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  1. L

    Celebrities who've done memorable sexy non-frontal/underwear shoots?

    You guys have gone above and beyond re: my quests for hung celebrities (athletes/name models/actors/tv hosts/politicians, etc.) and those who've formally posed nude for magazines and the like, I had to ask this one, too. What are some of the most memorably hot/sexy shots (professional shoots...
  2. K

    Who is this?

    Saw him on another thread and thought he was hot but couldn’t find anything in reverse search. Help please!
  3. D

    Mesh jockstraps that are not too revealing

    Hey guys! I’m having an Only Fans creator make me a custom video. Long story short: he doesn’t do full frontal nudity but he likes that I have a foreskin fetish and has made me customs with his fly unzipped and his foreskin overhang poking out of his zipper. He’s doing a new foreskin slip video...
  4. M

    ID Bubble Butt Pole Dancer?

    Anyone recognise this guy with a bubble butt? He used to have a Twitter where he would post videos of him pole dancing...
  5. M

    Jockstraps to the gym

    Anyone else wear jockstraps to the gym exclusively? And with that, get horny after their workouts being all sweaty in their jock? I always wear a jock to my workouts and try to get as sweaty as possible so I’m always horny afterwards stripping off my clothes and wearing my sweaty jock around.
  6. M

    Physical exam in a jockstrap

    This is my first post. I had to share my recent experience. please post if you’ve had a similar experience with this! I had a surprise annual physical and it was the closest thing I’ve had to my medical fantasies. I wanted to see a new PCP because I wasn’t feeling like I was getting the best...
  7. R

    Any one knows who is this muscle hairy guy

    Any one knows him name?
  8. M

    Vikas Wrestler

    Does anyone have anymore on this hot Indian guy who goes by "Vikas Wrestler" across social media? He seems to know his audience and often poses in a loincloth while hot & sweaty
  9. Mattsame23

    Hi everyone what do you think of my stuff

    Trying to get in touch with my sensual side , this place seems welcoming. In real life I’m the taller 6 foot 1, more observant kinda guy.Nice of course. So this place seems like a good release. Everyone pretty great so far, **WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK,What you all think?**
  10. Y

    Photo Anyone know who this is?

    I found this photo and need to know who this man is!!
  11. Jon1971

    Join me as I rank my jock collection.

    So, I've got a decent collection here. I'll list by maker/model, so if I own multiples of a jock, or different colors, it is only listed once. There's 19 different ones here, so let's get started. There are pics of most of these in my gallery. 19. Andrew Christian Super Mesh Show-it Jock...
  12. B

    Photo What percentage of NFL players wear jockstraps??

    How many NFL players still wear jockstraps vs compression pants?? Post evidence of active players still wearing jockstraps with their names.
  13. trap1

    Where to buy jockstraps for hung

    Hey! I’m looking for a place to buy jockstraps that fit my dick and make it look nice. Most of the jockstraps I've bought are very tight and not much room for it. I've been browsing through lpsg and so far haven't had any luck finding a place. Anyone has recommendations on which store/website to...
  14. T

    Pls help identify this cute twink

    I have been fascinated by this clip and the cute bottom twink. I assume this is on Brazil (?), but not sure. https://thisvid.com/videos/twink-fucked-on-busy-beach-no-cum/ The first time I saw this video about a year ago it was posted on his Twitter account, so he is out there somewhere. But I...
  15. chicagofreeball


    Men who love wearing and showing off their jockstraps, welcome! Post your photos and stories about jockstraps.
  16. coolguy1313

    Photos & Videos Mollyboo_ken

    I can’t believe that all ge has is an IG account. Am I missing something? Does anyone else have anything on Mollyboo_ken? An alt, maybe?
  17. R

    who is this blonde hot model?

    Hello! Im trying to find the name of this model. He is so hot!
  18. undielover69

    Bulge Skype/Snapchat

    Looking for someone with an underwear fetish who wants to watch me play with my fat bulge. Been edging it all day and still have a couple hours before I blow. 26, average, 7inch uncut. Add me at blow.mehard on Skype or John_cocks on snapchat. don't show face
  19. Xxxjock

    New jock from socal

    New to here. Enjoy showing off and posting my pics for others to see. See y’all around Any recommendations on where to post?
  20. S

    Aussie Guys Underwear Preference

    Hey guys. Curious to see what other guys are wearing. Age: State: Cut/uncut: Preferred daily underwear: Preferred sexy underwear: Preferred gym underwear: Preferred underwear for trackies: Preferred underwear for boardies: Do you go commando:
  21. L

    Cristóbal Castillo Moreno

    Chilean model and stripper
  22. L

    Christian Cortés and Carlos Andres Bustamante Quinteros

    Chilean models Christian Cortés and Carlos Andres Bustamante Quinteros
  23. Jockstrap Ass

    Jockstrap Ass

    ass in a jock
  24. M

    Photo Found these old photos - ID?

  25. C


    Anyone have anything xxx on this hot daddy??
  26. Jocktober tricks and treats

    Jocktober tricks and treats

  27. Happy Jocktober ;)

    Happy Jocktober ;)

  28. It’s Jocktober ;)

    It’s Jocktober ;)

  29. Atkrox2020

    Sports Gear

    Anyone into hockey or American football sports gear?
  30. B

    Photo Jockstrap Central Model Apollo

    Anyone know more about this model named 'Apollo' from Jockstrap Central? I've been trying to find more pictures of him but can't find anything.