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locker room

  1. Banned from the gym

    Banned from the gym

    Ever been banned from the gym because of inappropriate sexual activity? I have. I used to work out at the YMCA downtown, which had a great steam room/sauna set up. The entrance for the men’s locker room was entered via the second floor, but the locker room had two floors. From the main locker...
  2. Harambae

    Video SCULPTED PHAT CHEEKED Italian Footlballer ID

    Can anyone ID This amateur Italian footballer caught prancing around his locker Room and filmed solely for having an amazing set of plump cheeks?! After years of beating off to him, I NEED TO KNOW MORE! LOL Even his teammates wanted to grab those pillows! The only clue I've got is that his...
  3. C

    Looking for a specific locker room exhib

    A while ago I watched very intriguing videos about an exhibitionist who made some very exciting locker room/communal shower videos but (big surprise) I can't find them anymore. What I can recall: military environment, soldiers the guy who made and appeared in the videos has a tattoo on his butt...
  4. JayPR

    How comfortable are men with being nude in communal showers and locker rooms in your country or culture?

    I would like to know how comfortable are men with nudity in public spaces or among peers in your country or culture? Especially I am talking about gym showers, locker rooms, dorms, communal showers, public baths, and even nudist beaches or lakes. My question comes because it has been discussed...
  5. HunkNerd

    STR8 Rugby Player - Locker ROOM

    Rugby player Locker ROOM Model : Unknown Country : Unknown (but looks like the accent is like English or Irish)
  6. D

    Hot locker room / shower play stories

    There are now two that I’ve been showering with regularly at the gym each morning. One is this dilf I came to realize I work with and more recently there’s been this muscular hung Italian dilf that has been showing off to me every morning. The Italian dilf is probably in his 40s, married to a...
  7. E

    Video Aym (angry Young Man)

    Really like these movies, someone can post them?
  8. C

    Can Someone Id This Guy From Sneakypeek

    Can someone ID this hunk from SneakyPeek: Muscle dude dries his balls and ass crack | SpyCamDude Sneaky Peek Update - QueerClick Does he appear in other videos? I know that sometimes Sneakypeek work with guys from CFNM and CastingRoom.. for example Vincenzo from CFNM and CastingRoom: Sexy...
  9. fitandhung7in

    Locker Room Boners

    I have a thing for locker rooms, and especially seeing guys hard or with semi's in the locker room. For those with similar interests, here's a place to post pics, videos, stories, and personal experiences involving erections in the locker room or gym showers. Pics and videos can either be...
  10. george_01

    I Need Help

    Does anybody know who this hot guy is ??
  11. H

    Hockey/jock Bros

    Hey. 26 year old hockey jock looking for other athletic guys that play sports for some locker room talk. Would love a regular guy to chat with and get some of that locker room talk back since covid ruined my season. In wi if it matters!
  12. B

    Bbc In The Locker Room

    I've always been the tall skinny guy but I'm looking to change that by going to the gym. I'm a 22 year old 6'5" 180lbs skinny pale white guy. I'm still decently fit as I ran cross country in high school but I'm looking to add some muscle. I'm very lucky my friend and crush from college, Kelly...
  13. 909Biggie


    Senioritis (Part I) I’m a young professional. Well, maybe young is pushing it; I’m 40. But I feel young, because I work in a retirement community. I’m one of those administrative guys walking around in a suit when everyone else (all the residents, that is) can be found in shorts and golf...
  14. B

    Colorizing Classic Male Nudity

    There are many black-and-white photos of male nudity from the mid-20th century on this site, usually focusing on nude bonding and camaraderie in athletic and military settings (for example, see "Life Magazine Archives"). I thought I would try to colorize some of these using online AI photo...
  15. bigirishman

    Hardon With Other Guys, Shower/ Locker Room Etc.

    Hi lads. Looking for vids where one or more guys get boners in busy male only areas, changing room, showers or just guys messing. Especially big erections and especially where others see. Spy cam preferably. But anything near the above is good.
  16. carsonmccullers

    Nudity At The Pool

    Representations of male nudity in pools, baths, or showers.
  17. reimaginethat

    Nyhrc In Manhattan

    Anyone go to any of the club locations, if so, any hot experiences in the locker room or sauna?
  18. reimaginethat

    Nyhrc In Manhattan

    Anyone been to the locations. If so, what is the environment like. Towel dancers? Busy?
  19. S_Dick

    Professor/coach Showering At School

    Saw one of my students in the shower. Not sure if I should keep showering at my institution. Any other teachers or coaches have advice on this? Hi, I am a young college professor teaching at a very small liberal arts college. I’ve only been teaching for a year now, so it’s all a little new to...
  20. 3

    The Changing Room

    The changing room of their football club is a vast open space. It's an old school changing room, wide tiled floor space, open showers all down each side, benches in the middle. The silence is only broken by the drip, drip of the showers. Then the team come in. The clip clop of their football...
  21. A

    Gym Locker/shower Room Stories

    Anyone have interesting experiences in a gym locker room, sauna, or shower room aside from someone you outright knew? I have a few stories I can share. Went to a new gym. Locker room was decent, lots of space and mirrors. I’m bi, but I respect people who obviously just want to change and not...
  22. Il2wu51

    Discovering Cocks At The Y - Part 1

    Part 1 - The YMCA Weekday afternoons at the local YMCA were a great time to get in a focused workout because the gym was almost completely deserted. In fact, most of the members were businessmen and exercised either at lunchtime or after work. The building was old, but grand and work was...
  23. U

    Straight Former Hockey Player Seeks Nude Hang Out In Toronto

    Hey guys, I used to play hockey every winter but I haven't had the time for it these last few years. I miss the male camaraderie and testosterone of the locker room after a game, the whole team naked and drinking and just having fun. I'm looking to recreate that by having a dude over to my...
  24. J

    Jerking Off In The Locker Room

    Not sure if there’s a thread already, I couldn’t find one. But share amateur videos of people jerking off in the gym locker room, sauna or gym showers. Especially hot if they get caught.
  25. M

    Locker Room Stories

    Lets share our locker room stories, what was the biggest dick you've seen in a locker room? Did something happen?...
  26. of_heracles

    Locker Room Pics And Videos!!

    Selfies in the locker room, bulges, shower, hidden cam, spycam
  27. 1

    Bet On Black, Bet On Red...

    Chapter 1: First Encounter - He sat across from the door, enjoying the peace and quiet that could only be afforded on a Friday morning. The sauna was empty bar Jake, who sat with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He had nothing else on, because he liked it that way. He loved being nude in...
  28. Mordecai_

    You're In The Locker Room. What Would You Say...

    ...to the poster above you if he drops his shorts, exposing his semi-hard dick, and you're the only two there?
  29. I

    Men’s Locker Room Voyeur

    Looking to see what great footage off of the men’s locker room y’all have. Love going to the gym 6 days a week for about an hour. My favorite part after an intense workout is showering off with buddies and seeing our baked bodies. They’re straight totally cool with each other’s sexualities. Just...
  30. C

    Nyc Urinals Without Dividers / Open Showers

    I am going to be in NYC for the next week and was hoping to get a list of good locations that have a row of urinals without dividers and/or locker rooms with open showers. I am not into cruising, but enjoy the occasional glance from others (8 in and thick here so get a lot of glances if no...