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  1. B

    Help ID source of these videos

    Videos of athletes walking around naked without a care
  2. C

    Photos & Videos Johnson Brothers

    Here is a collection of cute and hot college bros. Not sure if they are related or just “brothers” in some kind of frat. Silly and sexy. Login • Instagram
  3. C

    Anyone recognize this video?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. linebacker69

    Which Baller to write about first?

    CREW JULIO — San Francisco Giants jersey, Hispanic male, 6’5, 21, fraternity bro. On the baseball, football, and lacrosse college teams. ETHAN — Boston Red Sox’s jersey, White male, 6’5, 21, fraternity bro. On the football, wrestling, and baseball college teams. Who should get written about...
  5. 2

    Photos & Videos Muscle Jock nude Muscle Legs Thighs Big cock

    Hey muscls guys jocks. Show something. I am 27 years old. Do you have bisex cravings? Text to me
  6. J

    Basketball player Brandon Dwyer (bdwyer on TikTok)

    Recently saw Brandon online and I find him very attractive. There probably isn’t nudes of him, haven’t seen much bulge, but hopefully we get some.
  7. R

    Any one knows who is this muscle hairy guy

    Any one knows him name?
  8. T

    Gay/Gay For Pay Pornstars

    So I was recently browsing YouTube and came across this channel (RippedTrainingDotCom) and I noticed that I'd seen a few of their models in some gay porn before. Their website is no longer up, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this channel or any of the guys on it? It seems...
  9. S


    That’s right folks! This link works and isn’t full for now! Join while you can! the group is just for guys wanting to appreciate cock! Target age is about 18-28. join and send a nude! Snapchat - Group Invite
  10. SkyLarkin

    The Super Jock Sluts - Gay superhero story

    This gay superhero series will follow five main heroes who all become united together by a single man/mentor and a common goal to save their city and loved ones. Ch. 1 and 2 will follow Flyby and the troubles he faces to balance his two lives. All characters are 18 and above. In an alleyway...
  11. Jon1971

    Join me as I rank my jock collection.

    So, I've got a decent collection here. I'll list by maker/model, so if I own multiples of a jock, or different colors, it is only listed once. There's 19 different ones here, so let's get started. There are pics of most of these in my gallery. 19. Andrew Christian Super Mesh Show-it Jock...
  12. lmbj

    Photo Hot Handjob Finishes from Sean Cody

    A collection of handjob finishes in non-handjob scenes from specific models or studios. Past threads: A Collection Of Cumming By Handjob In BAO Scenes Alex Mecum Being Jerked Off Until He Cums In Various Scenes
  13. chicagofreeball


    Men who love wearing and showing off their jockstraps, welcome! Post your photos and stories about jockstraps.
  14. A

    Alex tanner - thetannereffect_4k (Tik-tock)

    Alex Tanner just created an onlyfans account and is offering 30% for the first subscribers. He’s just starting the page up so there isn’t much content but the first video is really hot.
  15. B

    Recognize these Twinks?

    This profile popped up in my area a day or two ago. The photos they sent me yesterday were of studio level quality. Anyone recognize them? Pretty sure they’re photoshopped
  16. J

    Anyone remember this video

    I stumbled upon this video and remember it from when I was much younger and first started watching porn. Antone know the details? Site? Names?
  17. L

    The Pool Party

    It was uncharacteristically hot for late February, even by Australian standards. The whole party was sporting some variety of t-shirts, shorts and thongs. Some were shirtless and a couple had braved budgie smugglers. I was sitting with my back to the pool, sipping on a quickly warming beer when...
  18. R

    Photos & Videos Tiktoker BiggWass / Papa.Wass

    Hey! I was just wondering if anyone has anything on this Tiktoker named BiggWass / Papa.Wass, he’s pretty hot. I know he isn’t that super famous but I was just curious to know if anything has ever popped up about him.
  19. B

    Aussie Underwear swap.

    Bi Aussie 28 m Living in Victoria. Looking to swap some worn underwear? Send in the post? I want to jerk off smelling some sexy man scent. DM me if your interested.
  20. felix_nz

    Jared Thompson (jrod_ifbb_pro)

    Anything on him? he's a bodybuilder/model
  21. felix_nz


    Insta - robmonroefitness/robmonroe_ OF - naturalphysique
  22. H

    Nike Pro Compression

    I love guys with Nike pro compression wear, tights, shorts, shirts, post pics here if you have any
  23. musclelover717

    Photo Show Us Those Guns

    Alright you muscle hunks. Show us your biceps.
  24. PornyCaliente

    Hot Twitter Vids

    Here are a few vids I came across that just got me . Posted video and screen shot of the Twitter account it’s on! Let me know which ones you like and also show whatever Twitter vids/accounts that get ya goin as well
  25. D

    Ljoc @ Bunker Bar, London

    Anyone else go to this night of bating at the Bunker Bar, Old Street? Heading down tomorrow night again, great night of attitude free bating, real mix of guys. https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whats-on/217-city-road/the-bunker/ljoc/e-zrzgdp
  26. HunkCh

    Links Mr Lęlęx Public Cumshow Chaturbate

    Hi guys if u are a huge fan of Mr Lęlęx, I provided links below so u can watch it. Most of the videos has multiple cumshot and accident showed his face ( with mask ). Hope you like it all. Will continue to post links here in the future ! Thanks ! 836871 Links: MrLelex Public Cumshow 2021...
  27. H

    Who Are They?

    Does anyone know the names of this 3 hot guys?
  28. buhdools

    Vintage Twunk Brett Winters

    Did vintage twunk Brett Winters ever bottom? Or even take so much as a finger? I've seen reference to him taking dildos in scene descriptions for Stiff Competition (1990) – Jocks Video, and The Guy Next Door (Mustang) (1995), on GEVI, but that doesn't seem to have been the case when I went back...
  29. D


    Hey guys. Can anyone recommend good gay porn telegram groups? Especially straight, jocks, twinks. Horny as fuck
  30. edonline

    Amateur Jocks

    Amateur athletes of all types, especially playing or working out solo or with a buddy or buddies