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  1. morpholio

    Who are these leather guys?

    Hey, i was wondering if anybody knows, who they are, especially the bottom. Thank you:) https://www.gayck.com/videos/65728/a-pairs-naked-leather-desire/?utm_source=pbweb&utm_medium=pbweb&utm_campaign=pbweb
  2. M

    Lord Krshna from Dark Alley XT

    This sexy stud goes by the name Lord Krshna on the Dark Alley XT website. I’m not into the fisting and bondage, but this guy is just too damn sexy to ignore. He has this fiery passion when he is with his scene partners. But I can’t find anything on him outside of that website. Does he go by an...
  3. D

    Intro: musclebbull

    Latino, Gay, Married, Muscle, hairy, hung, Alpha Leather Sir who enjoys BDSM, flipping, dominating, being a sub in the hands of the right Dom. Safe, sane and consensual. As a mature Leatherman, I am saddened for the younger LGBT who have no role models, live isolated, confused and online. Us...
  4. R

    Photos & Videos @toi_ano / Tony Cordiliko (leather Harnesses Designer)

    Anyone has more of Tony Cordiliko a.k.a. Toi Ano? Instagram: @toi.ano / @tcordiliko Twitter: @toi_ano JustForFans: toi ano leather @ JustFor.Fans I found these pics and videos on his Twitter but I wanna see more
  5. D

    Skimaskbro Nudes?!

    Really curious about this one https.userfriendly OnlyFans
  6. Passandre92

    What's Your Fetich And Fantasy?

    I'm pretty sure everybody have a fetich or fantasy that when facing what triggers it even not knowing very well it makes you hard. For years I didn't understand and still don't understand why I have my fetiches. Tell us which differentiated practices turns you on, if you know why or not. Also...
  7. 5

    Photos & Videos Bears/dads/beefy Men

    Here for bears and bear admirers. Masculine men, construction workers, dads, and more.
  8. hunglowcolorado

    Photos & Videos Latex And Leather

    Sexy Women in Latex and Leather
  9. R

    Anybody Know Who This Is?

    Can anyone ID this hot muscle stud? He’s from muscleworship.com I think. it’s such a shame there’s no sound!
  10. B

    Folsom Europe?

    Anyone ever been to Folsom Europe in Berlin? Kinda interested in the leather scene but don't know what to expect from it haha. Seen alot of videos about folsom street fair but not folsom Europe.
  11. E

    Tony Defina

    Whatever happened to Tony Defina? He was gorgeous but seems to have disappeared since (judging by the quality of videos) around the early 2000s?
  12. C


    i’m in love with this guy, unfortunately he not that active on social media :(
  13. C

    Dalton Stone A.k.a Daltonstonexxx

    Anybody have vids, pics, or just all around hot fuck stories about Dalton Stone? He had a video on xtube he deleted about 3 years ago and he was an escort on rentmen.
  14. C

    Bi kinky guy here. 6ft chubby into all kinks. vers here

    Looking for others that r kinky and have fetishes.
  15. WatchStr8Sex

    Looking for video like falcon studio's "the chosen" updated for hd and bb

    2006 gay Leather video "The Chosen" was (I thought) one of the hottest things I'd ever seen with lots of group, hot sweaty muscular guys who fucked well but it was SD and the guys wore rubbers. Wondering if there are any vids like that filmed in HD with equally hot guy (like Sean Cody's guys of...
  16. surfRgymnast

    Folsom street fair

    Hey studs. Just wondering who else is going to be going to the folsom street fair tomorrow in SF? Would be awesome to meet a guy or guys from this site in person for the first time.