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  1. M

    Photos & Videos Maxxx Magnum

    I can't believe he doesn't have a thread here! This is all I'm gonna to say: And also this: He's just perfect: And here's a pic of him getting fucked because I think he looks beautiful: His socials: twitter onlyfans
  2. tommy9x6OF

    Post Pictures While Wearing Condoms!

    I'll start!
  3. D

    Not Really Erotic Just A Quick Little Funny/ironic Story

    I’ve posted a few times about how my wife and I have had fantasies about her being with another man or being double teamed by me and another guy. I’ve also shared how my wife seems to like really big dicks and is curious about really big guys. It’s just been fantasy and my wife has not wanted to...
  4. R

    Links Freeballing Youtuber

    Freeballing YouTuber gives a cooking demonstration then talks about having a big dick and Magnum condoms. https://twitter.com/BulgeCapt/status/1401748795780743170?s=20
  5. rockhoward69

    Anyone Here Into Condoms?

    Anyone here into condoms? Hit me up. I love jacking off with a condom on. I also like watching a guy with a big dick putting one on. :)
  6. sudcalifornio

    How Tight Has To Be The Condom To Switch For Magnum?

    I don't consider myself big since I am only 6.75, but I have been told I should use magnum condoms for the 3rd time. How big you have to be to use magnums?