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  1. A

    BM (BigMatthew |Kard)

    Havent seen a thread on him yet. So here!
  2. J


    This thread is going to showcase men of all ethnicities,Nationalities it doesn’t matter just know it’s Men.Dick,Muscle,Ass,Penis,Cock,DRAWZ,Everything Man!!!
  3. M

    Python from Papithugz

    This big dicked thug is Python. Although he acts over the top cheesy in his videos, his muscles, tattoos, and thick cock sell me. Unlike most gay for pay actors, Python really gets into each sexual encounter and gives into the chemistry with his scene partners. Thoughts??
  4. M

    Wilfri Castillo

    This sexy man is Wilfri Castillo. He is married, 41 years old, and from New York. I came across his Facebook a while back and I love looking at his pictures. He’s definitely some eye candy for me and gives me big dick energy. Does anyone know this man? Thoughts??
  5. 1

    Anyone in London?

    Hi 27y male a bit hairy looking to make new friends to chill... sometim I like massage, someday swimming and love cinema or chill in bed together. Please let's me know how we can get in touch ?
  6. I

    Photo Ben Giroux (@bengiroux)

    Actor on Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger” also a voice actor.
  7. D

    London Massage buddy

    Hey all, Looking for a regular massage buddy under 40, masculine in decent shape. I workout a lot would be up for a regular buddy to hangout with chill and trade rub downs with. Skype: m1ke ttt
  8. R

    Vegas weekend to chill

    I'll be in town Metallica weekend and seeking another guy to chill with. Masculine preferred. I'm 44yo, 180lbs, single, DDF. Just wanna enjoy the company of another man for the weekend.
  9. DonMil

    Blue Collar Men

    There is something so sexy and manly when a man works with his hands. I've always been into blue collar guys. If your into blue collar guys show your love and post some of your favorite videos and pictures.
  10. L

    Jack Farah (@jackfarah02)

    Was just browsing through some OF and I came across Jack Farah (@jackfarah02). In both respects (seriously). Fresh lad - fit as fuck with a beautiful trail from his belly-button down to... you know haha. He's thrown himself straight into it! He's already doing requests. I reckon he'll be busy...
  11. Northuka

    London Bromance

    Hi guys, I am looking for a group of fun and discreet friend in London to spend the summer all together trip and night together. Anyone interested add me on snapchat: northuka Please don't feel shy just message me and we can plan something to not be alone this summer! #london #masc #trip #snap
  12. T

    Buddy In Greensboro, Nc 336

    Looking for a Discreet dude in Greensboro, NC 336 who needs A buddy to play with. I can host...hit me up asap
  13. 1T1U1F1F1Y

    Legendary Sukker (straight Man Sucker)

    I've discovered this new OnlyFans content creator who specializes in sucking the needy and under appreciated straight cock in his local area. He's spent decades building up a list of hot and masculine married local men with amazing cocks that he regularly services and he's finally sharing...
  14. bigboaster

    Attracted To Very Feminine Women And Very Masculine Men. Anyone Else?

    Yeah so I am really turned on by girly girls for women. High voices, smooth skin, long hair. But for men I only turned on by masculine energy. Basically the opposite of the female attractions. Does this ring true for anyone else? I've met plenty of other bi guys who often are attracted to very...
  15. ceejeecee

    30yo Latino Looking For Jo/more W Masc Or Straight Curious La

    If anyone is straight and curious about a JO/oral or anything with a gay guy hmu. I have KIK and also am located in LOS ANGELES. looking for straight good looking dudes who are curious. Let's have some fun! Super low key here as well.
  16. Semichrmedlfe

    Honolulu April 18-20

    Hey -- I am in the Waikiki Beach area at a hotel for work April 18-20. Mostly straight, married dad, 45, into bating with other masc dudes. I have finished my vaccine (x2) and looking for a bate bud. Love to bond with bate buds-- especially military dudes.
  17. B

    Do You Think There’s Such Thing As “masc Privilege” Or “straight-passing Privilege”?

    Dear fellow gays, I’m gay and I have a naturally somewhat high-pitched, effeminate voice. I hate my voice. Most people can tell I’m gay as soon as I open my mouth. I could never convincingly stay in the closet even if I wanted to. I could never be a public figure and not have most people know...
  18. 4

    Verbal Phone With Older Hung Top

    Hey All, Been super stressed out and horned up like everyone else. Smooth bottom twink, looking for a hung masculine top/dad (bi, straight, gay or married) for verbal RP or regular phone release sessions. Especially tonight! PM if interested. :p
  19. bater_dude

    Southern, Country, Masculine Bros

    Looking for other bros similar to me. Where’s all the other country boys at? Married to a woman if that matters. Drop your KIK or Snapchat. KIK: bater_dude Snapchat: Lcsnap27
  20. C

    Hot, Masculine Models And Celebrities You Wish Were Total Cockloving Whores

    So in this thread I'd like to discuss hot, masculine guys you'd love to see fucked, bitched out, and turned into cumsluts. Personally, I'd love it if Dusty Lachowicz got his ass totally owned. I'd DESTROY that perfect, hairy cunt of his and dump a load in it after making him suck and slobber all...
  21. teddybaerli1

    Photos & Videos Virile Daddy Types And Masculine Men Who Love Other Dads

    Do you have a crush on daddies? Do you like them hairy? With beard? Or even bald? And do you enjoy seeing those men having hot sex together? Then this thread should definitely offer something for your taste and pleasure. Please join me and do post daddy types and masculine men having intimate...
  22. D

    Mexico City Here (191cm) Or 6'3"...

    Hi, New member here from originally from NY, but moved to Mexico City about a year ago. I'm 30, bi, masc, 6'3" height (191cm), very fit, sporty (gym, basketball, running, and etc). I used to model all over, but settle down in Mexico City (Polanco). I am about 10 inches (25cm) long and 6 inches...
  23. Stocky8x6uncut

    Big Dicked Truck Driver

    Big Dicked Truck Driver PT1 I had only been at my new company at major distrubution hub for a few weeks, I had previously worked in sales so this was the first manual job I had ever done. I took to my new role as a warehouse operator suprisingly well even though I am a regular at the gym and...
  24. T

    Australian King: Courtney981

    Discovered by boredom (chaturbate) :p. Do u know him? He has to be a model.. do u have more information about him/ other pictures or vids? Just enjoy it ;)
  25. 4

    Jack/frot/oral (ga, Al, Sc, Tn, Ms, Fl)

    Looking forward to meeting with fellow LPSG'ers that are into Bro Bonding with other guys. Jack, Frot and Oral. HMU for more details!
  26. 4

    Best Bro's Overnight Nympho Girlfriend! (mfm)

    Hi everyone, This is my most recent endeavor at writing erotic fiction. So go easy on me I'm still practically a virgin (when it comes to writing) that is! Part 1 My friend Tyler and I have been best bro's since 5th grade. Moving to a new state and starting a new school in the middle of the...
  27. Mhguy2020

    Giving Dl Head West Village Nyc

    35 italian/latin, 100% clean DDF. Discreet hosting West Village for anon. Love to edge or jerk a fat dick for a DL dude. Maybe suck it off. Be white, under 40, in shape/,musc, clean ddf. Weakness for suit/tie, hung, masc. Could be blindfolded on my knees for the right dude. Have body pics to...
  28. 4

    Do You Think Bulking Is Pressured Amongst Men?

    Not to say that the average guy is doing this, but do you think guys feel pressured to bulk themselves up for the sake of being viewed as more masculine? There's clearly a lot of guys that bulk up, a lot of guys on here, but do you really think it's all about fitness? I want to looks strong...
  29. Mhguy2020

    Giving Dl Head West Village Nyc

    35 italian/latin, 100% clean DDF. Discreet hosting West Village for anon. Love to edge or jerk a fat dick for a DL dude. Maybe suck it off. Be white, under 40, in shape/,musc, clean ddf. Weakness for suit/tie, hung, masc. Could be blindfolded on my knees for the right dude. Have body pics to...
  30. Shofixti

    Photo Dad Bods