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  1. A


    Found this on twitter I wanna see more of him anyone knows who this is?
  2. O

    Wank buddy

    32 Aussie after a curious wank bud on the down low. Someone who can host discreetly around inner west Sydney.
  3. L

    Video Can anyone ID this guy?

    Can anyone help? He’s hottt
  4. L

    Video Can anyone ID this guy?

    Can’t find his name, anyone can help?
  5. L

    Video ID this guy?

    Does anyone know who’s this hot guy?
  6. C

    Who is this?

    Curious if anyone knows who this one is? fit guy jerks his massive cock in the bathroom - Just the Gays
  7. S

    KIK list

    I haven’t see list of guys who are on KIK so why not start one? I’m 37, straight, married but love seeing big shaved or trimmed cocks. Open to chatting about anything while I’m sitting in my office all day at work wishing I was home and stroking all day.. Brickup55
  8. M

    Italian Snapchat group - Gruppo per italiani

    Ciao. Voglio creare un gruppo su snapchat per italiani (18-35) in cui scambiarci foto, video e segarci online in compagnia. Scrivete sotto la vostra età e lo username di snapchat così posso aggiungervi. Buon divertimentoooo
  9. D

    Photos & Videos (Pinoy) Help me find his vid

    Anyone has his vid?
  10. O

    Discreet wank buddy in Sydney

    Hey guys, looking for a wank buddy in Sydney to jerk off with. Haven’t had much luck in finding one yet. I’m 32, good looking, Aussie/Euro, about 7 inches and uncut. I can’t host but can travel. Based around Western and Inner West Sydney. Get in touch if you can host and are interested. Cheers!
  11. H

    Jerk off buddy downtown toronto

    Hey guys, I’m a hairy guy who loves jerking off with another guy, watching some porn, talking and having a good time. I live in downtown Toronto, if wants to connect please let me know so we can plan something!
  12. G

    Bros sc group

    Hi curious guy here trying to create a groupchat for any guys to chill n jerk together. Add me @Galls78 or leave user below
  13. Senpa123

    Ali Buckets aka Ali Cheeser

    Hot af, think he’s Persian or Arab? Pranks a lot of water squirting gun pranks at gym and in public. Super annoying but that body needs to get dicked down ASAP. He can stop squirting now cause I’d squirt all over him. Anyone got anything on this stud??
  14. scdude25

    Video ID this thick dick from chaturbate?

    Found this cam recording but have zero info on how to find more of this dude. Anybody recognize this cock?
  15. M

    Young men snapchat bonding

    Looking to start a new snapchat group with fellow straight/bi/gay bros, focused on the nude male bonding. Next time you're jerking off, record it and post it to the group, or next time you are in the showering, changing, take a pic or video and post it. Also, next time you need to take a piss at...
  16. 1

    Snapchat jerk group

    Looking to put together a Snapchat group for all to post. Add you tags if interested, most group links don’t work.
  17. M

    Photo Can someone help me id this guy? Help thank you

    I've seen him before, he's so hot. I forgot about his name. Thanks a lot! anything will do
  18. 6

    Best Lube for Poaching the Egg

    Hey everyone, Lately been into self play (solo masturbation) but most of the time go in dry. It’s not bad but sometimes wish there was less friction and more glide time to help things go smoother and last longer (hopefully). Anyways I’ve looked into buying gun oil, ID, swiss navy and even...
  19. HunkReinolds

    Wank/Exhib/Seduce Uber Driver

    Here’s a thread to watch those sexual and intense videos os guys wanking, exhibing and trying to seduce uber drivers. It really turns me on when the driver sees the cock behind him and looks surprised (or maybe enjoys it, who knows!)
  20. C

    Video Help me find this dude

    I remember seeing the video on twitter before but I lost it. I saw it again on thisvid.com title “ Asian guy video 375” but it’s private so I can’t watch it. Anybody knows where I can find his video ?
  21. B

    Looking to play with a big trans cock Raleigh NC

    Always wanted to play with a trans cock in the raleigh area hmu nsa thanks
  22. JJ Lautner

    Airline pilots

    Just flown to JFK with United and an incredibly hot FO came out of the cockpit to greet passengers as we were exiting the plane. Got me thinking about any pics / videos or even stories folks may have about pilots or cabin crew? Something about their job and uniform does it for me!
  23. P

    Jerking From behind

    I found this position to be one of mi favorites to do on someone or on me because i can jerk the other guy and controling his orgasm and at the same time i can play with his armpits chest nipples and neck
  24. K


    Why not we all talk about different ways and techniques to jerk off? There are so many 100s of ways, why not try them all? I’m cut but there are some that work for everyone , only uncut and some only cut.
  25. M


    need help finding this hot beefy guy. saw his video long before but couldn’t seem to find it anymore…
  26. Breprah2000


  27. D


    Hey, have anyone see this video of three boys jerking in hotel room: boys jerk off in a hotel in tenerife rhythms of the world Does anyone know where to find this video with sound? Thanks for your help
  28. D


    Hey, have anyone see this video of three boys jerking in hotel room: boys jerk off in a hotel in tenerife rhythms of the world Does anyone know where to find this video with sound? Thanks for your help
  29. S

    someone know this guy?

  30. T

    HELP ID British verbal teen

    Hi guys! Does anyone know who is this british teen who does webcam shows? Or any other videos of him? Thanks https://xhamster18.desi/videos/fucking-hot-guy-jerks-talks-dirty-8291020 https://gay.bingo/video/127412439 Wanna meat at my place after class? British twink jerking and licking cum on...