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  1. I

    Straight Romanian showing off

    He is a real Romanian construction worker I often meet. He is straight but he enjoys to show off for gay people. Do you like his natural body? I'll report him your comments. He is curious to know :)
  2. S

    Who is this?

    Anyone know who this person is?
  3. I

    Help me find the videos of this guy, please! (Ig: mvlcriado)

    Hello! I’ve been looking for the content of this guy for AGES, now I want to ask for your help! Please, if you have ANY videos, photos, anything of this guy (that aren’t on his Instagram) please leave them below, links, videos, anything. Thanks! Here are some pictures of the guy
  4. T

    How can I be comfortable enough with experimenting for the first time?

    Hi you guys. This might be a long read but I'll try to make it short! If you reach the end, any advice would be appreciated, thank you! I'm 22 years old and am bisexual. However, I'm not "out" yet. Thanks to several members of this board, I've come to accept my attraction to men. I've also come...
  5. love4D

    Photos & Videos imlinjunliang / Leon Lin

    he's so hot, anyone has his nudes? his insta is Login • Instagram
  6. L


    I‘m not sure if there is already a thread about him. He has Twitter and goed by Dann00dann, he has OF as well. Anyone has anything on him? Is his OF worth subscribing to?
  7. J

    Help me ID him

    Does anyone know who this guy is, I've looked everywhere and could only find these pics, any feedback helps.
  8. J

    Help ID

    I've looked everywhere and was only able to find 3 pictures, does anyone know who he is.
  9. A

    Alguém sabe quem é ele (who's this man)?

    Vi alguns anos atrás esse rapaz no twitter, mas a conta parece ter sido desativada. Acho que o nome era Breno. Alguém sabe se ele tem instagram ou algum outro perfil em rede social?
  10. T


    does anyone have photos of twitter user verysillybestie?
  11. Darpint_acknowledger

    Samgravitte Sam gravitte wicked

    Anyone have any info on this stunning guy?
  12. svetlana loboda

    Photo Sasha Cosmos Photography

    Sasha Kosmos is the most famous Russian male photographer. Now he travels the world as part of Mavrin Studios.
  13. love4D

    Photo hiroshihiroshi1974 , hot muscle guy

    Anyone has anything on this hot guy? hiroshihiroshi1974 on instagram. https://www.instagram.com/hiroshihiroshi1974/
  14. C

    Is there a difference in dating a man vs a woman?

    So I identify as a bi, cisgender man and have had relationships with women and am currently in my first one with a man. I can’t help but to think that some things are the same (need for clear communication, trust, and respect, etc.) but in other ways, I struggle to reconcile the differences (or...
  15. NicHalliwell

    What does your ideal man look like? Tatoos yes or not?

    Il mio uomo ideale ha un bel viso, un bel corpo muscoloso (non troppo), nessun tatuaggio e che non è troppo giovane o più vecchio del mio.
  16. C

    Blakeo / Blake Kendal Hays

    Anything on this gorgeous man? He is @blakeo on Insta. Great bulge!
  17. Sandboy77

    Bear Brown

    Love the show Alaskan Bush People, mainly due to the hot sons, Bear Briwn is definitely the hottest. If anyone has anymore pics of him that's not on his Instagram (hoping for fully naked )
  18. D

    Photos & Videos Tim Kennedy (butt appreciation)

    I've been watching this man for a while. He has a beautiful worked body, and of course that ass.
  19. D

    Photos & Videos bueno.enrique_fit (Enrique Bueno)

    No tiene Only, pero sube muchas cosas picantes en Instagram y tiktok. Lo comparto antes de que Instagram o tiktok se ponga estúpido y lo bannen o algo.
  20. krisz80

    Photos & Videos Black Cocks

    Black Cocks
  21. H

    Anyone know this hotties name??

  22. V

    cocks i like

    i like to watch cocks
  23. love4D

    ID this hot latino

    he's so hot, if you have more videos please share!!
  24. J

    Mr. SOS Black Stripper

    Anybody got anything? Who got the nudes
  25. P

    Photo Desaxxx

    Anyone got anything from the artist Desaxxx? Desaxxx is creating Gay Comics, Photo editing, Animations | Patreon
  26. S

    Does Anyone Know This Man's Ins Account Or Other Id?

    I remember this hot man is from HongKong but not sure. Can any tell me his ID or name? Thanks
  27. S

    Csi Men

    I have a frequent problem that I imagine many have. Finding a photo or video of a hot guy and not knowing who he is. I made this post to help each other discover men we think are hot, but we don't know who they are. I'll go fist. Who is this hot guy?
  28. J

    Grayson Smith/ Graythin

    I don’t think he has an only fans or Twitter but he post some pretty hot tiktoks @graythin. But if anyone finds smth on him or if he makes an only fans than ig post it on here.
  29. J

    Photo Anybody Got Anything On Stripper Cherekee Lep?

    If anyone got anything please share he’s so hot