1. A

    Men’s Workout Magazine/Exercise for Men Only

    I remember these two magazines that were popular until the late 2000s. They had very hot guys that were often in homoerotic/suggestive poses. I was wondering if anyone still have pictures of these magazines, since they’re hard to find on the internet.
  2. alexscott1818


  3. O

    Can anyone ID this Asian magazine model?

    Can anyone ID this Asian magazine model?
  4. L

    [HUNT] can anybody ID this sexy model from back in the day?

    I used to jack off to him back in the day but there’s barley any info now
  5. T_Smag

    Photos & Videos Felipe (aka Vinnie DeMarco, Vinny LaMarca, Giovanni)

    This thread is dedicated to Felipe, and we'll aim to post all of his known print and video work in date order. Honcho August 1986
  6. F

    Gay Coffee Table Books/ Magazines?

    I was watching Troye Sivan’s AD Interview and House Tour and he mentioned he collected homoerotic books as decor. So I’m kind of inspired, do you know any good books or magazines with lots of photography or other fun stuff? Would love to build a sexy library of sorts!
  7. A

    Les Hommes Publics magazine

  8. G

    asian gay magazine cfnm

    II like to see men naked in front of womenaAIiIpAre there any more Asian magazines with women like in the picture? love #cfnm
  9. Quinn2023

    Photos & Videos Asian Magazines

    A thread for all the asian magazines that do explicit content with full frontals, including cumshot videos in their BTS videos. Aa Ohm aka Jirapong Thongsavee for ONYX 04 and Bang! 9
  10. Chris Levin

    Photo ID Vintage Hottie

    Found this hottie in a vintage magazine file. I tried looking up the name below but nothing came up...
  11. S

    David Cardoso

  12. coffeeboy

    Naked Campaign For Bl33n Magazine By Donovan & Matthias Vriens-mcgrath

    Back in 2011, Donovan Vriens-McGrath and his husband Matthias created BL33N, a clothing brand with a companion online magazine that "invites [readers] to interact with people all over the world." To promote the launch of BL33N, Matthias (a fashion photographer) leveraged his connections to...
  13. Candydandyboys

    Photos & Videos Yummyzine

    Yummy All things Yummyzine
  14. D

    Photos & Videos Hman Model

    I have been looking for more photos and videos of this cute guy for a long time: Unfortunately, I do not have any further information about him. I neither know the name of this person nor do the I get results when I search for or similar (perhaps I have bad luck:pensive:). Reverse...
  15. iamloved

    Photos & Videos Nude Thai/chinese Magazine Model

    Anyone know who is the guy in the video or where can I find the full video ? Thanks
  16. iamloved

    Video (asian)help Me Find This Vid

    Does anyone know where to find the full video ? Or even just the name plss :blush:
  17. D

    Links Vintage Gay Magazines

    Does anyone know of any websites with scans of gay magazines, especially vintage ones? I came across this great site that has a bunch of them and is still being updated Drummer and Honcho Magazines but do you guys know of any other sites like that?
  18. carsonmccullers

    Magazine Spreads [vintage]

    Anyone remember looking through GQ, International Male, CARGO, or Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly? This is a thread for magazine and catalog spreads showcasing the male figure (nude or partially nude). Print material only, vintage, credit the photographer and publisher when available. Let's see...
  19. Joehot112

    Old/used Porn

    Have any old porn lying around? I’m looking to add to my collection. I’ll take dvds/magazines etc. Let me know what you have willing to pay. thanks!
  20. Avatar ChiChi

    Photo Asian Magazine Models

    This is for the guys of Whoseman, Xperiment, Korea Room, BlueMen, and even the vintage ones like Heat or KXM. Request, post and look up models...
  21. A

    Straight To Hell Magazine Issue 68

    I was flicking through my copy of STH magazine and there are a few hunks that i've been drooling over. I don't know when the photos were taken, but if anyone can I.D. these studs I'd appreciate your help. 1. Love this studs huge balls, any idea who he could be? 2. Would love to try deep...
  22. B

    G Online: Robinson Rodriguez?

    Anyone have any more information or photos about Robinson Rodriguez. He was a Brazilian baseball player. He was featured in Gonline Magazine in 2004. There was a video that went along with these pics.
  23. Z

    Who is this???

    Anybody knows who is this and what shoot is it from? He's all over tumblr but nothings tagged or have any captions... Thanks!