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jerking off

  1. S

    Guys Jerking Off In Cars

    A thread for videos of guys jerking of in vehicles.
  2. JJ Lautner

    Airline pilots

    Just flown to JFK with United and an incredibly hot FO came out of the cockpit to greet passengers as we were exiting the plane. Got me thinking about any pics / videos or even stories folks may have about pilots or cabin crew? Something about their job and uniform does it for me!
  3. ttxrjj

    Links HELP: Looking for a video

    Described as best I can remember: Masc guy jerking off solo in a car. At some point a self professed straight guy comes over and starts talking to the bator while still jerking off. Straight guy admits it’s weird and that he’s never done or seen anything like that. The two have casual...
  4. C

    Helping me identify him

    Need help identifying this guy. Kinda looks like Carson Lueders.
  5. S


    Making this to share highabe12 and Highabe121 pictures and videos. I’ve been such a fan of his since his tumblr days but when tumblr ended their nsfw content he left. He used to sell videos I bought some but I can’t remember my email cause I used a different one to buy his content. But there’s...
  6. TexaStud


    Short clip stroking my cock, enjoy
  7. R

    Id this guy pleeaaaseee

  8. C

    Help Identify Him

    I have been looking for his name for days now and could not find. I guess he might be a reddit model, but I’m not sure.
  9. S

    Jerk buddy

    Hey anyone looking for a jerk off buddy ? Snapchat: @hotqeid Text me with „jerkbuddy“
  10. J

    Photos & Videos Voyeur In Men’s Locker Room

    Got any pics videos of men in locker room jerking off, naked or changing. Send :)
  11. J

    Photos & Videos All Big Brother Tv Nudity

    Got any videos of men naked or having sex on big brother, share it.
  12. J

    Photos & Videos Voyeur House Tv Men Jerking Off

    Post videos if you have any I chat of people in voyeur house jerking off. I don’t care much about the sex but look for jerk off vids. Thanks. Feel free to post what you want, preferably just men
  13. J

    Voyeur House Tv Jerking Off Scenes

    Post videos if you have any I chat of people in voyeur house jerking off. I don’t care much about the sex but look for jerk off vids. Thanks. Feel free to post what you want
  14. S

    Videos of guys answering the phone while in action

    Any videos of someone answering the phone and keep talking while jerking off or having sex? Like this one: "caught wanking" videos
  15. B

    Intentionally Pushing Asshole Out While Cumming

    I’m 28 and gay.. I’ve always been curious about exploring my body while jerking off and.. one sweet day, when I was very near to cum, I noticed that my asshole, unintentionally, was beginning to constrict up (like when you try to hold poop).. when I stopped jerking, it was releasing itself, but...
  16. J

    Can somebody help ID this asian hunk?

    been looking for him for forever, if anyone could ID him please
  17. M

    Can someone ID this guy?

  18. R

    Id this guy please!!

  19. C

    Photo Anybody know who this man is?

    Pls someone help me find this man…. His vids was leaked I think or recorded but idk who he is.
  20. Rondele

    Snapchat demon time

    Add if you’re down to have fun and are willing to show. Snapchat - Group Invite
  21. B

    Photos & Videos ID this guy in xHamster video?

    Have seen this video circulating around twitter and whatnot for ages, heard there was supposed to be a longer version somewhere, wondering if anyone happened to have it or knows who the guy is?
  22. R

    Id this guy please!!

  23. q33rD

    Help Identifying this Webcam Video

    Hello! I need some help in finding the complete video from where these clips were taken, please! I found these in the wild, and the video in the original post was missing, and I need to see this whole thing. Disclaimer: as said, I found these in the wild, so I don't have any info about the guys...
  24. S

    Jerk off buddy

    M27 I’m married and want a buddy to jerk with me add me on snap if you wanna jerk with me samjones3498
  25. F

    Self-sucking thread

    Made this thread to share pictures and videos of guys self sucking or giving themselves facials.
  26. B

    I need to know who he is

    Who is this hottest.
  27. I

    Links Free Onlyfans

    Come check me out! Naked ✅ Pictures ✅ Videos ✅ Responds to EVERY DM ✅ Hard cock ✅ Kinky ✅ Straight ✅ Kind ✅ FREE ✅ Big cock----> click here to find out! OnlyFans Thanks for reading!
  28. D

    Jerk bud rate my gf

    Looking for a guy to rate my gf and jerk If interested kik biker1guy
  29. D

    Gay Sauna experience with Ray

    As we entered the room, Ray grabbed my arse and grunted. Once in the room, we removed our towel's and laid them down on the rubber covered mattress. Ray kissed me passionately as I made a direct grab for his seven inched, thickish cock and big balls. I wanted that cock in me. I dropped to my...
  30. D

    At multi-day music festivals with camping, where did you jerk off?

    If you have been at multi-day music festivals before, where you did camp while being there, where did you jerk off? Please no theoretical "I would" answers or fantasy responses "I would like to", but only what you have actually already done. I was at a music festival where they had big...