1. T

    Im Sparkzzz-Tiktoker

    Hi, Does anyone have anything on this hottie maori from New Zeland living in Japan?
  2. H

    Tek @whoistekaye

    Does anyone have anything on him? He teases a lot and has an alt twitter. seems to really be into asian boys lol
  3. H

    Raymond Bird

    Someone please post this man’s cock here!
  4. S

    NZ Onlyfans - Kiwi/Poly/Māori Guys

    Thought I'd make a list of NZ guys with OnlyFans. Always looking for hot NZ guys to follow so if you have any names, send it to me. I'll subscribe so you don't have to. This post is to get more hot NZ guys with OnlyFans out there, and to briefly say if it is worth subscribing to or not based on...
  5. HairyAussieBloke

    Aussie Blokes Snapchat

    Looking to trade, cam, rate, my fellow aussies. I’m 25, straight/ bicurious hairy, uncut. Love face and cock and the Aussie accent. Send whatever and let’s have fun Snapchat is Hairymcgee
  6. T

    Hayden Lee Of

    This Maori man is absolutely smoking! His Only fans is worth a look.
  7. O

    Video Any Poly Guyse Out There?

    Do y'all have of any vids of Polynesian men? They're sexy as fuckk! (Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Fijian ect)
  8. B

    Polynesian celebs/bodybuilders/etc.

    Anyone got any nudes, vpl, bulge, ass, etc. of Polynesian men? Alot of white guys on this forum but barely any Poly or Asian