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  1. MomentoMori92

    The Duck Goes Moo (Kyle Zelenak)

    I watch this dude on YouTube occasionally & he’s super nerdy & innocent acting, but then I visit his IG for the first time & he’s on there lookin’ EXTRA fine
  2. J

    Arthur Cazaux

    Anyone got something of the tennis player Arthur Cazaux?
  3. Sayejan88

    Anyone In Singapore Currently?

    Is anyone with a big cock here in Singapore? My ass is hungry for a big cock to destroy it.
  4. T

    Riqui Puig

    21 year old footballer at Barcelona.
  5. S

    Skinny Guys/dancers?

    Hey yall, I have a bit of a thing for tall lean guys, either skinny and muscled or just skinny. I find it soo sexy. Do you guys remember someone called Brevitas a while ago? He was super hot and super lean but he stopped posting, unless anyone has any recent references for him? Developing on...
  6. C

    Photos & Videos Or Miniely, Israeli Athlete/model

    IG: or_miniely Israeli climber, Featured in Ninja Israel 1st & 2nd seasons
  7. dongalong

    Body Fat Percentage

    Just to be clear: 20-24% = 20-24.9%, 15-19% = 15-19.9% etc. I didn't find a thread specifically about body fat percentage in search, so this thread is the place to discuss the subject. I'm currently 16%, I look slim but don't have much muscle definition, and my face isn't as lean and structured...
  8. T

    Eric weiss (model)

    Starting a thread for one of my favs. Pictures transition from cute to hot :P
  9. N

    Kyle glenn

    So, I've kinda become infatuated with this model and actor Kyle Glenn after this shoot with Joseph Lally went up about a week-and-a-half ago (https://fashionablymale.net/2018/03/30/coffee-with-kyle-kyle-glenn-by-joseph-lally-pnv-network/). Something about those soft brown eyes, amazing bone...