi Late Night - Hard Academy: Season 1 In it Rocco siffredi recruits some very hot guys for porn, and they have to do an audition infront of judges. Would be hot to watch Thanks
  27. S

    Milano Couple Looking For Big Penis (mfm)

    We are a straight couple in their 20s looking for a man with a big penis (preferrably 20cm+) to satisfy the lady in Milano. She is very orgasmic, and has a lovely figure. Hit us up :)
  28. 1

    Cristoforo Corte / Ciuppinus

    Does anyone follow this guy on Instagram or FB? He is so damn sexy and in Milan. Kinda beefy and fuzzy. Loves to post a thirst trap but is also kinda innocent. Wish I knew of any nudes. Cristoforo Corte (@ciuppinus) • Instagram photos and videos
  29. simone92simone

    Photo My Uncut Cock From Italy

    Hi to all.... I'm new entry from Italy...and this is my italian cock...hope you like it...
  30. morepower

    Italians Snapchat

    All Italians men here Add me vlemanski9