manly features

  1. MariconVaronil

    Hot manly men, hot athletes

    Sam Hartman
  2. D

    Cut Cocks.

    Hi, im 22 yo from Sweden and im gay. I find it super sexy with cut cocks. I havent seen any irl wich makes me sad, neither am I. I think that cut cocks are just superior and its super sexy. I just love the old school with boys always being cut and its something I love. I love the aesthetic and...
  3. saamer23

    Photos & Videos Lee Majdoub

    Does any of you have anything on lee majdoub an Actor and producer of Lebanese origin
  4. C

    Sexy Women With Masculine Features

    thread celebrating females with characteristics typically associated with men. this can range from deep voice to broad shoulders, bulky muscular arms, "masculine" face etc. I find it super sexy when a woman has or displays manly or masculine traits manly face this can range from fitness models...
  5. C

    White women & white ts with sexy deep manly voices

    40730731_327532754686251_3131541512962243426_n - Create, Discover and Share Awesome GIFs on Gfycat giulia ferrante and this is general "white" not european white vs Mediterranean white, so italians, greeks etc are included