1. Adreaux

    Laughing during Sex

    So I like to make sex as engaging; entertaining as possible. It's not like I'm an event planner scheduling the evening bed-scape routine, but I want to make sure we both have a good time. There have been times (even intense times) when I've thought of something that was funny. Rather than...
  2. D

    Tiny 20yo teen looking to be put in his place by hung teens 18-20 any socials

    Hey very small cocked little cuck looking for some hung teens looking to compare humiliate and have a laugh on my expense ofc, we could use snapchat as a group chat for example, discord or reddit i dont mind.
  3. J

    Nsfw Funny Vids And Pics

    Post the funniest nsfw memes and clips/ vids you've come across
  4. A

    Scenes where performers laugh all the time

    Hey guys, I am looking for scenes where (especially male) performers laugh when they are fucking like something funny happened or funny concept fucking scenes. Its a huge turn on for me to see a male pornstar laughing while fucking, that’s why i am looking for your help!! Thank you love you