1. Glee5tiger

    Lucas— hot Brazilian muscle guy

    Ass and legs are amazing. Loves showing off. I really wanna see more of him
  2. M

    Lucas Ribeiro - Jogador De Futebol Brasileiro - Soccer Player

    Lucas Ribeiro - Jogador De Futebol Brasileiro - Jogador De Futebol
  3. felrojas

    Lucas (k-pop Star: Wayv, Nct, Superm)

  4. B

    Photos & Videos Big Booty Handsome Lucas Fox Aka (bahiano)

    So some of you know him as Bahiano from before but after rebranded himself as Lucas Fox. Ah this man is so handsome. He bulked up, got a kiss tattooed on his booty and got a concistant beautiful caramel tan with pale booty tan line. He is one of my favourite all time porn star. I just don't...
  5. A

    Andrey Vic Justforfans

    Does anyone have any Andrey Vic JustForFans videos? I’ve seen all his Lucas Entertainment videos but only the officially produced ones. However, I did find one with him in a hot tub with other LucasMen. Link: OnlyFans - Michael Lucas - 5 Dicks in the Jacuzzi, Part 2 (Manuel Skye, Ken Summers...
  6. BoxerBoy93

    Photo (request) Shay Michaels For Lucas Entertainment

    Hi! I'm looking for this full Shay Michaels session for Lucas Entertainment website. I've searched in the internet but I don't find it complete and in good quality. Also, If you have other Shay photo sessions (complete with HQ) I would like you to share them with me, please :sob: