jerking off

  1. K

    Snapchat group for fit arab masculine guys

    Yo guys, wondering if anyone is down for a snapchatgroup exclusively for arab/north african guys to casually have fun. You dont gotta have a big dick but be fit Let me know if interested.
  2. J

    Video ID hot hispanic guy jerking off

    Saw this video on twitter, can anyone help ID him?
  3. I

    Guy(s) talking about jerking off or porn

    Love hearing a guy talking so casually about wanking it with no shame at all. It's fucking hot. Found this gem:
  4. E

    Masturbation instead of sex

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost two years now and recently we've been living together. One thing that bothers me is that he prefers masturbation to sex with me. I am a very sexual person and he is not, despite watching porn every day, which I also do. However, I'd prefer a...
  5. K

    Who is this redneck twink?

    Young redneck donkey dick Big dick redneck - I have seen a few videos of his dick just recently and in the past. One of them had him showing off a bulge and jerking off a bit in orange boxer briefs. The other was him jerking off in a tractor, kind of close up camera pointed towards...
  6. Jimmyjj27

    What would you say if you walked in on me doing this?

  7. B

    My Stepbrother And I

    Around two years ago, my soon-to-be stepbrother Levi and I were hanging out at my house. Our parents were out of town for the weekend and my younger brother was staying at his girlfriend's. From the first moment, Levi and I got along very well. We have a lot of the same interests, actually...
  8. T

    Anyone have more videos?

    I came across this guy a few years ago. I think his name is Colter or something like that. Are there more videos of him floating around?
  9. C

    Does anyone know this guy's name? Twitter?

    Sexy muscle 8 -
  10. Jimmyjj27

    Post yourself gooning

    Who’s the biggest Goontard
  11. Jujues08

    Video Blow-up dolls, strokers or sleeves

    i find videos of guys fucking a fleshlight or blowup dolls incredibly hot. What are your favorite videos or content creators? Also can someone help me ID the video with the transparent blow up doll?
  12. M

    Active Melbourne Gay Beats

    Summer is here and keen to try some gay beats out. Anyone been to any that are busy?
  13. BaphometsGremlin

    Please help me find a video

    Hi, I'm looking for a video that was on tumbr (might have been posted elsewhere) of a white guy jerking of in the back of a car. He was wearing black shorts, he had his cock pulled out of the pantleg and ejaculated on the back of the front seats.
  14. I

    Video help me id this man!!

    i found this hot guy with a great body and thick dick on a twitter page and every other comment is someone asking for his name lol, if you have any info please share !
  15. A

    What’s his name?

    I'll pay whoever finds his name for me
  16. A

    What’s his name

    Does anyone know who he is? Or is there more content of him?
  17. A

    Who’s is him

    Does anyone know who he is? Or is there more content of him?
  18. Sexydrive

    Jerking Off Video

    I have a vid of myself jerking off with a toy and playing with my precum! Would love some feedback on it and for some love and likes on my video. I love to show myself pleasuring my cock and enjoying myself and would love some feedback. I'll be waiting for you! Here's the vid...
  19. xmalex

    Photos & Videos Please help ID Naked Beauty

  20. R

    Id this hot guy plss
  21. D

    My birthday send nudes

    Celebrating my bday by jerking off as much as possible today. Feel free to drop pics or dm me for socials to help the bday boy out ;):imp:
  22. Shujun Zhang

    Video Videos of guys using spit as lube while jerking off

    Post here videos of guys spitting on their dick or their hand while jerking off. Preferably if they make noise! Please avoid spitting while fucking videos as that's an entirely different topic! Example 1: (From Flakael on xvideos, no cum) Video is a bit of an excessive sample but basically...
  23. Krolath

    Anyone know who this guy is?

    I need to find this hot guy. i found this pic from:
  24. K

    Video Help identify

    Please help ive been trying to find the name of this clip or these actors for ages
  25. J

    snapchat group for bi/gay curious straight guys.

    This group will be for men 18-35 who can share their experiences with other men in the groupchat. No face is required but a dick pic verification will be needed to prove your a man. Once in the group you are free to do anything that goes from just talkin, sending nudes/videos of sexual stuff...
  26. W

    Sexy Man jerking off

    Does anyone know who this man is? I think I found the video a few years ago, but I can't seem to find him again.
  27. J

    Help me ID this guy?

    Looking to know if the guy jerking off in this linked video has been in any other content or if there’s a longer version of this video. It’s the video of the roommate jerking off on cam with the TV on loud and his roommate walks in as he cums. Thanks in advance!
  28. J

    Please help to find movie name

    Hey there There is some German or Scandinavian film which have scene where group of guys playing soggy biscuit game in the middle of the forest does somebody knows the name of this movie?
  29. Handsomeishgay

    If bored and horny, go…. Where?

    I know that most people have been there: one hand on your dick, one hand on your phone, and nowhere to go. You’re just bored and horny but don’t have any direction for how your jerk sesh is gonna go. This happens to me occasionally and I just want to find somewhere that tells me how or what to...
  30. I


    so i found this security guard on a twitter page jerking his big and pretty dick in a bathroom and i need to see more of his content, someone point me to his twitter