1. D

    Video Amateur - Discreet, DL or Married Straight Men Suck/fuck - OF or hidden anon/cruising

    Does anyone have videos (preferably with face) of straight guys getting serviced and/or fucking other men? Or getting cruised? Can be married (with ring or casual mention of a wife) or single. Preferably videos like the ones that used to get posted on XTube and PornHub and XVideos/Xhamster. OF...
  2. Y

    Is there someone who wanna be controlled and told what to do?

    Looking for someone who can show face (++ hairy, married, military, cops, etc) and wanna be controlled and told what to do in a mind control roleplay. DM or SC: rainbow_claw359
  3. A

    Married, Straight, Curious Looking

    I find this whole thing a bit perplexing. I am happily married, kids, and great sex. Yet I find myself looking for a bro like in college, where we could just hang, put my arm around them or vice versa, and it not be weird. If we happen to jerk off to porn together ok, but that’s not what I’m...
  4. H

    Looking horny Asian/arab guys in Raynes Park/wimbledon

    Msg me if you’re in need of some good head
  5. M

    Married and DL in Atlanta?

    Married and DL guy here in Atlanta looking for others in the same boat for friendship and fun… would love a local FWB :) please feel free to message me if you’re interested !
  6. D

    Str8 married guys comparing softies

    Straight guys showing off soft
  7. S

    Joseph Stanek “Pog_Actual_1169” TikTok

    Noticed him on TikTok a while back, is a Marine. Didn’t know if anyone else wanted to blow him as bad as I do!
  8. M

    Greek Snapchat group

    Snapchat ομαδική για παντρεμένους και στραιτ. Ηλικίες 25-50. Στείλτε μου μνμ για να σας βάλω!
  9. M

    Share your Snapchat group

    Share your Snapchat group. Post your Snapchat link from your group here so anyone who wants can join and be added immediately. Only for people age 18 and over!
  10. Q

    29m London - hosting in Brixton all weekend

    Friendly 29yo aussie bloke living in London looking to give discreet blowjobs and rimjobs this weekend. Married/straight men are encouraged to respond, total discretion is assured. Can host in Brixton near the tube station. No reciprocation required, just lay back and relax. Chubby bloke...
  11. G


    So, i'm in love with this guy, anyone has any other video of him?
  12. Ronaldo19

    Seeking hung married men (str8/bi)

    Like the title says. Mostly if you mess around with other guys whether on cam or in person. Let me know.
  13. M

    Horny now ?!

    Add your Snapchat for jerk !
  14. M

    Snapchat jerk off group for married or straight men

    Snapchat jerk off group for married or straight men 25 - 45 who want to jerk off with other men. HMU with Snapchat username.
  15. S

    Hung Guys who Snapchat with Married couples?

    We have seen the large Snapchat lists here, but it's hard to find people that are actually legit. Is there a thread for couples that want to show off to hung guys? We are both straight. We take a ton of Snaps and we would like to mess around to Snaps people send us. We love the compliments...
  16. H

    Any horny married guys near Wimbledon?

    Need head? Near Wimbledon London? Msg me discreet and safe
  17. ThreeHFY

    My FWB ... my three holes are for you ( m / ftm )

    I love this ritual. I crave it. My friend with many benefits. One of us reaches out, sets a weekend, and sets a place. Always a hotel. Hotel sex is the best, and you agree. Discretion is required for both of us, and we rotate locations for both variety and safety. I get there first and...
  18. S

    Who is this guy?

    Cute Married Staight Guy Cranks One Out
  19. S

    Load_hand He's new to stripchat and looking to start an only fans and his wife is trying to convince him to bottom for a guy and I just adore him and would love some videos of it and other things posted here he also said he'd use a dildo tonight but my livestreams never...
  20. YHirotada

    Honest opinion should I start an OF?

    Hey guys respect your opinion OF OR NAH? Just fan sky or whatever lol.
  21. imhereforthegayporn

    Photos & Videos 7straightuncut / mandouncut

    anyone got videos for 7straightuncut ? OnlyFans Watch 7straightuncut live on Chaturbate!
  22. C

    Photos & Videos Joseph Robinson from Fish Jelly Film Reviews on YouTube

    Hot guy that does film reviews with his husband on YouTube. Used to be a hairdresser. Black (obviously) and Mexican. He’s 45 years old.
  23. D

    Looking for a cyber something

    Married 33 gay guy here, got married at 20 and my husband and I are both on the dom side as far as personality but he’s very vanilla. Looking for an outlet that’s safe and not out right cheating to explore and figure out who I am either through flirtation or conversation. I do perfer video...
  24. U

    Paul sarantos

    Someone have Paul sarantos/sarantosfitness content? From when he had onlyfans
  25. D

    Who is into bald guys

    I got a thing for bald toned/muscled guys....they really look very masculine dont you think?
  26. J

    Photos & Videos Anymore of this guy + ID him?

    I’ve seen this guy on Reddit before but he keeps deleting his accounts :( does anyone have anything of him
  27. L

    Can someone find me this video?

    I don’t have a screenshot but I can describe it: It involves a super hot muscular guy (I think married, I remember seeing a ring) it’s sorta dark and definitely a hidden cam video where he and the dude that’s sucking him off are downstairs in the living room and they eventually fuck, the bottom...
  28. wellness2

    Rising to a neighbour's challenge

    This is a multi-part story I originally posted on Reddit. I thought it might be appreciated here. A few years ago I moved to Reading for university and managed to rent a room in a house close to the campus. It was mostly a residential community and when I arrived, some neighbours were chatting...
  29. J

    Good looking in Manchester 4 discreet

    Good looking gym fit 28 year old in Manchester, looking to suck of discreet / straight / curious guys, ideal types: tradies, married men, Uber / taxi drivers, military. But open, drop me a line with your stats. Based in the green quarter.
  30. B

    Visitin Melbourne/Sydney. Married bi hung, for same

    Will be there for work April 23 to 30th, and will have a downtown hotel. Attached bi/curious guy. 40yo, 6"0, 170 lbs, 8"uncut, white, good looking decently fit too. Looking for some safe discreet fun with fellow hung guys. Ideally light fun like jerking, massaging, showering etc. Would...