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  1. C

    Small Penis Encouragement / Little Dick Appreciation / Tiny Cock JOI / Skinny Thin Dildo Masturbation Thread

    vids, pics, audio or literotica can range from outright praise or advantages of being small to being somewhat still adjacent to SPH (acknowledgment of lack of size) but without the humiliation element. so in other words, dirty talk about liking or at least not minding a guy with a small tiny or...
  2. T

    Married Pig Sub Male for humiliation, degradation.

    Married pathetic male sub. Please humiliate me badly, degrade me harshly, on cam. I am in the UK and will be available around 10:30 /11pm onwards tonight, after wife goes to bed. Will have had Viagra. Please give me jerk off instructions, different techniques but not let me cum and eat any...
  3. S

    Filthy Dares Skype group

    Filthy Skype Dares group. Anything goes members must participate or view, applicants stop after first 25. All ages over 21 welcome. live:kaiserkennedy69. Add yourself I will accept first 25
  4. D

    Male JOI

    Doing JOI instructions on Snapchat my username is : blackscreenjoi How it’ll work: you add me, I’m charging $15 via cashapp which will be told via Snapchat chat for an unlimited time until person finishes, you can send things you’re interested in and so on, it will be a black screen and you...
  5. icyboy

    Help to find a video

    I need to find a video, it was more or less JOI style. It was a compilation with different categories and at the same time it had a beat that was indicating the speed at which you had to masturbate. I saw it about a year ago on PornHub but I have not found it. I would appreciate your help
  6. T

    Viagra, Cock pump, edge, punish and humiliate

    Married sub male with wifes dirty panties on skype. Please make me take a viagra, use my penis pump and edge, stroke how you tell me. Humiliate me, punish my cock and balls, use vibe wand and tie my up. I show face with nylons over head. Please add me on skype - humiliateme3
  7. T

    Dirty Pig Sub Male For Humiliation, Tease, Denial And Punishment.

    Please I would like a dominant (sex does not matter) to add me on skype - humiliateme3 Pig sub married male. Please pick a num 1 to 31 from my control list. PLEASE DENY ME of cum or make me drink but not piss even if i am leaking and really sensitive. Degrade me, humiliate me, use me for dirty...
  8. A

    Fap Roulette

    Hi everyone! I like to play the subject. I found it on faproulette.co That is a cool game and I'll be grateful if anyone can advise something like that. Also it's dull to play alone. Does anyone want to make me a company? To control me to be fair or to challenge me and play together. Both...
  9. C

    Hypnosis / Sissification / Femdom / Joi / Dirty Talk Thread: Females, Males, Transgenders

    Watch Busty Lady Sonia removes her underwear as you wank RedGIFs RedGIFs RedGIFs Watch Bay Jay quarantine - Bailey Jay, trans Joi, trans Porn - SpankBang Watch B@il3y J@y - Mommy wants to see your cock - Bailey Jay, trans Joi, Joi Porn - SpankBang Watch Asian Joi - Asian Joi, trans Joi...
  10. T

    Please Control Pathetic Husband Pig From My Task List On Skype.

    skype is humiliateme3 PLEASE DO NOT let me cum or pee even if i am leaking, begging and so desperate/sensitive. Degrade me, humiliate me, make me do dirty filth .Make me drink but not go to relieve myself. Pick a number from my list to help control me, see list below.... 1-Normal 1a-stroke...
  11. T

    Please Use Me On Skype - Male Married Pig Sub

    Please give me Jerk off instructions, humiliate, degrade me. Punish, tie, pull my cock and balls, make me put my finger anywhere on body and lick clean. Make me sniff lick suck wifes dirty stained panties. Humiliate my tiny cock. Deny my cum, tease my cock head, make me drink lots water but not...
  12. T

    Married Sub For Online Now For Humiliation/cum Control

    PLease control me on skype....humiliateme3 Love feeling desperate to cum and pee but not allowed to relieve. Give me JOI, SPH, CBT, A2M. I am a filthy pig with wifes dirty panties and a few hours to degrade and humiliate me.
  13. T

    Dominants, Please Use This Married Pathetic Chubby Pig Sub

    I will be online on skype for humiliation, degradation in about 1 hour. Please control how i jerk/tease my cock and balls but deny me of cum. Make me drink water but not relieve myself until i am so desperate i don't know if i will cum or pee. Cock head play until i squirt. CBT, SPH, Dirty ass...
  14. T

    Male Married Chubby Sub 4 Control And Humiliation

    I am online now on skype for humiliation, degradation. Pleas control how i jerk/tease my cock and balls but deny me of cum. Make me drink water but not relieve myself until i am so desperate i don't know i will cum or pee. CBT, SPH, Dirty ass to mouth, dirty panty play, Make me watch porn of...
  15. T

    Pee Desperation, Cum Denial, Humiliation, Degradation Of Sub Hub

    Please control this sub on skype, you do not need to show or talk just type. I like being told how to stroke and tease but nit be allowed to cum, be told to drink but not be allowed to pee at the same time. I like to do this until I cant hold it at all, cock head rubbing and bladder pressing...
  16. 3

    Jerk Off Lesson

    Hi All, Does anyone know of more vids like this? GayForIt.eu - Free Gay Porn Videos - Teaching Boys How to Masturbate it doesn’t have to be teacher/class. But any man guiding another guy through jerking off, while demonstrating what to do....
  17. T

    Sub Married Tiny Cock Piggy For Orders

    Hi, I am a piggy slave married with a tiny cock, i like to be ordered on cam to do humiliating, degrading things. I like cum and pee denial, cbt, getting real dirty/filthy. I have wifes dirty panties to as u please and also a vibrator you can control over the internet. I like sph and like to...
  18. normanfmailer

    Dirty Talk Solo / Joi

    I don't think I've seen a thread devoted exclusively to SOLO dirty talk videos/audios and JOI videos (jerk off instructions). I personally can't get enough of those videos. My favorite is when the guy is telling you what he wants to do to you. I've attached some videos as an example. Please...
  19. S

    Control My Dick, Make Me Edge Until You Say I Can Cum. I Can Show Off

    To start a little about me. I'm 28 white straight, 7" dick that shoots good size loads, hairy chest. So I'm at work and leaking precum before I even touched my dick, I'm so horny. I'm looking for someone to talk to long term. I am open to a lot with the only catch being I'm at work so we can...
  20. D

    Cum In Own Face / Selffacial

    Hey everyone, I m very much into selffacials. I like different positions as "legs over head", "legs on a wall", "ass high up in the air" or just shooting far all over and everywhere. All with the same target: a big load all over my own body and face. I dont shoot in my own mouth, but I like to...
  21. B

    Fetish Videos

    Hi guys. Just making this post for anyone interested in fetish videos, more specifically circumcision fetish videos with lots of talking. If you buy custom videos you know they can be pretty expensive so if you want to trade some just message me. I may have some you don't have and vice versa...