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  1. Talltom8.5

    Issues fitting into briefs

    I’ll start, my bulge in briefs is always prominent and I can’t contain it when it’s hard.
  2. mikeyalbany22

    ID this massive heavy cock

    Can anyone ID this man? He's absolutely beautiful with a giant piece of meat. I'd love to subscribe if he has an OF or something! Hung stud jerks off - ThisVid.com
  3. #10 cork8x6

    #10 cork8x6

    The time has finally arrived, folks! This is our definitive list of the "Top 10 Sexiest BIG White Dicks" in all of porn. These final 10 BIG dicked studs are the absolute creme of the crop as far as our collective group of 5 are concerned. So without further adieu, here we go... @cork8x6 has...
  4. A

    who is this massive guy?

    Plz! help me to identify this massive hot guy.
  5. T

    TJhog9 LPSG

  6. Z

    Video Does Anyone Know Who This Guy Is?

    I can't find anything
  7. Jamesishuge

    Members With Very Very Large Cock Size: Do You Love What You Can Do With Curvy & Voluptous Women?

    I adore curvy voluptuous women! Sexually active experienced women with padding or amazing tits are the best to eat out & fuck Why? : 1. They don't often experience a completely filled up sensation and every one of them feels amazed and stretched out with my very big cock 2. Because of the extra...
  8. A

    Photos & Videos Danga911 - Massive Dick (twitter/justforfans)

    Anyone got any photos or videos of this guy? He has the biggest dick I've ever seen. Would really like to see more of him. (I'm poor, can't afford to sub to him sry)
  9. Jamesishuge

    I Posted A New Album With Videos, Pics, Gifs

    I JUST posted a new album with some of my vintage stuff from early days of showing off my dick. https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/albums/my-girthy-cock-posts-random.848821/ And oldies JIH XXX ;-)848821
  10. Jamesishuge

    My Girthy Big Penis Exhibitionist Video Peep Show

    Hi fellow members with huge members, I just posted another video showing off my soft thick dick for you and trying a couple of cock rings and measuring myself (measuring myself obsessively is a fetish of mine) For the close-up POV, I'd love it if you imagined I'm standing right in front of you...
  11. J

    Andy Allen Xxl

    Looking for more of this allegedly 6'9" monster. He has a twitter profile named AndyAllenXXL. Anybody know him? I believe he lives in Madrid.
  12. E

    Gary Muller

    I think this guy deserves his own thread. I posted this on the fitness model thread already but wanted to make a thread for him. Massive biceps and beautiful armpits. Name: Gary Muller Instagram: @muller_gary
  13. johnnyunitas

    Lady Boss And The Well-hung Temp

    I haven't edited this at all so it's pretty rough. Enjoy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mary was staring up at the ceiling waiting for her alarm to go off. She was excited. She was nervous. Her husband’s snoring was nearly drowned out by the sound of...
  14. Jamesishuge

    Let's Have Some Fun My Dick Is Thick So Go Check Out My Penis Pics!

    I posted a new slo-mo video if you're looking for something to check out. Nothing special just 4 AM drunken exhibitionism :-) XXX JIH https://cdn-videos.lpsg.com/data/videos/o/6802/6802621-1617439259-2b5473416b811526a813e152c696f2a6.mp4
  15. B

    Photo Does Anyone Know Who This Is, Or Have More Of Him?

  16. J

    Photos & Videos More Of This Massive Cock?

    More of this massive cock?
  17. R

    Photos & Videos Best Looking Cocks

    Who do y'all think has some of the most attractive looking penises? l'll start: Luan Mastro Danny D/Matt Hughes Barrett Long Felix Jones
  18. ruggedfromrugby1

    Links My List Of Biggest Reddit Cocks

    Whilst what I'm attaching are NOT direct links to these REDDIT profiles, it is pretty LONG list if my FAVOURITE HUGE COCKS ON REDDIT. I have a pretty discerning taste, so you should find some VERY TASTY guys to suit you. You will just have to manually insert profile address Though the whole is...
  19. love4D

    Photo Id This Huge Lad

    does anybody knows who this hot lad is? he is so damn hot
  20. love2compare

    Are you turned on by your own cock?

    Sometimes i can browse thru my own pics and get so horny that i feel like stroking it! Anybody ever experienced such self-focussed jerking off as well?
  21. G

    Identify Massive Dick Twink With Big Dick

    Anyone know his name? Apparently. Goes by Caleb. And apparently has a MASSIVE DICK
  22. A

    Jules - Theyhatejules - Officialjuies - Therealjules

    Anybody have more of this black Baltimore twink with a massive cock? Used to be theyhatejules_ Now his twitter is officialjuies (he does the i uppercase so it looks like Jules) I think this is his only fans therealjules Instagram therealfckingjules Please share what you’ve got. Anybody...
  23. pinnacle88

    Danny dyer

    There's already a thread of him but it's outdated and nobody checks it out. So i decided to start a new one because it seems Danny's been packing a lot since these past couple of years and he deserves some recognition. I think he's cute and his bulge seems to be getting bigger and bigger each...
  24. T

    August Lisec

    Anything on this smokin hot muscle bull
  25. hugehungyogi

    Wishing Star (cock Growth, Mf, Mm, Orgy)

    Part I I close my eyes—the acrid taste of bitter drinks lingers on the back of my tongue. I didn’t want to be here. Another party—another endless night where everyone else seems to be having fun, but I feel incorrigibly alone. My roommate led me here—as he always does. I don’t like him...
  26. I

    This Top Is Massive. Who Is He?

    Does anyone know who is the top? He’s HUGE
  27. 2

    Would Anyone Be Interested In Writing A Story About Me?

    Quarantine has got me feeling lonely.... Since there's so many talented writers on here , I'd love to see if anyone could spin a straight story using my pics as inspiration :)
  28. I

    Showing Off Your Big Cock In Condoms

    Thought I'd start this as we haven't got this thread yet. Anyone else here love the feel of condoms on their big cock. Condom fetish
  29. ramblk1

    Any Recommendations For Good Sites For Meeting . . . .

    Does anyone have any good sites that they want to share to find big to huge dicks to play with? I am looking for individuals who want to play on the side.
  30. skaterboi

    Temecula Area Huge Cock Handjob

    Bi-curious 27 year old interested in jerking off a massive dick. Never had another experience with a man, but I'm open to it. All I want to do is feel a large, powerful cock cum in my hand. Not interested in kissing, blowjob, or anal. Ideally, it should be much larger than mine, which is 6.25 X...