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  1. S

    Spanish hunk Javier Bellanato (Ares_Cortes)

    Anyone has any pic of Spanish hunk Javier Bellanato @bellanato He is an escort in Madrid, goes by Ares_Cortes on rent.men.
  2. A


    This onlyfans is onlyfans.com/axelf38 onlyfans.com/axelf38 onlyfans.com/axelf38 onlyfans.com/axelf38
  3. B

    Photos & Videos Kai Landre

    Spanish musician and performer ❤️ dying to see stuff from him
  4. U

    Photos & Videos Badjawy

    OnlyFans https://twitter.com/badjawy?s=09
  5. D

    Bradley Comerford / Ebradleyco

    Anyone got anything on this guy? He’s gorgeous! Seems to split his time between Madrid/ NYC. He’s on insta @ebradleyco
  6. 1

    Photo @eldibujo

    Daniel El Dibujo @eldibujo
  7. lukke

    Lpsg People In Spain?

    Hi guys, Are there lpsg members from Spain? I will be moving to Madrid and I hope to meet new ppl and maybe make a group related to this.
  8. D

    Photo Charlesorrico

    @charlesorrico Uno de los mejores culos de madrid.
  9. H

    Any Top In Madrid? Algún Activo En Madrid?

    It would be better if it was younger than 25/23, because I'm pretty young... Other than that we could talk and maybe meet! Mejor si eres más joven que 25/23 años porque yo soy bastante joven... Podríamos hablar y quizá conocernos.
  10. Entrelencois

    Frank Dominguez

    :innocent::innocent: Somebody has sex videos of this guys he is in spain currenlty :p:yum
  11. UCXL10

    Visiting madrid,spain dec 30th - jan 9th

    VISITING MADRID, SPAIN DEC 30th - JAN 9th DM me if you live in the area.....
  12. D

    Open showers / gym in madrid

    Hey guys, looking for a good gym to join in Madrid since I'll be there for the summer. Any place that has open gang showers? Or steam room, or sauna, or even showy vibe in general? Also any nude places to hang in or around there? Thanks!