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    In office gay sex with Doctor/Therapist, etc

    Has anyone gone to a doctor or therapist etc. and done anything with them in their office? Gay guy here and always wanted to go to like a therapy session and have the therapist make a move or suggest something etc and then do something in the office...or with a doctor, etc. Has anyone ever...
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    John Elias

    Hello everybody, I am posting this here because there is not a political figures forum (and if there is, I apologize for not being able to find it). So I was watching a random youtube video and. then an unrelated clip of this guy appeared. He is part of the department of justice but he is super...
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    Scott Kane from the known bar reactions on youtube ♥♥♥ hes a HAWTY
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    Photo Timothee Yap ( Athelete)

    Does Anyone Have Anything On Timothy, he's Athelete & Model, Law Student from Singapore Hes Such Cute Guy!!! Love to See Whats Inside Those Shorts