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  1. T

    Matt & Blue

    Gay YouTube couple Matt & Blue.
  2. T

    Photos & Videos Leo Strubinger (ig: Leostrubinger)

    Do you guys have anything from this sexy man?! This is all I have from him, you can find him on ig and twitter as @leostrubinger , this all I have from him (I found most of it on twitter).
  3. D

    Married Men? Is your sexual life a bit boring? Fancy chatting maybe starting a group, sharing our fanatasies?

    I am a married dad just wanting to talk to like-minded guys about all my fantasies happy to start a group. Even make friends. I am bored at work whilst writing this. Kik: Hairyhorny311990 telegram: hairycyberpunk Am happy to chat about anything.
  4. soopersuckr


    My OnlyFans is currently 50% off, 6 Subscriptions left 63 HD Quality, Full length vids of some of the biggest straight/married/DL dick you've ever seen and sloppy deepthroat gloryhole head. OnlyFans You can also see a select number of my videos free on xvideos: Soopersuckr - Profile page...
  5. V

    Skype Missed Connection: Are you a married dad and vet who I used to skype with a lot?

    Hey I'm looking for a guy I believe I met on here years ago who was married, a dad, and a vet; we used to skype all the time (and for a long time when we did) and it was hot as fuck and then I got rid of my skype account and forgot to keep his username. i'm late 20s, skinny white guy, decent...
  6. M

    Any JO buddies in or near Gainesville FL?

    Any str8 guys like to masturbate together
  7. C

    Matt Konicek - Video Request

    He used to have an xtube account or two and post his videos there. I know that Str8-Married-F4gs did a compilation video of his stuff before, but I was wondering if anyone had his videos or know where he might be posting now? This post for reference...
  8. Taylored247

    New Masseur in Columbus,OH here

    Hey guys! New to the site but wanted to introduce myself. I’m 34 and a self-taught masseur in Columbus,OH. If anyone is looking for a session I can always host. I’m in the OSU campus/Clintonville area. I always light aromatherapy candles and play relaxing music during each session. Discretion is...
  9. Taylored247

    Amateur masseur in Columbus,OH here!

    Hey guys. Very discreet, self-taught masseur here. I have a table set up at my place and can always host. I play relaxing music and light aromatherapy candles during each session. The guys that have come to me over the last 5 years or so that I’ve been at it are straight/married/discreet. I also...
  10. D

    Hot locker room / shower play stories

    There are now two that I’ve been showering with regularly at the gym each morning. One is this dilf I came to realize I work with and more recently there’s been this muscular hung Italian dilf that has been showing off to me every morning. The Italian dilf is probably in his 40s, married to a...
  11. J


    Hi, I’m an Asian Femboi, big booty and thighs, curvy and slender body. Looking for any fit married or single men or if not buddies who wanna gang bang me in Minnesota. Hmu
  12. W

    Openly Gay Porn Stars Secretly With Women?

    Not the common gay for pay actors like Johnny Rapid. Sergeant Miles has claimed that he's worked with openly gay porn stars that secretly have wives or girlfriends but are gay. Akin to the late Jack Wrangler. Anyone have any idea who he means?
  13. 1

    Longest Without Cumming When Married?

    I hear a lot from straight mates about their partner not giving them much sex once they're in a long term relationship. I was wondering if men who are married/long term gf have had periods of time when they haven't properly fucked in weeks? What's the longest you've gone with that happening?The...
  14. B

    Any Stories About Home-wrecker Or Couple-wrecker?

    Ive been searching for this kind of stories on Nifty, Literotica, Gaydemon... but its hard to find anything. As long as the main character is a seducer, an aggressive seducer, and interest in married/hubby/bf...... then its my type. Hope to see alot of recommendation from you guys.
  15. 4inch_notbig

    Married And Choosing Condoms As Your Method Of Contraception

    Is there anyone else here that is in a long term relationship or married have chosen condoms to be there method of contraception? I’ve been with my wife now for over 10 years and from day one, apart from a handful of times we experimented with pulling out, we have always had protected sex. She...
  16. H

    Having Fun With Guys On Holiday Behind Wife’s Back?

    These kind of stories turn me on so much. Anyone married or partnered snuck off to have fun while on holiday? If so tell me about it. Such a huge turn on!
  17. D

    Str8 Curious Married Dad/guys Snapchat

    Wanted to see if there any straight married guys and straight married dads on Snapchat that are looking to not only compare and/or jerk, but to connect with other married guys, share life experiences, chat about dude stuff like sports and shit, and just network with other chill, like-minded...
  18. D

    Newish Guy Here

    I've been on here years ago I think but hey! In my 30s, married and bi (closet). I like to top on occasion but really enjoy bottoming and meeting older men. I'm 7-7.5" myself with a sort of twink build. In South Dakota where it's quiet and flat. Feel free to say hi!
  19. A

    Austin Hargrave Peanutbuttergamer/peebs Youtuber

    Pretty sure the sex tape is fake but even if it was real it’s too blurry to see anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. Alittlebit

    Video Anyone Know More Of Them?

    Found these vids and want to find more of who they are. Please help! It was named "2 married guys cheat" , and "two married guys fuck infront of cam" Or something.
  21. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Straight Guy Sucker

    OnlyFans Enjoy. Content is amazing.
  22. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Legendary Sukker (straight Man Sucker)

    I've discovered this new OnlyFans content creator who specializes in sucking the needy and under appreciated straight cock in his local area. He's spent decades building up a list of hot and masculine married local men with amazing cocks that he regularly services and he's finally sharing...
  23. M

    Married Or Single Intelligent Ladies Looking For Fun In Nashville

    In search of ladies for friendship and extra in middle Tennessee. Start with good conversation and see where it goes.
  24. D

    Tennessee Married Jerk Off Buddies

    28 6’2” 175lbs straight curious dl married guy here looking for a jerk off buddy. Anyone in a similar boat in the greater Nashville area?
  25. Dwnpfans

    Thiago Andries (@thiago_lazzarato)

    A beautifull married man. He is married with Cedric Andries His smile is so beautiful, and looks like a really kind man that you will fall in love with him since the first sight
  26. G

    Exposed Married

    There’s a ton of vids on thisvid.com of married guys cheating or being bi there private and you can’t make an account anymore there also used to be a tumblr “ straight married fags “
  27. gymbro30

    Straight Gym Dude Looking For Similar Bud

    Straight married hung alpha gym dude here, sane and normal, happily married to a beautiful woman and father of 3 kids, looking for similar bud for friendship, brotherhood and chat. There must be other straight guys like me who are chill and enjoy straight male bonding (talking about sex and hot...
  28. J

    Lots Of Pics. Handsome Daddys Huge Hard Cock

    HANDSUMnHUNG's Porn Videos | Pornhub Onlyfans.com/johnholmesx Twitter @JohnholmesX
  29. J

    Lots Of Pics.handsome Married Daddys Huge Cock

    Like anything u see. Find and follow me on pornhub, twitter, and onlyfans.. Onlyfans.com/johnholmesx HANDSUMnHUNG's Porn Videos | Pornhub Twitter @JohnholmesX
  30. T

    Sub Married Tiny Cock Piggy For Orders

    Hi, I am a piggy slave married with a tiny cock, i like to be ordered on cam to do humiliating, degrading things. I like cum and pee denial, cbt, getting real dirty/filthy. I have wifes dirty panties to as u please and also a vibrator you can control over the internet. I like sph and like to...