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  1. J

    Links Love

    Rome-Persia Love & Conflict New here Check out my link
  2. F

    The Ultimate Dream Guy: Physical and Mental Checklist

    We all have certain types of guys we find attractive, and sometimes we have multiple types. But have you ever met the ultimate dream guy who ticks all the physical or mental boxes or both and is almost like a living fantasy? If so, how did it go when you met him? If not, describe him.
  3. AboSarieli

    Share your male on male REAL romantic love stories!

    I made this thread because I'd like to hear real and authentic (not fictional) stories of love between men. Bonus if they are about men on the older side. Please tell us your real male on male love story, regardless of how it ended. As someone who hasn't really dived yet into the whole process...
  4. ThatBish95

    Love After Lockup

    Okay, Harry, Michael and Derek…is there anything out there on them?
  5. thebussyinvader

    Poly guy Seeking Long Distance Bf

    I'm 26. I live in the USA, but I love foreign men. My type is German men, Australian men, Russian men, British men, Irish men, Scandinavian men (Danish/Swedes/Norwegians), Brazilian men, French men, and Asian men (I'm not picky when it comes to Asian men). I'm tired of hookups; I want a LTR...
  6. TheEasyA

    Where do you stand with open relationships or cheating?

    I’m curious where everyone stands on the topic of open relationships and/or cheating. I had a potential partner who revealed to me they don’t think cheating is serious and that having sex with other random people while in a committed relationship isn’t cheating. And when I tried to say that I...
  7. Z

    School Reunion

    Going to a high school in a small rural town always meant everyone knew everyone… and all that everyone did. For a young gay kid in the early 2000’s the last thing I needed them to know was I was gay, and that I had the hugest crush on my Civics teacher Mr. Aaron. He was a lean little twink...
  8. C

    Love Island USA Season 4

    Cast reveal is tomorrow!!!!
  9. S

    [video] - expression of love

  10. Hephaestionofarabia

    Sex no longer means a thing (Poem)

    Before sex, embrace me with love, to heat more the feeling The warmth of your love is all that makes my body burning Take me between your chest and thighs, and cross the limits of teasing Make me swim in your sweat, in your soul let me be cruising Throw your passion over me, moving, dancing like...
  11. B

    New to this, I hope to find someone to live in haha

    I wanna live free and to be with someone I love <3
  12. M

    Hi, I’m Matt. Chubby. 36yo England

    Hi everyone I love big cock and treating it right by deepthroating and taking it all the way up in my guts. I’ve had experience with guys up to ten inches, but remain a tight fuck too. I’d love to meet a long term partner who not only enjoys being serviced/using me but also likes theatre...
  13. Tight_N_Juicy

    " Make-up Sex "

    If you're in a long term relationship you probably are familiar with the concept of "make-up sex". After a fight, the sex seems to be more intense. I don't want to say "better" because that's not the right word.. It's just noticably different. It's like reaffirming the bond. Mending the wound...
  14. M

    Romantic / Real Boyfriends Gay Porn

    Hey guys, i'm kinda missing a thread about romantic gay porn, especially amateur or real boyfriends with lots of kisses and other expressions of love. Do you have any videos to share? I'm giving an example below. Thanks
  15. Stephshoney

    Sexy Cds In Socal

    Hi Stephany here sexy cd in Orange County Area see my pics in profile
  16. L

    What Does A Gay Cis Man Have To Do To Earn A Gay/bi/pan Trans Man's Love?

    What does a gay cis man have to do to earn a gay/bi/pan trans man's love?
  17. C

    Photos & Videos Love Island Usa Season 3

    A new thread only for Season 3
  18. Tight_N_Juicy

    When They Don't Want Your Wants..

    Using "they" as the pronoun because not all relationship histories are heterosexual... If anyone was wondering. Kinda a threefer/nuanced question. -If you have a really strong interest and or desire to live out a certain sexual act with a new(er) partner and they don't consent do you at any...
  19. A

    Dating And Sex As A Passable Trans Woman With A Dick

    :emoji_heartbeat:I'm grateful to be able to transition and pass living as a woman in society, mind, and energy in my mid 20's.. But my problem is surrounded around the topic of sex. Men who go after me are the most sexually complex men ever. I genuinely feel like I'm never considered when it...
  20. L

    Discord Server

    Hello! First off happy 2021! I hope you and your loved ones have a great year. Please stay safe! So I been working on a discord server for the past few days and it should be done in an hour or so.. I mainly created to listen to music through music bots without having to deal with Ads or go...
  21. A

    Dealing With First Love Advice

    Super new to the site, but thought it wouldn't hurt to give this a try.. As a little backstory, I am 22 years old and have never fallen in love until this past summer. My teenage years were spent heavily in the closet and my college years were spent trying to navigate my new life as an out gay...
  22. J

    If Your Wife's Family May Be Against Your Marriage (may Just Be Anxiety)

    If your wife's family is against your marriage, 7 year age gap with the wife older. We're not too immature individuals. Guy (myself) truly is in love with the wife. I'm 29, she's 36. Have known her for 10 years and realized I was in love with her 1 year into meeting her. Meaning I could've been...
  23. A

    Someone Knows Who Is Him?

    Hi guys, someone knows the guy in this video?
  24. P

    Love, Simon/love, Victor Cast

    Anything on the cast of Love, Simon or Love, Victor? I know theres some stuff on the guy who plays Simon's boyfriend, Bram. But anyone find anything on the rest of the cast of the movie? Or the spin off TV series on Hulu, Love, Victor?
  25. Backtwoblk

    Nudist (me)

    Working on my website, all things me. From top to bottom, nudes, art , and life. Backtwoblk.com check it out and let me know what u think..
  26. S

    Two Men In Love...we're Supposedly Straight

    Sorry for the spam guys. Wasn't sure where to post this. --- Hi everyone, I'm in an emotional pickle right now. I'm a bisexual millennial guy in love with another guy but now he isn't talking to me. I don't want to get into too much detail just in case he's lurking on this site, but I want...
  27. epeezy

    Brandon Stakemann (double Shot At Love)

    I wasn't feeling any of the guys that came into the house this season but Brandon grew on me. I don't know if it's because the other two are facially challenged and Brandon looks handsome by default or if he actually is. Either way, he needs his photos leaked.
  28. A

    Need Help With Homophobic Parents, Please Read

    (DISCLAIMER I am a guy "akexandra" is just a username I use for privacy) Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to my story... All my life I was my parents golden boy, but we started to have a difficult relationship when I came out around the age of 18, they are very religious(catholic)...
  29. O

    Gay Guys In The Bay Area Looking To Date

    SF here 27 years old 5’11 Techie black bottom Looking to see what’s out there I encourage everyone to post here if they are looking for someone special during this pandemic.
  30. P

    Best Gay Theme Films To Watch

    Hi People... Please tell me if you know of any good gay films to watch. The last good gay film I watched is a film called Benjamin. Excellent film like a 8/10. Any Recommendations please let me know.... Generally Foreign gay films are way better than any of the American gay films.... If...