1. Juggernauthugger77

    @Bigtwig_ on IG

    Was wondering if anyone got anything on this juggernaut of a bodybuilder. He’s bald, bearded and hot as fuck.
  2. HimboJerk

    Public Erections Are Hot

    Hi, fam! It's HimboJerk again. As stated previously in my intro post, I'm just an everyday mild-mannered muscle/cock worshiper who enjoys showing off his dirty doodles for sick kicks. Maybe I'm a jerk but it's what I do best! So share some love & bate happily, people!!
  3. P

    Good gay Only Fans content

    It seems every single OF discussion is about queerbaiting straight guys or trans chasers. Give me some OF guys who are having gay sex.
  4. N

    cock and watch

    love to see a guy holding his cock with a watch on his wrist, something about it really turns me on. would love to see your pics.
  5. F

    Photos & Videos Stephen Fournier - fournier_stephen98

    Stephen Fournier He's an internet personality. He posts content about life in the South (Tennessee) and West (Montana) and country life including hunting, fishing, archery guns, work, outdoorsmanship, and working out. He is really hot and has that cowboy swagger and Southern charm! Login •...
  6. Naughty Cock

    Cam Bros (18 - 29) - Mega Skype List for Str8 Buddies, Curious, and Gays

    Hi, men! Feel free to leave here your Skypes, group links, etc. Thread for guys who like to stroke/show off/compare, etc. looking to cam.
  7. F

    Kunal Verma (i_am_kunal_verma)

    Kunal Verma @i_am_kunal_verma Incredible handsome hunk from india
  8. bearlybud

    32 y/o Latino Chub/Bear (CA,USA)

    Hadn't posted one of these, so I figured 'eh, why not?' I'm a 32yo Masculine (straight passing) fluffybear/super chub. I came out of the closet last year. Definitely some pent up sexual energy here :joy: I'm in an experimental phase. 'Cock hungry' as some would describe it. snapchat...
  9. tyfromtexas


    i have these 2 coworkers who i would definitely say are masculine men and sometimes it’s just us shooting the shit at work when it’s slow. as a gay person i’m not the most masculine person and lately i’ve been wanting to express that side of me more but the thing i have no idea how to “be a...
  10. CityBoyPedrino

    Show your hairy legs

    Here are mine
  11. CityBoyPedrino

    Show your hairy chest

    I‘ll go first
  12. Juujuubeannnnn

    Men’s Asses

    This Thread is Dedicated To Men’s Asses
  13. mec_horny

    Video Big Rich from tiktok

    Now i know i’m probably never gonna find anything (nude) on him but he too fine for me not to post. These are screenshots from his most recent live.
  14. J

    Armenian stud Iron.dogma

    Not a super popular IG guy but def my dream man. Big beefy bearded and masculine, all mannn. His ig is iron.dogma and he regularly posts “workout” storys where youll see his beefy body. Its crazy how its always the guys like this that im super into that dont have an onlyfans lol.
  15. Y

    I can't find anyone to put enough effort in this, but I want to do a roleplay.

    What I am looking is just an open minded guy, a guy who doesn't ghost me, looks pretty well, preferable masculine/beard. If u are str8, that's nice as well, but not mandatory. I just want to have a safe space, but I need to see your face and also be able to videocall. My roleplay is about...
  16. W

    Hot Lumberjack - Stock Model

    This guy is so hot. Who is he? What is his name? What is his social media @?
  17. D

    Who is into bald guys

    I got a thing for bald toned/muscled guys....they really look very masculine dont you think?
  18. S

    Looking in Louisville, Kentucky.

    Looking for someone to please. Mixed Twunk, able to host, clean and disease free. Ideally looking for a young masculine man who can dominant me. Don’t really care about dick size. Not 100% fem but I do wear thongs if you want me to. Would a white male but others are welcomed, not in a rush.
  19. F

    German YouTuber Gustaf Gabel (Georg Göttmann)

    I've been watching his videos for 5 years now and took several screenshots over time. If you have anything on him, please post it here. LIFESTREAM REUPLOADS (mit non-gaming Szenen): → jeweilige screenshots sind in den Anhängen Kompletter Stream im Muscle Shirt → highlights: 1h 19m...
  20. T

    Masculine top butts

    For some reason tops and straight men can have the hottest asses sometimes in porn and irl. When you rim these men they're the dominant one which is hot AF.
  21. F

    Naked hairy, bearded and sexy men

  22. T

    Anyone in nyc down to hangout like BROS in public and have fun in private?

    I’m looking to go to NYC for the day hang out with somebody do normal stuff and later feed our beast. I prefer handsome bearded masculine studded men like myself or older gentleman with outgoing personality
  23. Carter313

    New on here from Detroit

    Masculine and Discreet handsome black male seeking the same for friendship and more. No games, no bs. I'm real. Hmu and let's chat.
  24. F

    "Iskender Hulk". Latino Big Dicked Hunk/Hombrazo Chileno. Masculine, Muscled, Imposing, Hung Macho

    I'm fascinated with him, "Iskender Hulk".... gorgeous brown skinned, hypermasculine, muscled, imposing macho from Chile; and he seems to be charming. I'm sharing this here cause he's got everything to be worshipped and desired by many, and to ask youfor a service to this community by sharing...
  25. F

    Obsessed with this latino big dicked hunk/Obsesionado con este hombrazo chileno. Masculine, muscled, imposing, hung macho

    I'm fascinated with him, "Iskender Hulk".... gorgeous brown skinned, hypermasculine, muscled, imposing macho from Chile; and he seems to be charming. I'm sharing this here cause he's got everything to be worshipped and desired by many, and to ask youfor a service to this community by sharing...
  26. T

    Masculine Bisexual Men

    Why are they so hard to find?
  27. M

    Claudio Castagnoli FKA Cesaro

    This man is so sexy he needs his own page. Claudio fka Cesaro. Just turned 42, sexy, fit, hairy, masculine. All my favorite things. His nickname in the locker room is apparently Big Dick Tony!
  28. D

    BM (BigMatthew |Kard)

    Havent seen a thread on him yet. So here!
  29. D


    This thread is going to showcase men of all ethnicities,Nationalities it doesn’t matter just know it’s Men.Dick,Muscle,Ass,Penis,Cock,DRAWZ,Everything Man!!!
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