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  1. Dream Big

    Hamid And The New Normal

    Hamid was, it must be said, not a bad boy at all. He was inclined to be kind, by nature, and he was polite by training. He was, however, not a wise boy, nor a particular clever one. He wasn’t bad looking, it must be said, but he lacked a certain air of confidence for reasons that will soon...
  2. Dream Big


    You can get used to anything, really. I’d spent thirty years of my life getting used to who I was: painfully average, modestly competent, and socially awkward. A paper pusher, a bit of a homebody. Not super close to family, not too many friends. Acquaintances, mostly — work friends...
  3. Dream Big

    Just A Little Bigger

    “I wish I were bigger,” I said, aloud. I’d thought it before, of course. Many times. Being bullied for being the scrawny kid from kindergarten through graduation. At my 17the birthday, I was the second shortest guy in the room, and the skinniest. By the time my 18th hit, it seemed like nothing...
  4. Stratavos

    Magic: The Gathering

    so I've been playing since kamigawa came out, and I'm generally a casual player, so I play constructed, commander and I'm looking into Oathbreaker (got 6 decks made for it) and I love playing pentacle and twinheaded and archenemy. I find the lore to be quite interesting, and absolutely love...
  5. Dream Big

    Grow lamp 2: peter principle

    My name is Peter Chang. I’m 21 years old, a college student, and I work part time at my family’s Chinese restaurant most summers. I go to school about two hours away, so I haven’t been helping out much the past few years, My college is kind of remote, and there are like, no decent Chinese...
  6. Dream Big

    Grow lamp

    We were hitting flea markets here and there on a lazy saturday, just at the end of summer. My pal Tom and I were mostly killing time. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular -- maybe a bargain on trash bags or something. Tom just liked rooting around in the piles for hidden treasure. We’d...