1. S

    AlphaR3turns (ares.thealpha on OF)

  2. nameofbird

    Pedrin Yuri (Cantor da Dogbeat)

    Esse macho é de um grupo chamado "Dogbeat". Já gravou com o Livinho, com o Mc Pedrinho e tá estourando no Spotify com quase 1 milhão e 600 mil ouvintes mensais. Precisei criar essa thread pra mais gente enaltecer esse macho.
  3. A

    Alpha bottom

    Masculine bottoms got to be my favorite I dont mean any muscle guy i mean hairy body, deep voice, handsome manly face, fit body, straight. A guy you wouldn't expect to see getting fucked. (Fit, good looking guys only)
  4. Noahsbitch

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    After a great and sweaty workout, they would let Cristiano Ronaldo release a load of thick cum in your mouth ?
  5. F

    Who´s this black hunk ??

    Do you know who is him? his @ ? He's so hot... I found some photos of him on tumblr, but I couldn't find more about him.
  6. C

    Help ID this JFF creator

    Help who is this macho daddy
  7. N

    Pls help identify this bottom hottie

    Could anyone help identify the bottom in this shot? Or the studio/scene/tops would be helpful too. Thank you!!!
  8. D

    Adrian Gordillo bodybiulder mexicano

    Hola, dejo a este macho riquisimo mexicano que creo no ha sido debidamente descubierto Adrian Gordillo de Puebla, Mexico, 25 años y bien peludo Antes le encantaba mostrar su paquete que no se ve nada mal Ojalá alguien tenga más material y lo comparta
  9. L

    Help Me Find This Guy

    Does anyone know who this blonde guy in the video is?
  10. A

    Homão da poha

    Homens gostosos
  11. A

    Matheus Santana - teteusantanaof

    Alguém tem algo dele? Eu sou apaixonado em macho magro e alto. Geralmente tem rola grande!!! ‍
  12. D

    Ardian Bujupi

    He is a german singer originally from albania! he was on 'DSDS', a german casting-show and was considered to be the south-european macho-man. i think he is. sometimes i have some fantasies about him. who would also like to write about him?
  13. L

    Breno Dias

    Breno Dias é um modelo e ator pornô gostoso pra CRLH. Tudo o que tiverem dele postem aqui ❤️
  14. L

    Brenno Ramos

    Thread para exaltar a beleza do criador de conteúdo Brenno Ramos, vulgo macho gostoso (sintam-se avontade para contribuir)
  15. panchoralsex

    Photos & Videos Theadoniss (humilde_jm)

    Recopilemos todo el contenido de Jesús Muñoz para que cada uno lo podamos ver
  16. brombo8

    Macho bottoms/subs with weak tops/doms

    Hey guys My question is for macho bottoms or submissive gay men. Would you allow a weak guy to top you or dominate you? I'm sure there are many cases were the stronger man takes the receiving role, but I'm wondering if you'd allow a guy with much strength difference to take control over you. And...
  17. Amphlett

    Mathias Normann - Sexy football player

    MATHIAS NORMANN Known in Norway for being quite dense and special. Has said some weird stuff, has an on-and-off relationship with a Russian golddigger and he plays for a Russian football team, - which in these times is very controversial. However, he's so frickin' hot! He has that beautiful and...
  18. C


    Only Fans: OnlyFans Instagram: Login • Instagram Twitter:
  19. C

    Frank Centella

    Frank Centella: Login • Instagram
  20. blueballssoretip

    Photos & Videos Manly facials

    Just images and videos of macho (straight or straight-looking guys) covered in cum, simple as that. A good example: abeardedboy
  21. O

    Photos & Videos Alxmardue

    Lugar para compartir contenido de AlxMardue
  22. T

    Macho-1991 - Dustin - Mydirtyhobby Mdh

    Wer kennt mehr von ihm? Macho-1991 Amateur Profilseite | MyDirtyHobby
  23. J

    Eliasportillo / Eliasportilloo

    Alguien tiene algo de el? No encuentro nada
  24. Mexnuti

    Nacho Lozano

    He's so hot. :yum
  25. LordSparkler

    Angel Alberto - Cleatus

  26. D

    Can Somone Id The Top?

    The top is hot AF. Who knows who he is and if he has more stuff out there?
  27. J

    Artan1x L3gend O Ferm1n S4nchez

    Alguien tiene más de este tío? Artan1x_l3gend_ en Instagram, se llama Ferm1n S4nchez.
  28. 1

    Latino hung bi bro

    Somewhat new, had posted a years ago as rejoined with more matured hairy dick ha
  29. M

    Nikolai macho

    Anyone know what happened to this guy? His Instagram and Twitter accounts are gone. He went by @nikolaimacho and @nikolaiporvida