1. dirtyBlondMuscle

    OnlyFans [DirtyBlondMuscle] - New Creator Feedback

    So. I am thinking of starting on OnlyFans account. It's all set up to go, but I'm very aware the market is rather saturated with creators right now. I do need to keep my identity private, so face and personal details will need to remain obscured. I am toying with the idea of different face...
  2. Vgs2

    Sebastian Stan: AI Generated

    This thread has the purpose of sharing hot pictures of our daddy Sebastian made with AI
  3. L

    Spiderman VS Captain America First to Cum Loses

    Cock fight fantasy match: Spiderman VS Captain America. Reply or pm me with who you think wins and with your dream scenario! At Avenger's Campus the twink Peter Parker was always teasing the guys and loved pushing their buttons. He loved seeing the muscle guys get flustered and frustrated...
  4. R


    Surprised there isn’t a thread already here, super cute guy on tiktok who talks about all things geeky. He got a little too excited at the Spider-Man 2 trailer last night
  5. C

    Marvel Fakes

    I see a lot of threads dedicated to nude fakes so I thought let's do one dedicated to Marvel/MCU actors! NOTE: Credit goes to ALL of the amazing fakers out there who made these. PS feel free to add more guys!
  6. Mewtation

    Classicalgreeklaserguns (Zac)?

    Anything from this cosplayer/tiktoker? he’s so hot I’d love to see more of him
  7. L

    Rhenzy Feliz

  8. Jason GayLight

    Wil Traval, Australian actor

    Wil Traval is an Australian actor mostly known for his roles in Marvel's Jessica Jones, Once Upon A Time, All Saints, Dynasty, etc. Wil is married to Teresa Livingston. He came out as bisexual in 2020.
  9. Jason GayLight

    Nick Blood (actor)

    Nick Blood is an English actor mostly known for the role of Lance Hunter in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  10. C

    Marvel Actor Feet

    a thread dedicated to the sexiest hunkiest feet of the marvel cast
  11. lucasblackfyre

    Marvel Actors Naked

    Let’s start with the hottest one Aaron Taylor Johnson
  12. Jason GayLight

    Dan Stevens

    Yet another British hottie. I was surprised Dan had no threads here. He totally deserves attention. Both a brilliant actor and a sexy guy! I'll try to post every shirtless, nude, ANY hot scene with Dan Stevens.
  13. Jason GayLight

    Maximilian Osinski

    Maximilian Osinski is an Austrian-bron American actor mostly known as Agent Davis in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He also starred in Hollywood Hitmen series with Enver Gjokaj. Max is married to Dichen Lachman and has a daughter, so he's probably not gay. Here are some shirtless photos of this...
  14. A

    Wyatt Russell

    John Walker(USAgent) in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Anything on this hot dude?
  15. Jason GayLight

    Jeff Ward

    Hot puppy Jeff Ward aka Deke Shaw from Agents of SHIELD. I wish there was more shirtless scenes with him in the series, he'so damn good!
  16. T

    Photos & Videos Tucker Brown

    He is so cute iamtuckerbrown on tiktok
  17. Shofixti

    Photo Superheroes, Comics And Erotic Cosplay

    LPSG has a few text related threads on this topic, and also some threads on specific cosplayers - but I don't see one that caters to a more general collection of images around superheroes, cosplay, movies, comics, and Marvel/DC erotica etc. I can't say how busy this will ever get. But deserves...