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  1. T

    Matt & Blue

    Gay YouTube couple Matt & Blue.
  2. S

    Straight boys (Southern California)

    Let’s start a thread of straight boys from Southern California non famous just locals that we meet on any dating app. Here’s my first share and I’ll be sharing a lot more if we Can get this thread going
  3. T

    Anyone knows this guy?

    Anyone knows this guy or has more pics/ vids?
  4. R

    Josiah Crawford

  5. A

    fit guys into chubs hmu on snap!!

    hi everyone! i’m trying to find more fit guys that are into chubby guys. i have a small dick but a fat ass. hmu on snap!! ab.121204 ;)
  6. A

    fit guys into chubs hmu!

    hi everyone i’m looking for fit/muscular guys that are into chubby white guys. my penis isn’t very large but i have a very large ass. hmu if you’re interested my snap is ab.121204 ;)
  7. GayGay21

    Photos & Videos Rosario Greco

    Rosario Greco Online Fitness Coach Stud Muffin Body Builder Aspiring Model Instagram: ross_greco TikTok: rosario_greco Hey guys! Thought I’d share this jock y’all are sleeping on. He’s cute, sexy, funny, and Hot. I didn’t find a thread for him, so I just started this one myself. Just...
  8. O

    Photos & Videos Erik P (@itserik___)

    sexy hunk iamerik iamerik8 eriksins8
  9. D

    JOCK phone sex anyone? no limits.

    28 year old white male. Jock type. Bi. 7.5 cut. Insane ass. Looking for no limit phone chat.
  10. S

    Jock riding a huge dildo in the shower

    Here's a video of a hot jock in the shower impaling himself with a huge dildo. Does anyone know where this is from or who it might be? A Jock and His Dildo having one of those moments.
  11. C

    Armin Ramic nudes HOT PICS

    Hey i am looking for some hot pics and videos of Armin Ramic. @arminramic_ Havnt seen a thread thats why i am opening one now. So hot with a nice juicy ass.
  12. TrevorHayes010

    Who’s the jock jerking off?? Please id

  13. D


    anyone subscribed to him?
  14. S

    Aussie Guys Underwear Preference

    Hey guys. Curious to see what other guys are wearing. Age: State: Cut/uncut: Preferred daily underwear: Preferred sexy underwear: Preferred gym underwear: Preferred underwear for trackies: Preferred underwear for boardies: Do you go commando:
  15. A

    The Complete Degradation of a Football Jock

    -- The Complete Degradation of a Football Jock -- ~~~ Chapter 1: The Gym ~~~ It was a sunny afternoon at Wakedown University and the diag was bustling with eager students heading to their classes. The band was practising for their next concert at the city hall. The football jocks were all...
  16. R

    @ristotle polit3s

    Any pics of Ari share here.
  17. cookiedough101

    Who is this guy? Muscle hunk on airplane.

    Does anyone recognize this guy? He may have an OnlyFans. Full video on Twitter.
  18. A

    New Hotty Ben Huffman

    He's a new guy, anyone have anything on him yet?
  19. TrevorHayes010

    Old video I can’t remember

    Anyone know what vehement name of this persons channel is? I remember coming across this months ago but I can’t remember the name of the channel. It is watchable on some websites but you have to have a subscription for it, here are the snapshots I got.
  20. R

    Hot Jock’s Cock

    Finally got this hot jock I’m talking too to send dick. He sent a video covering his cock with an emoji. Luckily I’d pause the video and screenshot whenever his cock showed.
  21. Sailor Poon

    Pinky Nguyen

    Hey guys just wanted to start a thread for Pinky so I don’t see one specifically for him. I adore him and he’s so hot but I don’t think his OF is worth it. Unless he’s turned it up a notch, you can get a lot of his content on his Twitter. OF is nice dick and nice ass but you’re not seeing a load...
  22. B

    Help ID this Handsome guy giving a blowjob at a club/bathroom

  23. Rexjock

    Photo Fetish,jock

    this is my roommate, 2 meters tall and with large feet, I want to offer him a foot massage, what do you think?)
  24. ItsMeGabriel

    Actor Ross Willett

    Do any of you have more on actor Ross Willett? He used to have a YouTube show with his fellow actor friend Noah Baron. Not much has been seen of Ross in recent years. Is he still acting? Are there any other (revealing) images of him floating around the internet anywhere?
  25. B

    Help ID this muscle jock in the shower

    Anyone know who this hot guy is?
  26. F

    Josh Collins @Joshcollins.official

    Does anyone have anything of this guy?
  27. A

    Jp Phillips

    OnlyFans Anyone have any of his stuff? Hes got a massive ass and it looks like a pretty decent cock
  28. B

    Video ID this hot Asian twunk being fucked

    Can somebody ID this hot tanned Asian twunk being fucked by a white daddy for me please? Thanks!
  29. D

    Miami business trip

    I am traveling for business and will be in miami until 3/25/22. Anyone here looking to jerk off, mutual masturbation, jack one another off etc?
  30. Z

    Rocky Dale Davis (comedian)

    Hi guys. Heard of Rocky Dale Davis? He is a stand-up comedian. He's been on Dating No Filter as one of the resident comedians. Always had a massive crush on him. And I love his reactions when gays go on a date on the show (Dating No Filter). Although straight, he is so comfortable with his...