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  1. jjprodriv

    Is sexting a lost practice?

    I joined this forum as sexting and exploring other people’s fantasies are my huge turn on, but In a present where explicit images are the base of a daily conversation, I have noticed it’s turning into a lost art form. Or maybe I am wrong? Whichever case, I would love to hear your secret...
  2. B

    Help ID (been looking for actual years)

    Ok so I don’t have any pics or vids but there was this video i used to get off to a couple years back of this boy. thin twink. who was jerking off on camera in what appeared to be a dog collar of sorts. some kink stuff idk. but there was this one specific video of his in which he was wearing...
  3. J

    Who is this?

    Does anyone know the guy with fitness papi right here?
  4. bklatwink

    New here - 26 Los Angeles

    Checking things out. Horny twink in LA.
  5. C

    Casual sex - where it slides in casually

    I have a kink for scenes where two people are hanging out and for whatever reason one's dick slides into the other person's hole. Not in a ridiculous 'Men.com' way, but more like 'Oh I'm so open that... ouch! You're inside me!'. Does anybody share this kink and/or has any videos related to this?
  6. A

    Any interesting road trip habits/stories?

    There's no way I'm the only person that does this. Usually if I'm on a road trip I'll drive in just a t shirt and briefs, or just briefs, or just a t shirt as soon as it starts to get dark and during the day in really rural areas. Regardless, I always wear shoes and socks. I drive a tall Jeep...
  7. AjEdged

    AMERICA'S NEXT TOP KINKSTER - Episode 1: Ticklers vs Ticklees

    The Kink Factory has been a large gathering place for kinky men for over a decade. Men from all over have come to visit and enjoy the many attractions. From magic potions that can shrink or grow your body parts, futuristic bondage tech, and many rare toys that can enhance peoples erotic play, It...
  8. D

    Newly Submissive Looking

    Hey guys. 27 year old bi guy here. Into most everything. Not many limits. Recently found myself into being submissive on cam for other guys. As long as I'm confident it is between us, I aim to please and rarely say no. Hit me up if you are interested in connecting Very nice cock here... the ass...
  9. Hornyartist

    Photos & Videos Let me Rank your freaky pics!

    Hey! I was hoping you guys would post your fav FREAKY and KINKY pics of yourself for me to rank out of 10! I’ll be super honest but not unkind or harsh. Your pics/videos can be essentially anything (even if i don’t specifically have that kink) but for the love of God please don’t post anything...
  10. D

    UK Gay Scally Chav Lad RileyJakeOfficial / ItsRileyJake / Riledark

    Does Anyone else remember him? He used to post daily on instagram he was kind of like a scally influencer but now I think he’s gone completely incognito and calls himself riledark, I know he’s done some x rate content before under other names. does anyone have any recent pictures or content...
  11. D

    Raw piggy bottom

    Idk why but it’s been hard to find a regular top to get with. I’m very serious about being owned or at least someone’s fucktoy. I am willing to travel out of state (a bit of a fantasy) for a weekend of nonstop sex. Ideally I would want a local raw top to use me however he sees fit. I love daddy...
  12. T

    For men who like to get pegged by women…

    What do you identify has orientation wise??? This is very important for research purposes LOL. Feel free to expand in comments!!
  13. C

    RICKNSFW - dadbod lovers

    I fucking love a bearded daddy who loves to show off for the lads. Followed this dude on IG for years and now he’s got an OF! He’s a filthy fucker, verbal and rough. Fucking dream come true. Free right now! https://onlyfans.com/ricksnsfw
  14. C

    Help ID this milk enema twink

    So I saw this video on this vid of this twink giving himself a milk enema, does anyone have access to this vid or know who he is? I’ve also seen him give himself a beer enema and fuck a dildo while caged.
  15. RockFerryLad

    Guys into farting, North West ,England

    Are there any guys who are into farting. I’m from the Wirral, North West, England..happy to accommodate for any guys into the same fetish..but must be of decent body and looks as I am myself..please write me a note if any guys near me. im totally straight acting and very discreet. No dramas….
  16. B

    Anyone knows who Orlando Piper is?

    I'm looking for the porn model who goes by Orlando (or sometimes Orlando Piper). He was in "DivineBitches" as well as their sister sites "MenInPain" and "DeviceBondage". I would like to know his real name/socials and if he's still doing porn. From his wild hair to his piercings, I find him...
  17. B

    Does anyone have a bad breath fetish?

    This only happens when I get unfathomably horny, but the thought of making out with a hot dude who has stanky breath makes me rock hard for some reason, especially him spitting in my mouth. It cannot be bad breath from a meal; it has to be morning breath or hot breath that emanates organically...
  18. Y

    Newly committed

    Hey guys, Am 22 and I started dating my boyfriend since September and we officially became together since February. The problem is I guess I am a polyamorous and I know for sure he is a monogamous. We live in a homophobic country, you can imagine the risks, so we have zero to little sexual...
  19. J

    Kinkymarcus / Holeslut69

    Hey everyone, Wanted to share with ya'll some variety content from the JFF of Kinkymarcus / Holeslut69. 19yr NL twink into fisting, rosebud, prolapse, "wrecked pig/pup" from his JFF description. Enjoy the content.. KinkyMarcus @ JustFor.Fans https://twitter.com/KinkyMarcus
  20. maxxyboy


    What happened to him? Can’t find any information or old videos anywhere.
  21. XXLTwinkHunter

    Weirdest Fetish You’ve Encountered?

    What’s the weirdest fetish or kink you’ve personally been asked to participate in? I’ll go first… I’ve spent some time in Germany, so as you can expect I’ve meet some freaky guys (no judgment intended.) One’s kink was watching car tires spin the mud. He asked me join him and jerk off as we...
  22. R

    ID the bottom?

    Does anyone have the full vid or can ID the twink?
  23. G

    Video of hung twink fucking masculine jock?

    Looking for a vid of a shorter smaller man with a big cock fucking a taller manlier man with a smaller cock. Bonus points if they’re both super fit.
  24. D

    Super horny! Send things to cum!

    Here jerking off! Im a dirty slut. Into everything!! Post it
  25. L

    Rib Knit Briefs

    Could use some help with finding a good pair of rib knit briefs! Been searching for a brand that does a good looking pair but have been unsuccessful! Used to have a couple pairs a while ago but can’t find any to replace them and they’re my favourite! I’ve attached pictures below of some that...
  26. L

    Honest opinion. Would this sell on onlyfan?

    As probably a lot of you, I too have been caressing the idea of opening an Onlyfan. I mean, first-bang-then-cash, literally sounds delicious. But I also had mixed feelings about it. Like “Ok, I am not fit atm neither hung so, what am I going to sell these people?” And also stuffs like “Will I...
  27. W

    What happened to Josh Long

    This guy is cute and hot. What happened to him?
  28. Spindle

    Photos & Videos Nikol4ii - br4zeniko Onlyfans

    hey paladins of LPSG have you ever heard of Nikol4i, also knows as br4zeniko or simply as Nikolai Alexandre Dragunov? He's a hot russian american uncut muscle hottie that post regurky on his onlyfans. He does a lot of fan service and kinky dom stuff, and daddy content. He is gay as he uses a...
  29. J

    Any LGBT Wrestling Kink Venues in UK?

    Hi, Does anyone know if any LGBT+ Wrestling kink venues in UK? Need a ring to sort out a wrestling kink fantasy
  30. 1

    Any kinky man in London?

    Anyone in London now who want to meet in real ? Under 40y? ❤️