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loose ass

  1. Rex3611

    Verse = Loose Tops.

    What is loose? Age? Experience? Do kegels during sex please top?
  2. Blades25

    My Partner's Loose Anus: I Feel Nothing!

    Hello everybody, I would like to talk about a problem I have always experienced with my partner. I myself am not very endowed, I'd say smaller than average on the girth side. In the first 10 minutes of anal sex (with him being the bottom), I feel his anus, it is nice and tight. But after a...
  3. X

    To Train Or Be Tight?

    I have only been fucked 3 times. The lastest today but it still hurts. The dude was only like 6 inches and it hurt sometimes. Should I train by buying a dildo? I want to still keep a sorta tight hole . Will training with the dildo make me loose? I know im loose rn but it tightens after a while
  4. C

    Destroyed buttholes: loose boipussies/worn out bootycunts/wrecked assholes (gapes|prolapses|fisting)

    ***** https://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/321436/sissy-showing-her-big-prolapse/ man pussies, bussy & asspussy that have been beaten the fuck up & out (stretched out) Destroyed buttholes: loose boipussies, worn out bootycunts & wrecked assholes (gapes, prolapses, fisting, dap/tap) - double...