massive dick

  1. B

    Who knows him

    hi everybody I saw this hunk on internet idk where exactly and he’s so hot his picture is pretty much everywhere twitter and other porn sites but I didn’t find his name if you find him or already know him please tell me
  2. Mr9inchXXL

    Tell me your thoughts on my dick.

  3. 1

    My Big Dick

    So here is a video of me wrapping 3 of my hands around my dick. It drives every girl crazy and turns them on because they never seen it before unless it was in porn so when they see me do it they immediately fantasize porn movies they’ve seen where even those vids aren’t as common
  4. Badunkbadonk

    Panama Heat (mm/mmm, Size Difference, Size Extremes)

    This is a book for which the blurb is not working. Few copies sold. Free gift to all you great LPSGers. Thank you for reading my work. Whether you’re a Quentin or a Dale, or somewhere between, i hope you enjoy this early 20th century tale. I will try to post one or two chapters a day. Replies...
  5. Stocky8x6uncut

    Video Czechmeout Getting Sucked Getting sucked before a pounding
  6. Stocky8x6uncut

    My Friend Czechmeout9x7 With 9x7

    My friend walking through Costco.