1. B

    The Jacked Ginger

    Tiktok mackieyvalian Insta mackieyvalian
  2. msriffraff

    Hung and ripped Vegas escort "Jose Luis"

    Anyone know anything about this guy? More photos?
  3. A

    Clarke Kent

    Clarke Kent has an incredible body, so jacked and perfectly sculpted!
  4. msriffraff

    French muscle model Steve Sanmartin

    Came across this model and fitness instructor. He's huge, evidently VERY tall, and has modeled for a number of well known photographers. Anyone have anything good on him?
  5. okk89


    can someone post this guys onlyfans videos??
  6. A

    Julz Tocker

  7. 1

    Braden Olexo

    Anything on this lean, sexy dude? brussellolexo on IG. He’s jacked and I strongly suspect heavily packing…I think he’s maybe fucked Kyle Krieger but he seems to be pretty non-scene
  8. B

    Los angeles muscle guys into big dick?

    Any big muscle guys in the Los Angeles area into big dick? Do you dig seeing a guy get a hard on just watching you workout at the gym? Do you like showing off your pump in a tight tshirt? Do you like being worshiped or being a sub muscle cock pig? Do you get a hard on looking and feeling...