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  1. anaconda6900

    Photos & Videos men in straight porn with their jeans half pulled down and their juicy ass is showing (men butt cleavage) ass cleavage in straight porn

    I know I know!!! it is weird, but its what I enjoy, if you could find me something like that I WOULD REALLY LIKE IT ra
  2. anaconda6900

    men in straight porn with their jeans half pulled down and their juicy ass is showing

    I know I know!!! it is weird, but its what I enjoy, if you could find me something like that I WOULD REALLY LIKE IT
  3. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Men Shirtless in Jeans

    One of the sexiest things in a man: when he's shirtless in jeans.
  4. W

    Clothed butts (slacks, jeans, leggings, anything)

    Needs a dedicated thread. I love seeing a big bubble butt wrapped in figure hugging clothing.
  5. D

    Sneaking pics of hot guys on the street or gym?

    Have you ever seen a great ass or bulge on the street, gym, restaurants, etc and you just have to sneak a shot "for later"? Some bubble butts just need to be documented whether its in jeans, athletic shorts, sweat pants, etc. No nudity since it's non-consensual and they should be out in public...
  6. xxxdenim

    FREDDY pants/jeans lovers

    Wonder if here are any FREDDY pants/jeans lovers? I have to admit I have a weak spot on asses and Freddy's look simply stunning!
  7. N

    Hunk pissing outdoors ID

    Anyone know who this adonis is?
  8. B

    Need help finding this video

    Hi, i would like to find the full video, does anyone knows where is it or what is the name ? thanks.
  9. D

    Jeans/khakis On During Sex

    I am a huge fan of seeing the top of a guy's ass/underwear waist band during sex... Anyone else find these hot? There are some older Tyler Nixon and James Dean videos where their nice asses were barely showing while they were getting blown or fucking. Anyone have any of their favorite examples...
  10. O

    Cmnm In Chicago

    Hey y'all. CM looking for a NM to meet and get to know. Also looking for other CMs would would like to be part of an audience while a NM friend of mine shows off for us. Pic is not of me, but my buddy.
  11. D

    Sexy Hanging Cocks

    I did a search and didn’t find this topic, so let’s make it happen! I love hanging cock. I’d ask for NO WEB pics please, but would enjoy seeing all your sexy cocks pulled from undies, hanging from jeans, free hanging or the like! Partially hard but still hanging is welcome too! So pull em’ out...
  12. R

    Help! Hot Guy In Jeans Busts A Nut

    Does anyone know who this guy is?
  13. R

    Guy Cumming In Jeans

    Anyone know who this guy is? I think he’s a cammer.
  14. Aetherarchon


    Anyone else with a denim fetish? I love a good bulge, soft or hard, and seeing a cock out in them. Or with a belt on and cock out too. Anyone wanna share thiers?
  15. S

    Wearing Boxer Shorts With Jeans

    Back in the day I was a professional dancer and as such pulled up and tight in a dance belt was the only way to go. Your bits sticking out considered bad form and for sure the damage to your undercarriage in dance can be painful. The result is I generally wear briefs or boxer briefs. However, I...
  16. T

    Position Of Penis

    1. Up or down? How do you war him 2. Up tends to fall aside, but which bulge do you prefer to see or seems bigger for you, pointing diagonal up or to the side or the hanging version? 3. What caters your imagination better, assuming that the guy wears it to the side/up or down? feel free to...
  17. Jake1973

    Destroyed Jeans

    Saw a kid (20s I'd guess) in the airport yesterday with giant holes in the front of his jeans from mid thigh to mid shin. So when sitting down his bare knees were sticking out and when standing you could see much of the leg of his black boxer briefs. While we were talking he did a big stretch...
  18. Sweatpants911

    1st cockring, perfect fit armour up sport

    Ordered my first cockring by Perfect Fit, it’s called Armour Up Sport. Can’t wait to get it! So horny thinking about what it’s going to feel like, how it’s going to look when I freeball in joggers or jeans. Anyone have any experience with this type? I’ll post pictures once it arrives. Post yours...
  19. 3

    Man buldge,wife wet & horny.

    Funny thing today from my wife, I wear thong underwear a lot and seem to have a nice bulge when wearing jeans or shorts when in thongs, My wife told me she fines it a big turn on when she is out with me and I have this bulge and others can see, she says it makes her so wet and horny knowing...