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    Penis glans. The manly penis.

    I am curious as to what you think a manly penis is or what masculinity means to you in terms of the penis. I am 24 years old and young I would say. I have a foreskin that covers my head completely. I have always been fascianted by a man's adult penis. Where the penis head has been exposed and...
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    Photos & Videos Huge Mushroom Head Gifs , Pics , And Vids

    This is for lovers of huge mushroom heads , glans , and knobs
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    Big Cocks With Big Knobs

    Hi guys! Long time listener, first time caller Let’s see all those hung cocks with Big juicy knobs on the end. Nothing better than a big mushroom on a nice piece. Let’s see em’ boys!
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    Photo Big Cocks With Big Knobs

    Hey guys (and gals) Long time listener, first time caller. Does anyone have any hot pictures or vids of Hung dudes with big mushroom cocks. Much like Sean Lawless - amateur or otherwise. Nothing better then a nice big cock with an even juicier knob on the end. Let’s see em’ boys! Cheers...